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Rockaway Bessie

Cream Ale · 5.4%

An easy-drinking traditional American crusher with a pleasant hint of corn sweetness.

Rockaway Sweet Kicks!

NE IPA · 6.0%

Packed full of rolled oats and oat malt for a light body that lets the Simcoe and Citra hops shine. Dank pineapple, fresh melon, juicy tangelo.

Rockaway Bramble

Sour Ale · 5.9%

Blackberry sweetness pals up with easy-going tartness and cracker-like malt character, rounded out with white wheat for a soft mouthfeel. Woodsy hop character complements the forest berry nose.

Rockaway Hella Citra

Helles Lager · 5.4%

A mellow Helles Lager with subtle notes of melon and tangerine.

Rockaway IPA

IPA · 6.3%

Big and juicy IPA with strong notes of papaya. An East-coast IPA brewed with Azacca hops.

Rockaway American Pils

Pilsner · 4.0%

A crisp, light, dry Pilsner.

Rockaway 1875 Pale Ale

American Pale Ale · 6.0%

Medium bodied pale ale with a citrus aroma.

Rockaway ESB

ESB · 6.4%

The flagship beer of Rockaway Brewing is clear amber in appearance and malty and sweet on the palate. Tasty and drinkable!