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Around The Bend Dark Star

Stout · 8.0% · 28.5 IBU

Around The Bend Beer Pennyfarthing

Pilsner · 5.0% · 20.0 IBU

This German-Style Pilsner is crisp and refreshing with a brilliant golden hue that has a way of making you seriously thirsty. It manages to be at once sharp and delicate; the spicy bite of hops is bold, but not so bold that it overwhelms your palate or the light bread-like flavors, which give this style a clean, not-to-bitter finish. OG: 1.051 BU/OG: 0.403 Malt: Pilsen, Vienna, Cara-Pils Hops: Tetnang, Saaz Pairs Well With: Nashville Hot Chicken, Sushi, Baked Brie & Serrano Ham

Around The Bend Juice Trials #3

NE/Hazy IPA · 7.0%

How much is too much when it comes to hops? How juicy can an IPA be? Dunno. Let's find out. This third trial puts Citra and Simcoe to the test. On The Nose, these hops imbue aromas of lemon-lime, on the palate you'll find a pronounced grapefruit note along with a dank, earthy quality. Examine the evidence for yourself -- you be the judge.

Around the Bend U.S. Blues

American Pale Ale · 5.8%

Summertime done come and before ya know, it'll be gone. My, oh, my! So wave that flag and raise a glass of U.S. Blues Pale Ale to celebrate everything that is great about craft beer in America today. Perfect in its simplicity, this beer is easy drinkin' and packed with great hop flavor at the same time. Perfect for your next BBQ, pool party, or camp fire. Let's drink your health and share the wealth! OG: 1.59 BU/OG: 0.746 Malt: 2 row, Caramel, Cara-Pils Hops: Amarillo: Centennial, Cascade Pairs Well With: Burgers & Dogs, BBQ Chicken, Potato Salad, Anything 'Murican!

Around the Bend Ramblin Rosé

Fruit Beer · 5.0%

Dry Sparkling ale with raspberries, cranberries, hibiscus & honey.

Around the Bend Rewind Hefeweissbier

German Hefeweizen · 5.3% · 11.4 IBU

A true Hefe with loads of banana flavor from the cool fermentation, Rewind is light and refreshing with layers that really kick out the jams.

Around the Bend Extra Circus

Brut IPA · 7.5%

Not very bitter, but loaded with hoppy aroma & flavor - minimal body, with an extremely crisp, dry finish. Refreshing sparkling-wine elements in beer form!

Around the Bend Kiwi Pils

Pilsner · 5.0% · 19.0 IBU

The delicious citrusy, sweet/sour flavors of the humble kiwi paired with a crisp and refreshing pilsner.

Around The Bend Pretty Lights

Tripel · 8.0% · 20.0 IBU

Not your typical Holiday beer, a bright pop of cranberry-tartness leads, followed by the subtle sweetness of a complex Belgian Tripel ale.

Around the Bend Vera Pistachio Cream Ale

Cream Ale · 5.0% · 11.4 IBU

Pistachio Cream Ale brewed with Caravienne malt to add a touch of body and depth.

Around The Bend Villainous IPA

IPA · 7.0% · 70.0 IBU

West Coast meets NEIPA - juicy upfront with an off-dry finish. Loaded with Centennial, Simcoe and Mosaic for grapefruit & passionfruit overtones.

Around the Bend Puffing Billy

Brown Ale · 6.9% · 35.0 IBU

Brown Ale finished w/cacao nibs, which adds a nuanced layer of chocolaty aroma & flavor to this full-bodied, but easy-drinking beer. Roasty malts and chocolate.