Yoho Tokyo Black Porter

Beer Info

Yoho Tokyo Black Porter Beer
  • Yo-Ho Brewing Company

    Karuizawa, Japan

  • Porter · 5.0% ABV

    A robust porter, well balanced between the malt and the hops. The complex chocolate and roast flavours of dark specialty malts are combined with a floral and slightly spiciness from Perle hops.

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  • Swine · Restaurant

    19.5 miles away · Menu Updated: 02/03/2017

    12oz Can for $12

  • Sandobe · Restaurant

    21.1 miles away · Menu Updated: 01/27/2017

    12oz Can for $11

  • Sherry's Wine & Spirits · Beer Store

    184.8 miles away · Menu Updated: 03/22/2017

    12oz 6 Pack Cans for $31.99