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Relic The Huntress

Double IPA · 8.7%

An interesting blend of American hops bursts with notes of grapefruit, tangerine, and floral aromas.

Relic 7th Anniversary

Triple IPA · 10.5%

Bold mango, melon, pine flavors and aromas.

Relic 7

Triple IPA · 10.5%

7th Anniversary Triple IPA release! Mosaic and Australian summer hops. Bold mango, melon, pine flavors and aromas.

Relic The Serpent Hour

Double IPA · 8.0%

Nelson Sauvin Double IPA with lactose, huge white wine, citrus, and tropical fruit that nelson is famous for, thick with flavor and aroma

Relic Subcontinental

IPA · 7.0%

Relic Neo-Cryptic

IPA · 7.0%

Lemondrop hops, nice citrusy aromas and flavors

Relic Mistress of Wigs DIPA

Double IPA · 8.5%

Double IPA with notes of tropical orange

Relic Serpent Hour

Double IPA · 8.5%

Nelson Sauvin Double IPA brewed with lactose. Hop flavors of fruit, resin and pine.

Relic Winterbane

Doppelbock · 7.8%

Winter lager from relic brewing.

Relic The Silent Corner

IPA · 7.0%

Collaboration with Black Pond Brews out of Danielson, CT. Experimental hop 9326 from hopsteiner gives this beer loads of tropical citrus with a touch of pine.

Relic Imaginary World

Pilsner · 5.2%

New from Relic, Imaginary World is a light crisp Pilsner Lager.

Relic The Griffin's Horde

NE DIPA · 8.2%

"Citra and Lemondrop hops, tons of citrus aromas and flavor"

Relic The Crone

NE IPA · 6.4%

Relic The Cocoon

IPA · 6.0%

Lighter with big aromas of tropical fruit

Relic The Bloomist

Milkshake IPA · 8.5%

Milkshake IPA with Mosaic & El Dorado hops, with Lactose.

Relic The Stockist

Double IPA · 8.5%

Simcoe and galena hops give this one a wonderful tropical orange flavor with a kiss of malt.

Relic Found Objects

Double IPA · 8.4%

Double India Pale Ale with Citra and Mosaic hops.


IPA · 7.0%

Relic Kettle of Vultures

Barley Wine · 10.5%

Creamy citrus and pine with some caramel.

Relic The Lee Shore

IPA · 5.2%

Warm weather IPA with notes of apricot and citrus.

Relic Death of Venus

Imperial Stout · 8.5%

Imperial milk stout, thick and creamy.

Relic The Gristling DIPA

Double IPA · 8.2%

Aromatic double ipa with loads of citra and simcoe hops for orange / melon aromas and flavors.

Relic The Dryad (Dry Hopped IPA)

Double IPA · 8.0%

Relic The Dryad

Double IPA · 8.0%

Massively dry hopped with Zythos and Columbus for bold fruity, tropical flavors and aromas.

Relic Midnight Muse

Double IPA · 8.0%

Double IPA with triple perle, mosaic and bravo for tangerine, orange flavors and aromas.

Relic Birth of Liquid Desire

Double IPA · 8.0%

Simcoe hops primarily, notes of orange and citrus.

Relic The Mage DIPA

Double IPA · 8.0%

Double IPA with loads of Equinox hops, clean and tropical fruit flavors and aromas.

Relic The Plague Doctor

Double IPA · 8.0%

Double with Idaho 7 and Apollo hops, dank and tropical.

Relic Dreamrise Double IPA

Double IPA · 8.0%

Double IPA with loads of Equinox hops, clean and tropical fruit flavors and aromas.

Relic The Correspondent

Double IPA · 8.4%

Dipa with new zealand and American blend.

Relic Leaf Storm

IPA · 6.4%

Full flavored,dank and fruity, aromatic IPA.

Relic Spectral Beast

Baltic Porter · 10.0%

Huge chocolate, cold fermented for smooth malt flavors, beware of the spectral beast

Relic Violet Ray

IPA · 7.1%

A Double Dry Hopped IPA with 80% citra and 20% mosaic for dank tropical melon and fruit flavors and aromas.

Relic Ryepocolypse

Imperial Stout · 9.4%

Rye Belgian Stout, brewed for Relic's 2nd Anniversary.

Relic The Huntsman Oatmeal Stout

Stout · 6.0%

Rich oatmeal stout, with big chocolate flavors and aromas.

Relic Fortnight IPA

IPA · 7.2%

Ths American IPA is chock full of distinctive hop flavor with a clean, moderate biiterness including notes of lemons and grapefruit.

Relic Whiting Street Lager

Pale Lager · 5.5% · 20.0 IBU

Flavorful and drinkable, moderately hoppy pre-prohibition lager, floral and full bodied, notes of lemon