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How to create a beer menu template for your new bar or restaurant

Last updated February 07, 2020 · By Dylan Blake

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Most of the hard work is done. You've got zoning approval and you’ve got your liquor license. Your taps are installed, and your keg cooler works.

It's finally all happening, and you can exhale.

Until you realize you still need to get your beer menu ready.

You search on Google to try and find an online template that you can start with. You find one you like and, since it feels like things are going well, you start adding your beers.

Right then—at that precise moment—your heart sinks.

You realize you have to track down descriptions for all your beers yourself. That takes a lot of time. And you don't just have to do it once—you have to do it every single time a keg kicks.

Making your beer menu doesn't have to be a major pain in the butt! Read on to learn how to use BeerMenus to create and update your beer menu in just a few clicks, beer descriptions automatically included.

Untappd for Business: The Definitive Guide

Last updated February 07, 2020 · By Dylan Blake

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Public information about Untappd for Business isn't easy to find.

Whether you're curious about how it works, ho much it costs, how to try it out, alternatives, or how to get started, finding that information is just plain hard. You certainly won't find much on Untappd's website.

This is frustrating for small business owners, for whom every penny counts. If they're going to make an investment, they need to know what that investment entails.

This article is the most exhaustive description of Untappd for Business available. Use it to learn about Untappd for Business and to consider whether it could be right for your business.

How to find the right menu template for my restaurant or bar

Last updated February 07, 2020 · By Dylan Blake

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You’ve done the hard work: you’ve created a list of awesome menu items and you can’t wait to get them in front of your customers. But there’s one big step left: now you have to choose or create your menu template.

So you start looking for a tool that can help you create your menus. First step: you run some searches on Google.

The results are overwhelming: there are dozens of sites out there (and probably more) that claim to be “the best,” or “the most customizable,” or “the easiest” way for you to make your menu. They offer 1,000, 6,000, 10,000, or more menu templates.

But you don’t want or need 6,000 menu templates—you need the one that’s right for your bar. And all the claims of “best” and “easiest?” That stuff’s even worse because it’s an advertisement: of course these companies will say their own menus are the best.

So in a world void of fact, how on earth can you actually find the right menu template for your bar or restaurant?

We wrote this article to cut through the noise and help you actually answer that question. Read on to learn how to choose the right menu template for your bar or restaurant.

iMenuPro: the right menu maker for my restaurant or bar?

Last updated February 06, 2020 · By Dylan Blake


If you’re considering using iMenuPro, there are a several things you certainly understand:

  • Great menu design is important for a successful restaurant or bar.
  • A restaurant menu maker can help save time and money.
  • A really good menu design can help to increase sales.

But with so many online menu makers out there, which one is right for your business?

For many restaurants and bars, iMenuPro is a great solution for solving these problems. (And you can believe us—since we’re officially competitors.)

But iMenuPro isn't the best fit for all restaurants and bars. That's especially the case for bars and restaurants with a rotational beverage program, for whom a service like BeerMenus is likely a better solution.

Use this article as a guide to determine whether iMenuPro is the right menu maker for your restaurant or bar.

MustHaveMenus: the right menu maker for your restaurant or bar?

Last updated February 06, 2020 · By Dylan Blake


If you’re considering MustHaveMenus for your restaurant or bar, chances are good that something broke down with your manual menu-making process.

Maybe you want to improve your menu design. Maybe you’re hoping to cut down on the amount of time it takes to update your menu. Or maybe you’re looking for a solution that’s cheaper than a graphic designer.

Read on to learn how to determine whether MustHaveMenus is the right solution for solving those problems and improving your menu-making process.

Full disclosure: we’re BeerMenus, another online menu-maker. But even so, we often recommend MustHaveMenus because it’s a better fit for many bars and restaurants than our own service. At the end of the day, whether you use our service or not, our goal is to help your business succeed. Whether we recommend using MustHaveMenus, BeerMenus, or another service, know that the recommendation is based in honesty, not greed.

And honestly, certain bars and restaurants—most notably those with a rotational beverage program—could benefit more from using a solution like BeerMenus than one like MustHaveMenus.

Untappd for Business alternative: BeerMenus

Last updated February 06, 2020 · By Dylan Blake

Maybe you’ve received a bunch of phone calls from the Untappd for Business sales team. Maybe a buddy in the bar or restaurant industry mentioned it to you. Or maybe you're currently using Untappd for Business at your bar or restaurant.

Regardless, you’re wondering whether it’s the right fit for your bar or restaurant, so you want to learn more.

When you're considering this, you'll certainly evaluate Untappd for Business (something you can do in our Untappd for Business: the Definitive Guide article).

But thoughtful small business owners don’t stop there. Before committing to one service, they do their due diligence and investigate other similar solutions. BeerMenus is a popular Untappd for Business alternative.

Full disclosure: as you’re already aware, BeerMenus wrote this article. Even so, we’re up-front that in some cases Untappd for Business is, indeed, a better fit. In those cases, we urge you to use Untappd for Business—at the end of the day we want your business to succeed.

However, there are significant differences between Untappd for Business and BeerMenus, and there are many cases where BeerMenus is a better fit.

Read on to learn more about Untappd for Business, BeerMenus, and which would be a better fit for your business.

10 Tips To Get More Followers on BeerMenus

Last updated June 04, 2019 · By Will Stephens

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We all know the value of Regulars in the beer business. They come in monthly, weekly, or even daily—they're like a revenue baseline. Without them it would be hard to succeed.

But what if there was an easy way to increase that baseline? What if you could turn that monthly visitor into a weekly visitor? Or a weekly visitor into a twice-a-week visitor? The boost to your bottom line would be huge.

Enter the BeerMenus equivalent of a Regular: a Follower.

What are Followers?

Followers are people who always want to know about changes to your beer selection.

By clicking "Follow," these folks have opted into a phone and/or email marketing campaign coming from you. All you need to do is update your page. When you do, you trigger BeerMenus notifications to these folks about your updates.

These notifications come in the form of push notifications on customers' phones and via emails (which, as we recently investigated, is extremely valuable).

Increasing your BeerMenus followers means instantly increasing your marketing reach. That, in turn, will lead to a boost to your bottom line.

At this point, you probably want to increase your number of followers. Here are 10 tips to make that happen.

Why SEO matters for Bars, Restaurants, and Beer Stores

Last updated June 04, 2019 · By Dylan Blake

Bell's Two Hearted

It's not always clear how search engine optimization (SEO) can benefit brick and mortar stores: attributing an in-person sale to a website view is virtually impossible.

But with more than 224 million smart phone users in the US, you can't skip thinking about SEO just because there's a missing link in your conversion funnel.

Here's why.

On BeerMenus:

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