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08/06, Thu. 4:00PM
08/06, Thu. 6:00PM
08/06, Thu. 5:00PM
08/06, Thu. 6:30PM
08/07, Fri. 4:00PM
08/13, Thu. 6:00PM
08/13, Thu. 4:00PM

Lagunitas Tap Feature

0.6 miles away at Monk's Pub

08/15, Sat. 3:00PM

Micro Brew Review

9.0 miles away at Downtown Oak Park ($60.00)

08/18, Tue. 7:00PM
08/19, Wed. 7:00PM
08/22, Sat. 12:00PM

Midwest Brewers Fest

16.1 miles away at Downtown Willow Springs ($45.00)


09/10, Thu. 5:00PM
09/11, Fri. 6:00PM

Annual Bourbon & Beer Festival

38.5 miles away at The Vine - Martini & Wine Bar ($50.00)

09/12, Sat. 12:00PM

3rd Annual Highwood Craft Beer Festival

24.3 miles away at Everts Park

09/12, Sat. 1:00PM

Logan Square Beer Fest

5.2 miles away at Logan Square Auditorium ($45.00)

09/24, Thu. 5:00PM
09/26, Sat. 4:00PM

Lisle Ale Fest

23.4 miles away at Museums at Lisle Station Park ($40.00)


10/17, Sat. 6:00PM

5th Annual Brew Moon Beer and Band Festival

12.2 miles away at McCook Athletic and Exposition Center

10/17, Sat. 6:00PM

5th Annual Brew Moon Beer & Band Festival

12.2 miles away at MAX McCook Athletic & Exposition Center

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