Russian River Supplication Beer

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Available at 3 Places Near: Seattle, WA, 98144, US change

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Cheap Charlie's · Beer Store

12oz. Bottle for $10.89

144.3 miles away · Menu Updated: 04/19/2014

Crow's Feet Commons · Beer Store

12oz. Bottle for $14.00

248.2 miles away · Menu Updated: 04/16/2014

Paizano's · Restaurant

12oz. Bottle for $14.95

287.9 miles away · Menu Updated: 04/13/2014


Margaret over 1 year ago

American Wild Ale / Smells of vinegar and fruit. Sour and delicious!


Mack almost 2 years ago

Amazing !


C over 2 years ago

Monks, Philadelphia and home


Edward almost 3 years ago

My favorite sour beer. The Pinot Noir really shines here.


Garrett almost 3 years ago

w/ cherries


robert almost 4 years ago

A GREAT beer, the first RRBC I ever tried. This will make you a fan of Russian Riover