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SingleCut Desert! DDH IIPA

Double IPA · 7.7%

Through a cloud of dust and smoke, barreling down a flat highway somewhere between Hell and the sun comes the next in our beloved Genre! series... an ode to all things brash and a little stoned: DESERT! DDH IIPA. A resinous tip of the brim to our favorite Stoner Rock that sprang from the California Desert communities in the 90s and 00s- DESERT! shares a familiar DNA with the rest of it's fam (Prog! Glam! Grunge! Metal!), but twists it's formula towards the Dankside- chewy and tart tangerine, Trainwreck, fresh blueberries, candied strawberry, lots and lots of fresh grapefruit essence, with a creamy mouthfeel and long resinous finish.

SingleCut Razz Tibby Tart Ale

Sour Ale · 7.6%

SingleCut Smiles Returning To The Faces

Helles Lager · 4.7%

Here comes the sunshine! After a year of missing everyone's smiling face, we wanted to brew the kindest beer we could- a feather light, summer friendly, filtered, long lagered Helles. Easy drinking, toasty cereal grain, with a slick of clean and spicy Noble hops. Good on its own, better with friends.

SingleCut Everything Seems Hazy

NE/Hazy IPA · 7.0%

SMELL INTO THE FUTURE with dazzling Cryo Pop technology! Snif into the mystical cloud that is Yakima Chief Hop's Cryo Pop blend, a baffling wave of ripe guava, electric nectarine, and bold clementine juice, then a crash of dank resin, fresh lime rind and a long deep linger of the unknown. This SuperGroup Collab is only available for a limited time, so act fast, or live to regret it.

SingleCut Half Stack

IPA · 6.6%

HALF STACK is full of juicy nectarine, sweet tangerine/grapefruit, a touch of piney resin, all on a smooth and balanced malt bill built for can slamming or food pairing.

SingleCut Shuggie

NE/Hazy IPA · 7.2%

Shuggie Lives! The legendary NZ Hop Beast is back, bringing a double dry-hopped attack bursting with white grape juice, fresh cut sweet pineapple, mango, cantaloupe and a long tropical linger.

SingleCut Frequency Lager

Lager · 5.0% · 10.0 IBU

Locally sourced malts, classic European hop buds, horizontally lagered for months on end, and left gently unfiltered for a rustic finish. Lightly floral, with clean cereal grain, and a spicy citrus hop zip.

SingleCut And In The End

American Wild Ale · 4.5%

Oak-Aged Wild Ale with Dragon Fruit- Gotta gotta belly full of this delicious new wild ale! Aged extensively on American oak spirals and our house culture, this long winding road of flavor starts off with a complex tropical whiff of kiwis, pears, dragon fruit, a touch of gentle vanilla-tinged oak, and a long tangy finish.

SingleCut Shake It Little Tina

Blonde Ale · 4.8%

SingleCut Notes IPA

IPA · 7.0%

SingleCut Candy Coated Trains

Sour IPA · 7.7%

SingleCut Psychedelic! Double Dry Hop IIPA

Double IPA · 7.7%

SingleCut Hidden By The City Light

Imperial Stout · 9.7%

Rainbow Cookie Crumbcake Imperial Pastry Stout

SingleCut Schindleria Praematurus DDH IPA with Honey

IPA · 7.0%

Our new take on bigger In And Around The Lake, this is an IPA popping with intense aroma of fresh squeezed orange and clementine, ripe guava, gentle marshmallow, a touch of sweet yuzu, and a round, clean, and creamy feel with a lingering gentle aftertaste of bright citrus and light honey.

SingleCut Fuzzbox DDH

Double IPA · 8.6% · 132.0 IBU

Tropical fruit forward yeast that gives this already massively OJ/Apricot/Honeydew loaded aroma a big dose of tropical pineapple awesome.

SingleCut Dance Down the Bowery

Sour Ale · 6.7%

Oak aged sour w/ cherry & plum

SingleCut + Big aLICe One Two Three Four!

Sour Ale · 5.0%

Gin-barrel aged wild ale fermented on captured fig yeast

SingleCut Frequency

Lager · 4.7%

SingleCut Tinker St.

Pilsner · 4.7%

SingleCut Surf!

IPA · 7.7%

Bright and pithy tangerines and clementines gives way to a drier, crisper, more intense palate than the normal SC IIPA. Bright and juicy orange/grapefruit, fresh cut fir, a touch of apricot and sweet pineapple candy in the finish, and a clean grassy bitterness that takes you back to the beer bars of San Diego.

SingleCut Alternative DDH

IPA · 7.7%

SingleCut Steel Idle Trees

Sour Ale · 9.0%

SingleCut Trip Hard Seltzer: Mango

Hard Seltzer · 5.0%

1g sugar 2.3g net carb and 125 calories

SingleCut Peace in The Valley

Lager · 4.7%

Brewed with local Spelt and Buckwheat our newest SuperGroup Series beer is with Threes Brewing. Outta nine lives, we spent seven lagering one of the most nuanced, delicate, and food friendly beers our tanks have ever seen. Peace In The Valley is a rustic lager, brewed with locally sourced malt, spelt, and buckwheat from the Hudson Valley and Connecticut. A touch of noble hops impart a spicy earthy citrus character, but the star of the show is the malt-rich sourdough, warm soba, whole grain seeded bread, and a double crisp finish thanks to a unique new German lager yeast strain that we’re head over heels for. Add a month or two in our horizontal tanks, and you’ve got a new classic. ⠀

SingleCut There Was A Guy Baltic Porter Fig & Honey

Baltic Porter · 8.0%

Baltic Porter with Figs and Honey. A traditional Baltic Porter, cold lagered for months. Clean, rich, chocolatey, roasty, and fortified with some pureed fig and honey. Deep, smooth, velvety, with the flavor of warm fig, baklava, chocolate babka, with a toasty dry finish.

SingleCut Trip Hard Seltzer: Lemon Blueberry Terpene

Hard Seltzer · 5.0%

SingleCut Trip Hard Seltzer: Grapefruit

Hard Seltzer · 5.0%

Super dry, extra sparkling hard seltzer with Grapefruit and Tangerine essence and a deep complex aroma from natural terpenes.

SingleCut + Ten Bends River Cryin Leonardo

NE/Hazy TIPA · 10.0%

SingleCut ERIC More Cowbell! Nitro

Milk Stout · 6.0%

WE’VE GOT A FEVER – And there is only one cure: a lusciously creamy, slightly sweet Stout that sits atop a roast malt base and huge cocoa infusion that will rock all night long.

SingleCut Jane She Is A Clerk DDH

IPA · 6.8%

Double dry hopped IPA. Dank, soft, and packed with tons of tangerine and plum/peach aroma.

SingleCut Got Caught In The Spotlight

IPA · 6.8%

Subject is a liquid, soft and round in texture, composed of a base of select malted grains and fortified with large sums of hop flowers, Experimental in nature. Sensory analysis techs recorded the aroma of bright blakberries, vanillin, cocoa, passionfruit, guava, and key limes.

SingleCut Barrel-Aged Heavy Boots Of Lead

Imperial Stout · 12.0%

CREATED IN THE GREAT magnetic field. Super complex richness of mega-chocolate, roast, vanilla and coffee in an astonishly smooth and ester-overtoned monster of a brew. Aged in Rye Whiskey oak barrels and has a second vanilla and cocoa infusion.

SingleCut The Flash In The Middle

NE/Hazy IPA · 6.8%

SingleCut The Starship

NE/Hazy IPA · 6.6%

A brand new hop creation, blending our unique dry-hopping techniques, our favorite stash of Aussie buds, and our proprietary hop oils, distilled from our prized New Zealand hop stashes. Bright aroma of oranges, soft apricot preserves, zesty white wine, pineapple, and soft mango.

SingleCut Cut Out Bin

Pale Lager · 5.0%

SingleCut Twist Off

Lager · 4.2%

Extra Dry Lager

SingleCut DDH The Bright & Hollow Sky

IPA · 7.0%

Double dry hopped with PNW hops. Juicy notes of peach, mango, and pineapple.*Includes price of growler.

SingleCut Weird & Gilly DDH

NE/Hazy IPA · 6.6%

Citrus, round tropical, mild pine.

SingleCut Shoegazer

IPA · 7.5% · 77.0 IBU

3XDH IPA WITH PINEAPPLE EXPRESS TERPENE Think you know tropical dankness? Think again. This brew unites a two juicy stone fruity hop dry hops with a third addition of Pineapple Express terpenes (yup, that PE just like you ripped on that glass bong of yours), but without any THC (hey, laws you know?)

SingleCut This Ain't No Fooling Around

Double IPA · 8.0%

DDH Double IPA with Passionfruit, strawberry and fruity pebbles cereal brewed in collaboration with RAR brewing

SingleCut NYC Beer Week

NE/Hazy DIPA · 7.7%

The best damn city in the world deserves this- NYC BEER WEEK DDH IIPA! NYC BEER WEEK // Double Dry-Hopped IIPA w/ Experimental New Zealand Hop Blend // 7.7% A Chrysler Building worth of sweet Sauvignon Blanc, mango syrup, peppery papaya, juicy tangerines, and a tangy finish of sweet grapefruit candy and white grape.

SingleCut DDH I'm An Alligator

NE/Hazy DIPA · 8.0%

FKA: "COLD FIRE DDH IIPA"- WEIRD & GILLY’S BIG BROTHER! Smooth, juicy tropical/stone fruit with a touch of our signature dank resin. Double dry-hopped because the Spiders demanded it.

SingleCut Polemically Sent

Imperial Stout · 14.0% · 20.0 IBU

Intense aromatics of smoky coffee and coco, soft and sweet vanilla, caramel and tobacco, deep oak, marshmallow, chocolate plums, and a finish that's all thanks to this incredibly rare and precious coffee- chocolate cherries, burgundy, and maple.

SingleCut + KCBC Maud' Doob

Schwarzbier · 7.4%

Imperial Schwarzbier w/ Hemp & Cascara

SingleCut The Bright & Hollow Sky

NE/Hazy IPA · 7.0%

Through the city's ripped backside, you can peek The Bright and Hollow Sky. This brew uses a new PNW hop that has become one of our overall favs, amazing smooth and soft peach, mango, pineapple and subtle but true dankness. Let's ride and ride and ride. IPA version of I'M USING TECHNOLOGY IIPA

SingleCut Brigh & Hollow

Double IPA · 7.0% · 80.0 IBU

A new PNW hop that has become one of our overall favs, amazing smooth and soft peach, mango, pineapple and subtle but true dankness. Let’s ride and ride and ride.

SingleCut Mr Charming

Imperial Stout · 14.0%

Double Imperial Stout with Vanilla, Cacao, and Honey, aged in mixed Bourbon and Rye Barrels // 14%- A decadent treat for a Beersmith Birthday, Mr. Charming is a rich and complex double imperial stout, brewed with immense amounts cacao, vanilla bean, Oregon honey, then aged in mixed bourbon and rye barrels from the incredible Yankee Distiller team. The aroma is an overwhelming melange of sweet caramel, toffee, chocolate plums, sweet tobacco, slightly smokey oak, marshmallow, graham cracker, and a warm (but not hot!) linger with a surprisingly clean and medium dry refined finish.

SingleCut The Pleasure The Privilege

Helles Lager · 5.0%

SingleCut Nitro The London Sessions

English Pale Ale · 4.8%

SingleCut Jackknifed Juggernaut

IPA · 7.0% · 70.0 IBU

Like an interstellar burst, hopped exclusively with our favorite new crop buds from New Zealand, and inspired by our Green Plastic Watering Cans. “Tropical” but with immense depth, a blend of warm mango and soft ripe papaya, Dole Whip, peppery citrus, juicy Sauvignon Blanc grapes, sticky guava resin, and a long beautiful linger of guava candy, all wrapped up in a round and creamy body. A new fav.

SingleCut Razzle Dazzle Razzle Drone

NE/Hazy DIPA · 8.0%

FOR OUR NEXT TRICK we'll need a volunteer from the audience! The first in a new series inspired by Tomorrow Who‘s Gonna Fuss (and paying homage to Minneapolis’ *greatest export, The Replacements). Intense juicy tiki pineapple/papaya, sweet mango candy, a pop of bright chewy resin, lemonade popsicles, and a beautiful grassy linger. Pull another rabbit out your hat.

SingleCut Shyness Is Nice

IPA · 4.8%


SingleCut Psychedelic DDH

Double IPA · 7.7%

Exit on the 13th floor for PSYCHEDELIC! Brewed with mind-melting hops from New Zealand, smooth, soft, and followed by waves of peach / mango / mild blood orange and grapefruit zest. See new worlds with each sip of this exceptional IIPA.

SingleCut Workingman’s Cut

Cream Ale · 5.6%

It starts as a satisfying cream ale, is then aged on oak, and finally infused with hazelnut and rich fire-roasted coffee.

SingleCut Rolling Down Highway 41

NE/Hazy DIPA · 7.7% · 90.0 IBU

DDH DIPA with lush citrus and a dank edge

SingleCut Shakin Like Tremelo

Gose · 4.5%

Milkshake gose - this batch with strawberry, pink guava, vanilla, and milk sugar. An aroma of intense cocktail fruit, gummy bears, guava candy, a slick mouthfeel and a long lasting fruit shake aftertaste

SingleCut Patent Applied For: Boysenberry

Sour Ale · 4.0% · 4.2 IBU

Complex tartness with a depth that belies its accessibility- layered and complex, fresh grass, juicy berry, woody, spritzy.

SingleCut Standing By A Parking Meter DDH

IPA · 7.0%

SingleCut Schindleria Praematurus

IPA · 7.0%

IPA popping with intense aroma of fresh squeezed orange and clementine, ripe guava, gentle marshmallow, and a touch of sweet yuzu.

SingleCut Desert!

Double IPA · 7.7%

Desert Double IIPA

SingleCut I'm Using Technology DDH

Double IPA · 8.2%

DDH IIPA with Washington State hops

SingleCut Mighty Real

IPA · 5.6%

YOU MAKE ME FEEL like having another one of this luminous hibiscus infused IPA. Brewed in support of the incomparable Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors United, and celebrating World Pride month. This new IPA is pretty in pink, with a nose of fresh cut tropical fruit, and a zip of floral tang from a big hibiscus infusion. A portion of the proceeds of this beer support TCU and help find housing solutions for LGBTQ+ youth in NYC and beyond.

SingleCut Where's That Confounded Bridge?

Double IPA · 8.2%

We’ve done two already (DOES ANYBODY REMEMBER LAUGHTER?, THIS IS TOMORROW), but now we’re ready to introduce the Imperial version replete with all the classic traits of this lineage: Sweet citrus, dank bud and blood orange melded with soft malt. It’s what they drink on the Starship.

SingleCut Those Clouds All Disappear

Double IPA · 8.0% · 88.0 IBU

Bursting with the aroma of fresh pineapple and tangerine, some soft pear and plum in the back, and a palate that’s bright and tropical.

SingleCut Workingman's Cut Nitro

Cream Ale · 5.6%

It starts as a satisfying cream ale, is then aged on oak, and finally infused with hazelnut and rich fire-roasted coffee.

SingleCut Hazlenut Coffee Cream Ale Nitro

Cream Ale · 5.6%

It starts as a satisfying cream ale, is then aged on oak, and finally infused with hazelnut and rich coffee. Here at SingleCut it’s what a workingman drinks.

SingleCut Flatter x7

IPA · 7.2% · 88.0 IBU

Lush, full, and soft, compared to Charlie’s crisp and dry, FLATTER is packed with aroma of juicy pineapple candy, lime/mango, and a touch of black cherry.

SingleCut Lifton

Helles Lager · 4.5%

Crisp and light helles style lager brewed with green tea

SingleCut All In All Is All

Maibock · 6.6% · 28.0 IBU

A rich supremely satisfying malt forward brew aged for three months and created with honey and elderflowers. As luscious and it gets.

SingleCut When Time Just Slips DDH

IPA · 7.7%

GET BLOWN AWAY with this supremely balanced DDH IIPA. Brewed with a combination of hops from the US Pacific Northwest and New Zealand, and a ton of oats and a touch of milk sugar for maximum smoothness. The aroma is all tropical juice and some bright peach/nectarine, with a lasting pleasant fruity spice and smack of white wine. Double dry-hopped for an even more intense aroma- always better to burn out than fade away.

SingleCut Hop Sounds

Kolsch · 5.0% · 28.0 IBU

Dry-hopped dry ale. Bright and delicious, this dry-hopped brew offers a pleasing herbal citrus flavor and aroma mated to a pleasing soft and ultra clean finish.

SingleCut Posters On The Wall

IPA · 6.8%

FIRST THERE WAS WORKERS ARE GOING HOME, then came STILL MAKING NOISE, and inevitably now there is POSTERS ON THE WALL. The intermediate version in this series at 6.8%, it still packs all the smooth and entirely unique (and somewhat indescribable) menage of tropics, citrus and dank weed these brews are fabled for. Super smooth and crushable, turn up some Ace and enjoy.

SingleCut Tell Fats & Washboard Sam

Double IPA · 7.7%

KIN TO TELL SHAKY & BOXCAR JOE, this is the 7.7% version using the same unique new-varietal PNW hops for a super smooth, yet intense succession of tropics, bright citrus and dank bud.

SingleCut Green Plastic Watering Can

Double IPA · 8.0%

This beauty features all NZ hops for an absolutely wonderful combination of stone fruit, sweet citrus and melon.

SingleCut Double Whammy!

Double IPA · 8.0%

THIS IPA DIVE BOMBS into lupulin glory with smooth and balanced tropical and stone fruit hops aplenty. The next in our crazy WHAMMY series, a bold and brash explosion of tropical fruit, fuller and less dry than our standard style. An immense and intense aroma of tangy papaya, mango bubblegum, coconut/lime, Hawaiian Punch, and a long yuzu tinged finish. If you loved Triple Whammy, try this equally intense double version.

SingleCut Metal!

Double IPA · 7.7%

Our Genre-series continues with this brew highlighting new PNW hops which impart a candied citrus fruit combined with light tropics.

SingleCut Big in Japan

IPA · 6.6% · 78.0 IBU

Inspired by rock songs that became larger than life in Japanese pop culture, BIG IN JAPAN is a full-bodied craft IPA from New York City with dreams of global stardom. Order a BIG IN JAPAN today and name the song on the can (or just scan the code and turn your volume up!).

SingleCut DDH Grunge

NE/Hazy IPA · 7.7%

THE LATEST in our beloved genre series, this double dry-hopped IIPA is brewed with new experimental hops from the PNW (naturally). A real standout of blueberry, orange/vanilla and complex tropics abound. An instant fav among the Beersmiths.

SingleCut DDH 18 Watt

Session IPA · 5.0%

8-WATT, the Session IPA that raised expectation on what a 5% ABV brew could be just got even more intense with a second dry-hop for just plain MOAR.

SingleCut Kim Cranberry

Sour Ale · 4.2% · 5.0 IBU

Sour Lager with cranberry.

SingleCut There Was a Guy

Baltic Porter · 8.0% · 33.0 IBU

Deep flavors of toffee, coffee, chocolate and malted milk blend with sweet figs (and black currants for good measure).

SingleCut Fatefold #1: Apricot Wild Ale

American Wild Ale · 6.6%

A lovely complex ale, fermented with a mixed brett culture, aged for 10 months in steel with an apricot infusion. Round, woodsy, with soft and lush fruit.

SingleCut Free-Form Jazz Odyssey

Schwarzbier · 5.3%

SingleCut Sammy Was Low

NE/Hazy DIPA · 8.2% · 123.0 IBU

Double dry hopped IIPA with peach and tangerine flavors.

SingleCut Prog! DDH

Double IPA · 7.7%

We donned our capes and medieval garb to create this Double IPA, brewed with a mega mix of a new experimental Euro hops and PNW varieties. Bright strawberry and gooseberry, sweet grapefruit, and floral pop. No synthesizers were harmed in the creation of this brew.

SingleCut Jane She is a Clerk

IPA · 6.8% · 88.0 IBU

Dank, soft, and packed with tons of tangerine and plum/peach aroma.

SingleCut Diamond Star Halo

Double IPA · 6.6% · 76.0 IBU

GLAM’S KID SIS. A double dry-hopped juice-queen glitter rocket comin’ just for you.

SingleCut Bon TNT IPA

NE/Hazy IPA · 5.0%


SingleCut Mellifluous Life

IPA · 6.0%

JOYFUL, SOARING, tropical and dank. This IPA was brewed in honor of the PHISH extravaganza at Madison Sq Garden

SingleCut DDH Bon Bon

NE/Hazy DIPA · 8.0%

SingleCut I'm An Alligator

Double IPA · 8.2%

WEIRD & GILLY’S BIG BROTHER! Smooth, juicy tropical/stone fruit with a touch of our signature dank weed. Mega dry-hopped because the Spiders demanded it. (Formerly COLD FIRE).

SingleCut A Modern Day Warrior

IPA · 7.2%

BROTHER TO CONFORM OR BE CAST OUT, this brew is essentially the same IPA only without the peppercorns. Don’t put it down as arrogant, this beer is smooth with our trademark combination of tropical dankness. The river!

SingleCut Electric Blue

IPA · 7.2% · 112.0 IBU

Double dry-hopped, smooth, luscious.

SingleCut Nexus of the Crisis

Imperial Stout · 11.0%

HOW DO YOU TAKE YOUR COFFEE? This starts with our HEAVY BOOTS OF LEAD IMPERIAL STOUT blended with whiskey barrel-aged coffee beans. Yes, it is as heavenly as it sounds.

SingleCut Plaintop

Pilsner · 5.2%

This new year-round pilsner is brewed with a unique combination of New Zealand, Czech and PNW hops and the absolute finest European malt. Finely detailed, refined, crisp, dry.

SingleCut Power to the People (Right On!)

American Pale Ale · 5.4%

Dry-hopped, citrus and sweet floral notes, and an abundant malt presence & mouthfeel. Proceeds benefiting the ACLU.

SingleCut DDH Glam!

Double IPA · 7.7%

Showcase of the most outlandish and hops available.

SingleCut Jenny Said DDH

Double IPA · 7.7%

there's good reason IPAs are the favorite child of us Beersmiths; so many new hop varieties are becoming available annually and we love digging through these options hunting for great original lupulin expression. Jenny Said IIPA is brewed exclusively with a variety of these newfangled flowers for a unique spin on the tropical stone fruit/bright citrus/dank resin profile that is our trademark.

SingleCut DDH Is This The Real Life

IPA · 7.2%

SingleCut Distortion

IPA · 7.2%

With Pineapple, Mango and Blood Orange

SingleCut Flatsawn

Pilsner · 5.2% · 35.0 IBU

A DIFFERENT CUT OF PILSNER – Lagered horizontally for an extended period and dry-hopped to make that herbal / citrus aroma shine.

SingleCut Inexplicably Used Umlaut

Oktoberfest · 6.0% · 26.0 IBU

Cold conditioned for three months as per German tradition in our horizontal lagering tanks, resulting in toffee malt, clean finish and hop balance.

SingleCut DDH Full Stack

Double IPA · 8.2%

AH GOOD ‘OL FULL-STACK. So smooth, tropical, citrusy, just such a friendly IIPA. Well, no more – we gave it our DDH treatment for a mega-assault of what you loved about this brew in the first place.

SingleCut Barrel-Aged Heavy Boots of Lead 2018

Imperial Stout · 11.0% · 55.0 IBU

Imperial stout aged for a year in neutral Oak barrels, then blended with some fresh HBOL and whiskey cured maple syrup.

SingleCut Mastery Knows No Shortcuts

Double IPA · 7.2%

SingleCut 日本から来たネコ Some Cat From Japan

Session IPA · 4.2% · 60.0 IBU

Everyone's favorite juicy kitty is back! The most sessionable hoppy ale we could conceive, this "DDH Mini IPA" is bursting with aroma of fresh cut orange, mango pulp, peach rings , soft and sweet apricot, tiki drink pineapple, and a long and soft finish with just a touch of SingleCut resin. At 4.2% you can jam all day long. If you love Electric Blue, here's your next favorite beer.

SingleCut DDH Mo' Shuggie

IPA · 7.2% · 116.0 IBU

YUP – THERE’S A BIT OF EXTRA “‘MO” in this batch – we took ‘MO SHUGGIE and double dry-hopped it. ‘Nuff said.

SingleCut 18 Watt

Session IPA · 5.0% · 80.0 IBU

Orange zest, pine resin and tropical lupulin beauty that easily rivals much bigger IPAs, with a full, soft malt body that compliments the hop attack.

SingleCut DDH All That is Now

Double IPA · 8.6%

a golden IIPA with a tropical / bright citrus / mild pine and spice with smooth / soft lightly sweet malt that will take you home home again. This version has two ginormous dry-hop additions. (This is the beer formally known as DOUBLE DRY-HOPPED SOFTLY SPOKEN MAGIC SPELLS IIPA

SingleCut Terry Meets Julie

Sour Ale · 4.2%

Raspberry Sour Lager

SingleCut All That is Now

Double IPA · 8.6%

tropical / bright citrus / mild pine and spice with smooth / soft lightly sweet malt that will take you home home again. This version has two ginormous dry-hop additions.

SingleCut This Is Tomorrow

American Pale Ale · 5.4%

Gentle Bitterness, Bright with aromas of sweet pineapple.

SingleCut Still Making Noise

IPA · 5.0% · 66.0 IBU

WORKERS ARE GOING HOME now has a kid brother in this Session version of our big IIPA.

SingleCut Billy Half-Stack

NE/Hazy IPA · 6.6% · 105.0 IBU

CRANK THE HOPS to the point right before tastebuds bleed with a PNW / Aussie blend.

SingleCut This Creeping Malaise

IPA · 7.2% · 113.0 IBU


SingleCut Hypgnosis

IPA · 5.0% · 77.0 IBU


SingleCut Strictly Hand-Held

Kolsch · 5.0% · 28.0 IBU


SingleCut Side Two

IPA · 6.6% · 92.0 IBU


SingleCut Overdrive

Double IPA · 8.6%

This tropical storm of an IIPA blends citrus and stone fruit hops, a new yeast variety that is tropical, and is then further infused with mangoes and peaches. Smooth, luscious and altogether delicious.

SingleCut Whammy!

Double IPA · 7.7% · 77.0 IBU

Smooth Balanced Tropical & Stone Fruit, Dank Weed

SingleCut Push Push Struggle

Double IPA · 7.7% · 114.0 IBU

Reassuring bitterness that serves to provide balance, get out of the way you toothless IPAs.

SingleCut DDH Tell Shaky and Boxcar Joe

Double IPA · 9.0% · 145.0 IBU

Created from our brewmaster’s recipe with an original combination of pilsner/pale malts and new varietal PNW hops, double dry-hopped.

SingleCut Miles Marathon DDH

Session IPA · 4.2% · 26.0 IBU

A true reward for this incredible achievement – MILES is unique in that it is primarily late-hopped for ultra smoothness.

SingleCut Tomorrow Who's Gonna Fuss?

Triple IPA · 10.0% · 155.0 IBU

This extra extra dry-hopped IIIPA is smooth, soft and downright finessed.

SingleCut Conform Or Be Cast Out

IPA · 7.2% · 68.0 IBU

Melds mega and multiple tropical late-hopping with fruity pink peppercorns and a hint of heat from Szechuan peppercorns.

SingleCut Augmented

American Wild Ale · 5.0% · 14.0 IBU

As tart and refreshingly delicious as it sounds.

SingleCut Thinking Hard About the Weather

Porter · 5.5%

combines the dry, hop bite of porter, w/ a double dose of intense cacao and a gentle hint of vanilla. Sessionable, satisfying, the perfect kiss... of chocolate.

SingleCut The Punk With the Stutter DDH

IPA · 7.3% · 110.0 IBU

DDH with a newfangled hop variety known for a pure and easy combination of tropics and dank.

SingleCut In and Around the Lake

Double IPA · 8.0%

Triple dry hopped, brewed with honey.

SingleCut Cold Fire

Double IPA · 8.2% · 126.0 IBU

Smooth, juicy tropical/stone fruit with a touch of our signature dank resin. Double dry-hopped because the Spiders demanded it.

SingleCut Miles Marathon

Session IPA · 4.2% · 26.0 IBU

In collaboration with NIKE (yes that NIKE), we’ve created a session IPA that honors all the athletes that partake in the NYC Marathon. A true reward for this incredible achievement – MILES is unique in that it is primarily late-hopped for ultra smoothness (thus the IBUs on this beer are 26.2, see what we did there?). It is also double dry-hopped, using a proprietary hop oil we created. Here’s to all that cross the finish line of NYCs Fall classic!

SingleCut The Punk With the Stutter

IPA · 7.3%

Double Dry Hopped IPA using a slew of new American experimental hop varietals. Great balance of tropical juice and resin-y dank. It's 5:15 somewhere.

SingleCut DDH Workers Are Going Home

IPA · 8.2%

Bright, citrus juice, crisp clean malt, with a nose of grape and light flowers.

SingleCut Patent Applied For: Plum

Sour Ale · 4.2% · 14.0 IBU

Brewed with our house wild ale yeast, and further infused with plums. Tart, effervescent, with a delightful sweet stone fruit aroma and flavor.

SingleCut Charlie's Good Tonight

IPA · 6.0% · 94.0 IBU


SingleCut Use the NME

IPA · 7.6% · 102.0 IBU

WE’RE ALWAYS EXPLORING the wide world of hops that exists and is constantly evolving. This IPA combines a new variety from Australia that provides soft tropical fruit with some good ‘ol PNW hops that add bright citrus. That sure doesn’t sound like anarchy to us.

SingleCut Softly Spoken Magic Spells DDH

Double IPA · 8.6% · 130.0 IBU

Giant sweet orange and passion fruit is joined by some bright pine, juicy nectarine, and classic grapefruit.

SingleCut 37th Street New World Lager

Pale Lager · 5.0% · 37.0 IBU

This untraditional brew features PNW dry-hopping to add delicate lemon/citrus spice with overtones of fruit esters.

SingleCut Tell Shaky and Boxcar Joe

Double IPA · 9.0% · 145.0 IBU

Double dry-hopped, drinks smooth smooth smooth, no sign of the 9% with a unique combination of new varietal PNW hops.

SingleCut Jenny Said

Double IPA · 7.7%

THERE’S GOOD REASON IPAs are the favorite child of us Beersmiths; so many new hop varieties are becoming available annually and we love digging through these options hunting for great original lupulin expression. JS IIPA is brewed exclusively with a variety of these newfangled flowers for a unique spin on the tropical stone fruit / bright citrus / dank resin profile that is our trademark.

SingleCut Jim Is Working Hard

IPA · 4.6% · 83.0 IBU

WE LOVE THE SESSION IPA, and it occurred to us that we currently only offer our 18-WATT IPA currently as a permanent offering in this category.

SingleCut Workers Are Going Home DIPA

Double IPA · 8.0% · 124.0 IBU

Bright, citrus juice, crisp clean malt, with a nose of grape and light flowers.

SingleCut Strange Shadows from the Flames

Sweet Stout · 7.2% · 40.0 IBU


SingleCut Are You Ready Steve?

IPA · 7.5%

Our newest IPA, using our alternate ale yeast. Experimental and nouveau American hops give this beer a fruit-punchy, peach ring nose, & bright tropical palate.

SingleCut Eric Mocha

Milk Stout · 6.6%

Chocolate Milk Stout aged with w/ Green Sumatran & Guatamalan Coffee.

SingleCut Harry Doesn't Mind

Double IPA · 8.0% · 120.0 IBU


SingleCut Chrissie

Gose · 4.2% · 14.0 IBU

Light crisp lemony sour (helped out by a generous amount of lemon verbena), with a light, clean, and very dry lager finish, with a touch of salt.

SingleCut Softly Spoken Magic Spells

Double IPA · 8.6% · 130.0 IBU


SingleCut Weird & Gilly DDH w/ Galaxy

IPA · 6.6% · 88.0 IBU

Some Cat from Japan asked us to make and IPA that was juicy, and nothing else. So we packed up a pack horse and made it happen.

SingleCut Kim Hibiscus

Berliner Weisse · 4.2% · 5.0 IBU

Refreshingly tart and infused with hibiscus for a pleasing round herbal flavor and gorgeous pink hue. Blackcurrants are also added for hue and aroma.

SingleCut Weird & Gilly

IPA · 6.6% · 88.0 IBU

SOME CAT FROM JAPAN suggested we do an IPA that is juicy and nothing else.

SingleCut 6V6 LupuLager

India Pale Lager (IPL) · 6.6% · 85.0 IBU


SingleCut Half Stack w/ Yuzu

Double IPA · 8.2%

Using straight, unpasteurized, unsweetened Yuzu fruit from Japan

SingleCut Fuzzbox

Double IPA · 8.6% · 130.0 IBU

LET’S TAKE A JUICY IIPA and ferment it with a wild yeast that adds even more fruity / tropical dimension.

SingleCut Full Stack

Double IPA · 8.2% · 138.0 IBU

Tropical dank pine and mild herbal aromas.

SingleCut Mo' Shuggie Soulbender

IPA · 7.2% · 123.0 IBU

We took the righteousness of our Shuggie and big upped the NZ hops, the malt, just plain everything.

SingleCut Nigel Pride of Squatney

American Strong Ale · 11.0% · 68.0 IBU

Premium English malts and hops, and extended aging, including a second fermentation with 3 Brett strains. This is one heavy-duty ale that will sustain for days.

SingleCut 19-33

Pilsner · 5.4% · 37.0 IBU


SingleCut Dean Mahogany

Amber Ale · 6.0% · 88.0 IBU

Aroma of grainy malt and hops. Medium body with flavors of bready malt, piney hops and slight fruit. The finish is sweet with a short malty aftertaste.

SingleCut Heavy Boots of Lead

Imperial Stout · 11.2% · 55.0 IBU

Super complex richness of mega-chocolate, roast, vanilla and coffee in an astonishly smooth and ester-overtoned monster of a brew.

SingleCut Is This The Real Life?

IPA · 7.2% · 122.0 IBU

Triple dry-hopped with four different types of Pacific NW varieties.

SingleCut Does Anybody Remember Laughter?

IPA · 7.2% · 100.0 IBU

A piney, bitter, dank IPA with tropical, fruity aromas; brewed with Equinox hops.

SingleCut Billy 200-Watt

Triple IPA · 10.0% · 160.0 IBU

WITH OVER EIGHT POUNDS of juicy citrus and spicy tropical hops per barrel going into the making of his Triple IPA.

SingleCut Bon Bon 2xTNT

Double IPA · 8.2% · 142.0 IBU

Smooth gentle and soft light malt gives way to a massive and unique bright citrus / juicy tropical + stone fruit signature that overwhelms the palette.

SingleCut Eric More Cowbell!

Milk Stout · 5.6% · 28.0 IBU

We've got a fever - and there is only one cure: a lusciously creamy slightly sweet stout that sits atop a chocolate and roast malt base that will rock all night.

SingleCut Jån Alpine White Lager

Pale Lager · 5.2% · 14.0 IBU

THE OLFACTORY IS working overtime, noting the distinct sweet citrus, delicate flowery herbal and complex citrus spice aromas and flavors of this lager.