Unibroue La Fin Du Monde Beer

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Available at 6 Places Near: Seattle, WA, 98144, US change

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Flat Iron Grill · Restaurant

12oz. Bottle for $7.00

12.4 miles away · Menu Updated: 02/27/2014

Clearview Spirits and Wines · Beer Store

12oz. Bottle for $2.82

24.0 miles away · Menu Updated: 04/13/2014

Martin Bruni Liquor · Beer Store

22oz. Bottle for $8.39

96.1 miles away · Menu Updated: 04/05/2014

River's Reach Liquor Store · Beer Store

25oz. Bottle for $8.15

116.6 miles away · Menu Updated: 04/03/2014

Cheap Charlie's · Beer Store

25oz. Bottle for $8.29

144.3 miles away · Menu Updated: 04/15/2014

Paizano's · Restaurant

12oz. Bottle for $6.95

287.9 miles away · Menu Updated: 04/13/2014


Chris at Rattle N Hum 10 months ago

On tap. Favorite from the bottle so on tap is like seeing it 'in person'. Please serve this at my funeral.


Scott about 1 year ago



Pat over 1 year ago

Quickly became my all-time favorite. Tasty, direct, no excuses, great color, great texture, and that is throughout the entire bottle. I am hoping to have it on tap some day....


Robert S. over 1 year ago

Had at Le Petit Bistro in Rhinebeck. Excellent .


Stuart over 1 year ago

nice and refreshing. went very well with meatballs and pie.


Ben over 1 year ago

one of the first craft beers I tried, and it remains one of my favorites.


Stayce over 1 year ago

A bit blandly sweet and flat compared to Jeff's tripel but good nonetheless. 2010


Michael almost 2 years ago

fantastic with Indian food


Bruce about 2 years ago



Pam over 2 years ago



Roy over 2 years ago

creamy/heavy tripel


Ryan about 3 years ago

very good