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Grimm Power Pop!

Sour Ale · 4.8%

Dry hopped dessert Berliner Weisse brewed w/ vanilla & milk sugar.

Grimm Castling Farmhouse Pale Ale

Saison · 5.5%

A bitterly refreshing, eurocentric farmhouse ale produced by step mashing a 100% pilsner grist and hopping heavily with Hallertau Hersbrucker and Tettnang.

Grimm/Barrier Power Source DIPA

Double IPA · 8.0%

Power Source is brewed with mangoes, Mosaic hops, and Mosaic Lupulin powder.

Grimm/Barrier Power Source

Double IPA · 8.0%

Power Source is brewed with mangoes, Mosaic hops, and Mosaic Lupulin powder.

Grimm Boysen Raspberry Pop!

Sour Ale · 4.0%

Sour ale brewed with tart cherries, raspberries, vanilla and lactose.

Grimm Power Source

Double IPA · 8.0%

Power Source is brewed with mangoes, Mosaic hops, and Mosaic Lupulin powder.


Berliner Weisse · 4.8%

Grimm Passion Dome

Sour Ale · 5.0%

A glowing opaque yellow pour with long lasting white foam. Tart aromas of stone fruit and fruity hops. Full, creamy mouthfeel with pleasantly spicy tannins.

Grimm Super You Gose

Gose · 5.3%

Grimm Living Daylights

Sour Ale · 5.8%

Double dry hopped sour ale.

Grimm Super You

Gose · 5.3%

Gose ale brewed with pineapple and conditioned on oak.

Grimm Sumi Cacao

Imperial Stout · 10.2%

Imperial Stout brewed with vanilla and cacao

Grimm Forcefield (DDH)

American Pale Ale · 6.4%

This rendition of Forcefield (black and white striped can) is brewed with Azacca and Cryo Columbus. Yum!

Grimm Blueberry Pop

Sour Ale · 4.8% · 30.0 IBU

Dessert Berliner brewed with Blackberries, Orange Zest, Vanilla, and Milk Sugar.

Grimm DDH Tesseract

Double IPA · 8.0% · 77.0 IBU

Juicy, aromatic DIPA with tropical fruit for days.

Grimm Halftone IPA

IPA · 6.3%

IPA with notes of strawberry, resin, citrus, and passionfruit.

Grimm Mango Pop

Berliner Weisse · 4.8%

Dessert Berliner weisse style ale brewed with mango, vanilla and milk sugar.

Grimm Double Negative 2017

Imperial Stout · 10.0%

With notes of bitter chocolate, dark fruit, and bottomless roastiness.

Grimm Cube: Cuvee #3

Saison · 6.0% · 14.0 IBU

A tart, complex saison that results from the coupage method, a traditional Belgian farmhouse technique that blends young and old beer.

Grimm Sugarmaker

Imperial Stout · 11.5%

Imperial milk stout brewed with vanilla and maple syrup.

Grimm Castling

Saison · 5.5%

As our friend Yvan De Baets writes, farmhouse ales were "either sour or very bitter."

Grimm Awoogah

IPA · 6.7%

Zesty, hoppy aroma explodes on can crack. Delicate, floral, tropical, citrus.

Grimm Splish

Double IPA · 8.0%

This one right here! Galaxy, Motueka, Wai-iti, and Falconer’s Flight, a bit of oats in the grist…

Grimm Present Perfect

Berliner Weisse · 4.0%

This beer is a Berliner Weisse-style ale brewed with passion fruit that will hit 4%-AbV.

Grimm Cube: Cuvee #1

Sour Ale · 6.5%

A blend of a 16 month old brown sour ale and 4 month old golden sour.

Grimm Boysen Rebus

Sour Ale

Grimm Liquid Crystal

Saison · 6.2%

A delicate, light-bodied farmhouse ale featuring Azacca hops. Hoppy, funky, crisp, fruity, dry, refreshing.

Grimm Subliminal Message

Sour Ale · 5.0% · 14.0 IBU

This American red sour ale balances a juicy acidity against a backdrop of malty sweetness.

Grimm Super Spruce

Gose · 4.7% · 80.0 IBU

The new growth of spruce trees layered with Chinook hops create a complex profile of fresh pine that includes floral, citrus, cola, and bubble gum undertones.

Grimm Rainbow Dome

Sour Ale · 5.0%

Tart aromas of stone fruit and fruity hops (El Dorado, Columbus, Cascade). Intense apricot on the palate with soft, inviting acidity.

Grimm Psychokinesis

Sour Ale · 5.0%

Hazy golden wild farmhouse ale, dry hopped with Mosaic, El Dorado, and Jarrylo.

Grimm Cloudbusting DIPA

Double IPA · 8.0%

This beer is overflowing with luscious aromatics that vary from batch to batch depending on the southern hemisphere varietals we select.

Grimm Telekinesis

Sour Ale · 5.0%

Telekinesis is a hoppy, tart, and smashable American wild ale fermented with a mixed culture of yeast and spontaneous microbes.

Grimm Color Field

Sour Ale · 5.2%

The soft, refreshing acidity is balanced by a hint of floral sweetness. This beer is never boiled and never filtered.

Grimm Double Negative

Imperial Stout · 10.0% · 75.0 IBU

Aromas bursting from the glass include coffee, bitter chocolate, caramel, black currant and blueberry.

Grimm Still Life

Saison · 3.8%

Grisette is a crushable, thirst-quenching historical Belgian ale originally brewed to refresh coal miners at the end of a long day.

Grimm BFF

IPA · 9.0%

A Belgianish Triple IPA made with 5 pounds/barrel of Falconer’s Flight & Centennial hops