Czechvar Beer

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Cheap Charlie's · Beer Store

12oz. 6 Pack Bottles for $8.39

147.7 miles away · Menu Updated: 04/15/2014


Eirini about 1 year ago

Great beer, definitely far better than the american one!


Mike over 1 year ago

serious European lager. Wonderful. Anheuser Bush should take a lesson.


Cynthia over 2 years ago

Great Tasting Beer almost like you are in the Czech Republic.


Margaret at Rattle N Hum almost 5 years ago

Czech Pilsener / This is the Czechvar - Budweiser Budvar. It lost a legal battle with Anheuser - Busch so they call themselves "Czechvar" in the US and it goes by its orginal name, Budweiser Budvar, in the rest of the world. Despite all of that I really wasn't feeling this one.


Heather over 28 years ago

das Normale