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Bars, Restaurants, and Beer Stores

How can I add my business to BeerMenus?

Add your business here. It's simple and free. First you add basic info about your location (name, address, etc.) and then you can add beers to your page.

My business is already on BeerMenus. Can I update the beer menu?

You sure can. Go to your page on BeerMenus and click the "Update Beer Menu" link at the bottom of the page.


Can I update my beer info on BeerMenus?

Yes! Contact for details.

Craft Beer Fans

Some beer menus are out of date. What's the deal?

Beer menus are updated by a representative from the business and not all businesses keep their beer menus up to date. If you wish a place would update their beer menu more regularly, let them know! You can also follow places to get notified whenever they update their beer menu.

How can I help?

Whenever you go to a business you found on BeerMenus, let them know! Many businesses are realizing how many people find them through BeerMenus, and it provides a lot of motivation for them to keep their beer menus up to date. If your favorite bar, restaurant, or beer store isn't on BeerMenus, encourage them to get on board. It's free and easy for businesses to add their beer menus.

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