Crafted Jinja Dragon

Beer Info

Crafted Jinja Dragon Beer
  • Mead · 6.0% ABV

    Spring has awoken the might of the Jinja Dragon. We’ve harnessed the power of “the glow” through generous additions of hibiscus and ginger with a touch of black peppercorn. Sure enough, the legend of the shogun of mead is true. Although only available for a short time throughout the year, we assure you this is not the last Jinja Dragon.

Places with this beer

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  • Buyrite of kearny · Beer Store

    15.8 miles away · Menu Updated: 01/19/2017

    500ml Bottle for $9.99

  • CoolVines Jersey City · Beer Store

    17.2 miles away · Menu Updated: 01/19/2017

    500ml Bottle for $10

  • HopsScotch · Bar

    17.6 miles away · Menu Updated: 01/18/2017

    17oz Bottle for $12

  • Roger Wilco Ventnor · Beer Store

    83.5 miles away · Menu Updated: 01/14/2017

    16oz Bottle for $9.49

  • Wine & Brew Emporium · Beer Store

    454.2 miles away · Menu Updated: 01/17/2017

    15oz Bottle for $8.99