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One tool to design food and drink menus for restaurants

Last updated December 21, 2021 · By Dylan Blake

If you run a bar or restaurant, you’ve had your menu making frustrations.

You spend a bunch of time updating your food menu to include a slate of new menu items. You tinker with design, formatting, and the rest of it, and then, after hours, days, or maybe weeks, you print it off.

You’re finally done updating your menus.

Unless you run a rotational beverage program.

If you do, you’re updating and tinkering every time you kick a keg or get a new wine in. You head to Google, find the beer or wine’s description, then copy and paste it into your menu, where you have to edit or tinker with it. Finally, you print it out, only to do that process all over again the next time a new beer or wine comes in.

It feels like you spend a ton of time updating your menus, which is especially painful because you already don’t have enough time to do the million other things on your to-do list.

It doesn’t have to be that way! Read on to learn how to save time by using BeerMenus to create your food and drink menus in one place.

Drink menus for bars: create with just one click

Last updated December 17, 2021 · By Dylan Blake

Whether you're creating a menu for your sports bar, a wine list for your James Beard award-winning farm to table restaurant, or a mixed drink menu for your dive bar, BeerMenus is the fastest way to create drink menus.

Whenever you need to update your menu, there's no faster tool out there:

With BeerMenus, your beer, wine, and spirits descriptions will automatically be included in your menu (i.e. you don't have to search for them online).

The fastest bar menu maker (product descriptions automatically included)

Last updated December 17, 2021 · By Dylan Blake

The BeerMenus menu maker helps bars, restaurants, and breweries save time, provide customers the info they need to order, and standout with a professional menu, all with no design skills required.

BeerMenus is the only online menu maker that automatically includes beer, wine, and spirit descriptions, meaning you can have the best of both worlds: you can educate your customers without wasting your time searching for beer information online.

Create a bar menu template with one click beer and wine descriptions

Last updated December 06, 2021 · By Dylan Blake

It's Friday night and your bar's been busy all evening long. So far you've kicked 3 kegs and you know a 4th could blow any second.

It's been a solid sales night, especially for the bar. And you've worked hard, so you really feel like you can hang your hat on the day.

But nestling right up next to your "job well done" satisfaction is another, worse feeling: dread. You're feeling it because you have to update your bar menu tonight.

If you make your bar menu manually with a tool like Microsoft Word, Photoshop, or Adobe Illustrator, that means you've got a lot of work to do:

You have to track down beer information for the 3 (or maybe 4) new beers. That means you run a bunch of Google searches then sift through the results to find good descriptions. When you find it, you copy it and then paste it into your menu document. You fix the formatting that got screwed up, and then, finally, you push print and can go home. Exhale.

But you know that exhale doesn't last long; you've already had to update the bar menu 3 times this week.

Here's the good news—updating your bar menu doesn't have to take that long. Read on to learn how to update your bar menu template—complete with drink descriptions—in just a couple clicks.

How to find the right menu template for my restaurant or bar

Last updated December 06, 2021 · By Dylan Blake

You’ve done the hard work: you’ve created a list of awesome menu items and can’t wait to get them in front of your customers. But there’s one big step left: you have to choose or create your menu template.

So you start looking for a tool that can help you create your menus. First step: you run some searches on Google.

The results are overwhelming: there are dozens of sites out there (and probably more) that claim to be “the best,” or “the most customizable,” or “the easiest” way for you to make your menu. They offer 1,000, 6,000, 10,000, or more menu templates.

But you don’t want or need 6,000 menu templates—you need the one that’s right for your bar. And all the claims of “best” and “easiest?” That stuff’s even worse because it’s an advertisement: of course these companies will say their own menus are the best.

So how on earth can you actually find the right menu template for your bar or restaurant?

We wrote this article to cut through the noise and help small business owners actually answer that question. Read on to learn how to choose the right menu template for your bar or restaurant.

Create a QR code restaurant menu with one click

Last updated December 03, 2021 · By Nicki Cherry

So here we all are. Reopening. In a new, hopefully sometime soon, post-pandemic world.

You’ve reopened your bar or restaurant soon and it feels like until then you'll be playing one long, drawn out game of whack-a-mole.

Of the million things members of the restaurant industry have to figure out, from inconsistent government rules to getting back on track with your distributors, there’s one big thing hanging over your head: your menu.

How in the world are you going to do it? How can you provide a contactless menu experience that gives customers an up-to-date, customized menu when you've only ever provided physical menus? How can you provide a menu with descriptions for your ever changing beer list? And how can you do it without spending hours on the computer each week?

Here’s a secret: you can do it in real-time, with just one click. Read on to learn how to create and maintain an awesome digital menu—and the QR code that sends customers to it—with just one click.

Create a drink menu with one click beer and wine descriptions

Last updated December 03, 2021 · By Nicki Cherry

You know the feeling. A keg kicks or a new wine comes in: now you have to update your drink menu.

If you had a run-of-the-mill beverage program, updating your menu would be easy—just slap in product name and price. No description required.

But your drink program isn't run-of-the-mill—it's top-notch. You're proud of your offerings, so you want to tell your customers about it on your drink menu.

That means you need to provide descriptions. To provide beer and wine descriptions, you usually have to do something like this:

First you head to Google and type the name of the wine or beer. You look through the results and after a few clicks you find one that's good enough. You copy it then paste it into your menu document. Then you verify the menu's formatting still looks good, while possibly having to edit some aspect of it to bring it back in line.

Then, finally, you push print. You're done.

Until you're doing it all over again the next day.

Making your drink menu can be easier! Read on to learn how to create a professional, customized drink menu template that automatically includes beer, wine, and spirits descriptions.

11 beer menu ideas for bars and restaurants

Last updated December 01, 2021 · By Dylan Blake

There's a whole lot more to menu optimization than choosing the right menu items. This is especially true with your beer menu, where additional sales are exactly the kind of low-hanging fruit you've been searching for.

Use these 11 ideas to make the best beer menu you can and immediately start driving up your average check size.

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