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Renovations underway. Next Tasting is Barrier Brewing, Feb 7.


Updated: 11/01/2014

On Tap: 1 | Growlers: 7

On Tap
Beer Name ABV Served In Price
Southern Tier Pumking 8.6 16oz. Draft $8.00
Brewed in the spirit of All Hallows Eve, a time of the year when spirits can make contact with the physical world and when magic is most potent. Pour Pumking into a goblet and allow it’s alluring spirit to overflow... more
Growlers Glass bottles filled with draft beer to bring home.
Beer Name ABV Served In Price
Bayou Teche Miel Sauvage 9.0 64oz. Growler $28.99
In France, farmhouse breweries have crafted Biere de Miel for centuries – an ale brewed with an ample amount of local honey. Honeybees were long an emblem of French nobility and ultimately adorned Napoleon’s flag of exile... more
Downeast Cider Hard Honey 5.1 64oz. Growler $13.99
Our take on the world’s oldest drink combines pure orange blossom honey with fresh apple cider for a clean, easy-drinking session mead.
Downeast Cider Original Blend 5.1 64oz. Growler $13.99
Original Blend is the Auerbach to our Celtics, the Satisfaction to our Stones, the Agent K to our Men In Black, our foundation... more
SingleCut 19-33 Queens Lagrrr 5.4 64oz. Growler $15.49
Flagship Lager. Considering not only that we’re the first operating micro-brewey in Queens since Prohibition, but that our address also signifies the year Prohibition ended, what else could we call our flagship Lagrrr?
Southern Tier 2XIPA 8.2 64oz. Growler $17.49
Not quite an imperial, but certainly not a standard India pale ale. Our double IPA is a hop lovers dream. Citrusy and clean with an incredible finish.
Southern Tier 2X Rye 8.1 64oz. Growler $15.49
Rye is a cereal grain historically grown in our region. It has been cultivated since the time of the early settlers due to the scrappy and hearty ability to withstand harsh climates and poor growing conditions... more
Southern Tier Creme Brulee Stout 9.6 64oz. Growler $24.99
The British founders of burnt cream and from Spain, crema catalana, both stand by their creative originality and we respect that, but it was the French Creme Brulée, amid the strife of contention, that survived to represent our deliciously creamy brew... more

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