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Updated: 10/19/2014

Growlers: 9

Growlers Glass bottles filled with draft beer to bring home.
Beer Name ABV Served In Price
Applewood Naked Flock Original Cider 6.8 64oz. Growler $17.99
Naturally fermented from fresh pressed Hudson Valley Apples, not concentrate. It is unpasteurized with no colorants, malts, spirits or grape alcohol added. Fermented with Champagane yeast and a touch of local Honey.
Bell's Third Coast Old Ale 2013 10.2 64oz. Growler $21.99
A barley wine with deep amber color, the brandy of ales. This beer has vintage character and will mature in the bottle at cellar temperature for years.
Hoppin Frog Double Pumpkin Ale 8.4 64oz. Growler $35.99
There’s a place just south they call Frog’s Hollow, brewin’ pumpkin ale in Fall, and they only speak in whispers of the name. There’s a lady they say who has the secret, of spices picked just right. With a crying shout, she’ll knock it out, and hand you the Frog’s delight.
Keegan Ales Mother's Milk 5.7 64oz. Growler $12.49
As the name implies, Mother’s Milk is a dark and creamy milk stout. Hints of oatmeal, chocolate and of course, milk make this brew have a remarkably smooth and silky finish, a classic example of the style.
Naked Flock Lemon Ginger Cider 6.8 64oz. Growler $17.99
The Lemon Ginger Cider is fermented with Champagne ginger yeast and sweetened with a touch of local lemonade.
Rushing Duck Cured 64oz. Growler $15.59
Rushing Duck Naysayer Pale Ale 5.2 64oz. Growler $15.99
Naysayer Pale Ale is a west coast styled pale ale that has a more hoppy character than most IPA’s. It has a modest ABV, medium-light body and 33 IBUs which helps it maintain the drinkability of a great pale ale.
Southern Tier 2XOne 8.1 64oz. Growler $16.99
This time we simplified to the most basic ingredients – one variety of hop and one type of malt. Yes, single varietal. For 2014 we decided to inaugurate 2XONE by using Mosaic hops and Special Pale Malt.
Stillwater Why Can't IBU? 6.0 64oz. Growler $16.99
Stillwater White Label Series v2. Hops, yeast, & fun.

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