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Relic The Havens

NE IPA · 7.0%

Relic/Thomas Hooker Connbination

NE IPA · 7.0%

Double dry hopped with Citra, Mosaic, El Dorado, Gelena & Pekko.

Relic WyndChyme

Witbier · 5.0%

Relic D is for Denali

IPA · 6.0%

Single IPA with Denali hops, bright pineapple and citrus.

Relic The Cocoon

IPA · 6.0%

Lighter with big aromas of tropical fruit

Relic Hary's Hex

IPA · 7.0%

Relic The Bloomist

Milkshake IPA · 8.5%

Milkshake IPA with Mosaic & El Dorado hops, with Lactose.

Relic The Harpy's Hex

IPA · 7.0%

Brewed with Jarrylo, El Dorado, and Pekko hops.

Relic Leaf Storm IPA

IPA · 6.2%

Dank with some grapefruit, pungent blend of american hops.

Relic Ancient Art

Double IPA · 8.0%

Double India Pale Ale with Mosaic & Enigma Hops.

Relic Death of Venus

Imperial Stout · 8.5%

Imperial milk stout, thick and creamy.

Relic The Gristling DIPA

Double IPA · 8.2%

Aromatic double ipa with loads of citra and simcoe hops for orange / melon aromas and flavors.

Relic Funeral Song

Double IPA · 8.0%

Citra and more citra, melon and orange rich flavor

Relic The Golden Rose

IPA · 7.0%

Relic Dreamrise Double IPA

Double IPA · 8.0%

Double IPA with loads of Equinox hops, clean and tropical fruit flavors and aromas.

Relic Leaf Storm

IPA · 6.4%

Full flavored,dank and fruity, aromatic IPA.

Relic The Huntsman Oatmeal Stout

Stout · 6.0%

Rich oatmeal stout, with big chocolate flavors and aromas.

Relic Fortnight IPA

IPA · 7.2%

Ths American IPA is chock full of distinctive hop flavor with a clean, moderate biiterness including notes of lemons and grapefruit.