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Rockaway Bungalow Bandit

IPA · 5.5%

Bandit on the loose! This raccoon’s tricks are no treat! But this throwback sure is. Smooth piney bitterness up front makes way for a medium-bodied beer complimented by floral aromatics. It’s an ode to those long past days of chasing raccoons out of your bungalow.

Rockaway Rye Me A River

Amber Ale · 4.4%

A medium-bodied entry in our saison series, Rye Me A River has delicate notes of cherry and clove which beautifully complement the robust rye spice. This is a perfect fall session for watching those quickly turning leaves.

Rockaway Dreaming Of Oslo

Milk Stout · 5.0%

Mild to low body supported by careful additions of lactose, this 5% coffee milk stout drinks more like a well balanced cold brew. Our friends at Oslo Coffee Roasters are to blame for the fruit-forward yet earthy aromatics. Their light-roast Guatemalan blend ties together roasted and crystal malts. Perfect with breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or a night cap.

Rockaway Partiro

Pilsner · 4.5%

Subtle upfront taste of malt and dry hay. Mild fragrance of spearmint, fresh cut grass, and pine, are a result of this beer’s careful relationship with the Saphir hop; added thoughtfully throughout its boil and dry hop.

Rockaway Bart Barley Jarvis

IPA · 5.5%

Look at its rolls! Rolled oats that is. This New England style IPA bursts with vibrant tones of tropical and citrus fruit. Thoughtful additions of Citra and El Dorado hops throughout its fermentation account for the overwhelming nose of mango and lemon sorbet. Heaps of rolled oat and flaked barley tie this beer together; allowing it to finish with a pillowy mouthfeel

Rockaway Autumn Gale

Altbier · 4.7%

Deep copper to brown in appearance. Notes of chocolate biscuit and rich toffee, all balanced by a bright and crisp mouthfeel. This traditional German styles mild disposition is a result of our house ales yeasts relationship with lower fermentation temperatures. Pairs best with a roaring fireplace and good company.

Rockaway Offseason

Session IPA · 5.0%

Light-bodied with zippy carbonation, an easy-going addition to our recent collection of fruit-forward IPA. Brewed with wheat as well as Nugget and Amarillo hops, sharp tangerine makes way for a pithy, lemony finish.

Rockaway IPA

IPA · 6.3%

Big and juicy IPA with strong notes of papaya. An East-coast IPA brewed with Azacca hops.

Rockaway American Pils

Pilsner · 4.0%

A crisp, light, dry Pilsner.