Svyturys Ekstra

Beer Info

Svyturys Ekstra Beer
  • Dortmunder · 5.2% ABV

    A crystal clear golden beer that crowns a glass with a frothy head of dazzling white. A deep hop aroma and a rich long lasting flavor that is underscored by a light, barely perceptible hint of hop bitterness

Places with this beer

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  • Pre Game Liquors · Beer Store

    5.7 miles away · Menu Updated: 12/22/2016

    16oz 4 Pack Bottles for $7.99

    16oz 24 Pack Bottles for $41.99

    16oz Bottle for $2.15

  • Shoreline Beverage · Beer Store

    50.3 miles away · Menu Updated: 01/21/2017

    12oz 4 Pack Bottles for $7.99

  • Coastal Wine & Spirits · Beer Store

    92.1 miles away · Menu Updated: 02/18/2017

    17oz Bottle for $2.49

    17oz 4 Pack Bottles for $7.99