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Bratwurst w/ fixings $5 Quesadilla $5 Nachos $5 3 Chz Grilled Cheese $6.75 Sandwich Special $8.75 Pie $4.50 Growler Fill $10


Updated: 10/26/2014

On Tap: 10 | Bottles: 8

On Tap
Beer Name ABV Served In Price
7 Seas Depth Finder India Red Ale 5.9 16oz. Draft $4.50
Depth Finder IRA represents a newly inspired NW style ale that combines the hop profile of an IPA, with the malt character of a lusciously, smooth Amber ale... more
7 Seas Hop Prophet 5.8 16oz. Draft $4.50
Come late August and early September, the abundant hop cones swarming the Yakima valley reach their fruition. Wet, saturated, and dripping with essential oils and resins, they are ready for harvest... more
Black Market 5th Anniversary Kentucky Common Ale 4.8 16oz. Draft $4.50
Kentucky Common is said to be one of two beer styles indigenous to the United States. Brewed in Louisville from the 1850’s until prohibition, Kentucky common was a dark colored ale made with barley, corn, and rye using a soured mash... more
Black Market Superstition 6.8 16oz. Draft $5.00
Light amber with creamy head, yam aromas, pumpkin and wheat subtle aromas.mexican ponche, yam desert, good pumpkin aftertaste
Chuckanut Oktoberfest 5.0 16oz. Draft $4.50
Golden, crisp, rich malt, balanced In the early days, the beer consumed during Oktoberfest was the rich, copper-colored lager known as Marzen... more
Iron Horse Mocha Death 7.0 16oz. Draft $4.50
For this seasonal offering, we started with Irish Death, our dark smooth ale that presents a full malt flavor laced with caramel, chocolate, dark fruit, and a touch of sweetness. To this heavenly ale, we added fresh, locally roasted espresso beans and pure cocoa... more
Silver City Citra Wet Hop 16oz. Draft $4.50
Silver City Fat Scotch Ale 9.2 16oz. Draft $5.00
Exceptionally smooth and malty, with a touch of peat character, Fat Scotch Ale legend quickly grew. Today, Fat Scotch Ale stands astride the brewing landscape a behemoth brew, uncompromising and unavoidable.
Silver City Imperial Stout 9.2 9oz. Draft $4.50
An extremely black beer with massive roasted malt character balanced with assertive hopping from Northwest Chinook hops, fruity esters and a sinister alcohol content. Brewed in early winter, Silver City Imperial Stout, is a limited release.
Sound Old Scoundrel Whiskey Barrel Aged Barley Wine 10.9 9oz. Draft $4.50
Beer Name ABV Served In Price
Ace Apple Cider 5.0 12oz. Bottle $4.00
Ace Apple, CCC's flagship brand, is made with 100% pure, local apple juice giving it a fresh, natural taste and setting it apart from most other brands (not using 100% juice). Ace cider is also gluten free!
Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Cider 5.0 12oz. Bottle $3.75
This crisp and refreshing cider mixes the sweetness of the apples with a subtle dryness for a balanced cider taste. The fresh apple aroma and slightly sweet, ripe apple flavor make this cider hard to resist.
Omission Pale Ale 5.8 12oz. Bottle $3.75
Bold and hoppy, Omission Pale Ale is a hop-forward American Pale Ale, brewed to showcase the Cascade hop profile. Amber in color, Omission Pale Ale’s floral aroma is complimented by caramel malt body, making for a delicious craft beer... more
Russian River Consecration 10.0 12oz. Bottle $25.00
Consecration is a dark Belgian style ale aged in American oak Cabernet Sauvignon barrels. Not only do we use Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, & Pediococcus, we also add currants to beer while it is aging in the barrels.
Russian River Damnation 7.0 12oz. Bottle $17.00
In the great beer producing country of Belgium, some brewers have made it a tradition to give their beers an unusual name. Sometimes the name is curious, now and then it is diabolical and other times it is just plain silly... more
Russian River Pliny The Elder 8.0 17oz. Bottle $20.00
Pliny the Elder was a Roman naturalist, scholar, historian, traveler, officer, and writer. Although not considered his most important work, Pliny and his contemporaries created the botanical name for hops, "lupus Salictarius", meaning wolf among scrubs... more
Russian River Redemption 6.0 12oz. Bottle $17.00
This is the sister beer to our award-winning ale, Damnation. Fashioned after a Belgian-style “single”, this ale is rarely brewed in America, let alone Belgium. Typically, “singles” are brewed only at the Trappist Monasteries for the monks to enjoy with meals... more
Russian River Supplication 7.0 12oz. Bottle $25.00
Brown ale aged in Pinot Noir wine barrels for one year with sour cherries, Brettanomyces yeast, and Lactobacillus & Pediococcus bacteria.
On Deck These beers will be available soon. Follow us to get notified when they're available.
Beer Name ABV Served In Price
Almanac Fresh Hop IPA Cascade 7.5 16oz. Draft $5.00
Wet-hopped with freshly picked Cascade hops grown at Hops Meister Farms in Clearlake, CA.
Fremont Cowiche Canyon Fresh Hop Ale: Mosaic 6.0 16oz. Draft $6.00
Kulshan Dude Man Wheat 5.0 16oz. Draft $4.50
“The forecast: Hazy beer with a sunny taste.” American Wheat Ale is made with a high percentage of malted wheat, along with Pilsner malt, and modest hopping to deliver a smooth, light, drinkable beer. American Wheat Ale is hazy golden with a thick, white head... more
Ninkasi Total Crystalation 6.7 16oz. Draft $5.00
We take our regular IPA and transfer this into a tank with whole leaf hops in it. The beer sits in this tank for a week and then is kegged. Extra hop flavor and aroma is derived from this process, taking an already hoppy beer to new lupulin levels!
Old Schoolhouse Ruud Awakening IPA 7.2 16oz. Draft $6.00
Big, bold American IPA with plenty of piney, citrusy, and floral Pacific Northwest hops that completely overwhelm its medium malt body. This is our signature beer, named after Evan Ruud, the first hop-head in our family... more
Schooner Exact Emerald ISA 4.7 16oz. Draft $4.50
A hoppy, low ABV ale with notes of tropical fruit on the nose: The IPA is perfect for those few hot summer days that we got here in the Emerald City. Just click your heels together and start your journey--this session ale won't slow you down.
Schooner Exact Golden Ale 5.5 16oz. Draft $4.50
Experience the gold rush. Gateway Golden Ale is light, refreshingly crisp, yet retains all the flavor one comes to expect from microbrew. Brewed with a combination of lightly roasted malts and just enough hops to balance out the malt while producing beautiful aroma on the nose.
Sound Reluctant IPA 6.4 16oz. Draft $4.50
Clean dry malt balances loads of flavoring hops to create a balanced, light, highly drinkable American style IPA.
Sound Ursus Americanus 6.5 16oz. Draft $4.50
Dark, strong, smooth American stout bursting with coffee and dark chocolate aromas and a smooth velvety texture.

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