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Using BeerMenus to pre-sell our beer releases is an absolute win-win: it's better for us as a brewery, and it's also better for our customers.

Chris Candiano, co-owner of Destination Unknown Brewing Company,
on why DUBCO uses BeerMenus Beer Releases.

Simple for you.

Enter release and beer info and then connect to our secure third party payment processor. We handle everything else.

Easy for your fans.

Your fans got you off the ground—make it easy for them to keep supporting you. They buy through BeerMenus, then pick up at their convenience.

Expand your marketing reach.

Automatically market your Beer Release to the entire BeerMenus audience within 50 miles of your brewery.

Get paid fast.

First payment transfers to your account in 7 days. After that, payments immediately transfer to your bank account in two business days.

Multiple pickup locations.

Have more than one location? Partnering with local bars for your release? Set up multiple pick up locations so your fans can pick up their beers wherever is most convenient for them.

Purchase insights.

Track sales by platform, freeing you to focus marketing energies in the short term and set growth goals for the long term.


Incredibly easy and convenient. I bought the beer from my office and then dropped in to pick it up on my schedule. I would definitely do this again!

Sam P. Brooklyn, NY

This is a great way to buy fresh beer from my favorite local breweries. I hope more breweries start selling their beer this way!

Tyler D Brooklyn, NY

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