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Updated: 07/24/2014

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On Tap
Beer Name ABV Served In Price
21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon 4.9 16oz. Draft $6.50
Hell or High Watermelon Wheat is our summer seasonal beer available from April through September. We start by brewing a classic American wheat beer, which undergoes a traditional secondary fermentation using fresh watermelon... more
21st Amendment Hop Crisis! 9.7 13oz. Draft $8.00
Hop Crisis. Crisis? What Crisis? A few years ago, when hop prices shot through the roof and the worldwide hop market went into a tailspin, at our pub in San Francisco we decided there was only one thing for us to do... more
Anderson Valley Summer Solstice 5.6 16oz. Draft $6.50
This copper colored ale is a silky, creamy dream. It's malty, very mildly hopped, and lightly sweet, with a delicate hint of spice for that oh-so-drinkable, extra velvety flavor. A cool beer for the heat, whatever your latitude!
Bavik Pils 5.0 20oz. Draft $7.50
A light flavored beer, smooth and malty. Clean finish, with a light malt aftertaste.
Benediktiner Weisse 5.4 20oz. Draft $7.50
Brewed and bottled in Lich for Brassée et embouteillée a Lich Pour. Ingredients: water, wheat malt, malted barley, hops, yeast.
Blue Mountain Kolsch 151 5.0 16oz. Draft $6.50
A light German-style ale indigenous to Koln (Cologne). This ale is treated like a lager, undergoing extensive cold aging to produce a clean, crisp beer. All imported Muessdoerffer Pilsen and Munich malts and hops from the Hallertau region lend a balanced flavor to this ale. 18 IBUs.
Captain Lawrence Brown Bird Brown Ale 4.8 16oz. Draft $5.00
Named after the little birds that fly by the brewery looking for grain after the weather turns cold, this was originally to be a Fall/Winter seasonal. Clearly we underestimated the market for this smooth and malty brown ale, and we have decided to keep it for year round enjoyment.
Captain Lawrence Smoke From The Oak (Apple Brandy Barrel) 7.0 10oz. Draft $8.00
Aged for close to 8 months, this beer has taken on the flavor of the wood and the spirit and turned into smoothing new and exciting. We did not add anything to the beer; Just Smoked Porter and freshly emptied Apple Brandy Barrels... more
Captain Lawrence Xtra Gold 10.0 13oz. Draft $8.00
This beer is an American adaptation to the classic Belgian Tripel. Historically Tripels were brewed to have a very light golden color, a moderate hop presence, and be around 9% alcohol... more
Fire Island Sea Salt Ale 5.5 16oz. Draft $6.50
A blonde ale that combines German pilsner malt with American Citra and Centennial hops for a citrus taste and aroma. The addition of sea salt from the Atlantic gives the beer a slight salinity and a creamier head.
Goose Island Endless IPA 5.0 16oz. Draft $5.00
Today you get your first peek at Endless IPA, a new limited release Session Ale coming from Goose Island. This beer will be packaged in 12oz bottles and kegs (possibly cans in the future) and come in at 5% ABV and 35 IBU.
Goose Island Matilda Lambicus 7.0 13oz. Draft $8.00
Matilda Belgian Pale Ale re-fermented with brettanomyces. “Brett” is a funky yeast that is used in wine and beer making. It makes an off flavor that gives the beverage a new characteristic. Matilda is about to get more funky.
Great South Bay Jetty Cream Ale 5.5 16oz. Draft $6.50
Guinness 4.2 16oz. Draft $6.00
The unmistakeable deep-dark color, the crisp hint of roasted barley, the fresh breeze of hops, and the refreshing bite all make for the bittersweet reward.
Gulden Draak 10.5 13oz. Draft $9.00
Gulden Draak is a high fermentation beer with secondary fermentation. For the secondary fermentation, wine yeast is used. The white bottle, the black banner, the golden dragon and the red letters, constitute a stylish result that has no equal among the many Belgian special beers... more
Huyghe Delirium Tremens 8.5 13oz. Draft $9.00
This blonde perfect one stresses the qualities of an exceptional houblon as well as of different clear malts. The conclusion combines a bitter and peppered tone without aggressiveness. She represents strong blond beer under its better appearance.
Ithaca Cayuga Cruiser 4.2 16oz. Draft $5.00
Slightly tart Berliner-Weisse Style Ale. Made with Lublin and Sybilla hops, Malts consist od 2-row, Pilsner and Wheat. Midly hazy in apperance and light in body.
Ninkasi Total Domination IPA 6.7 16oz. Draft $7.00
Multiple hops collide in balanced perfection, dominating the senses, achieving total satisfaction. From the Pacific Northwest, birthplace of the modern IPA, comes a beer whose name says it all.
Old Speckled Hen Nitro 5.2 16oz. Draft $7.00
Old Speckled Hen has a full, smooth flavour and is very easy to drink. Its rich amber colour and superb fruity aromas are complemented by a delicious blend of malty tastes... more
Spaten Optimator 7.2 16oz. Draft $7.50
The classic German dark beer, bottom fermented 'Doppel Bock'. Full bodied with a deep dark color and rich roasted malt flavor.

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