Rockwell's Freak-Nasty Foundersfest


October 22, 2014, Wednesday at 5:00PM


No Entrance Fee

About this Event

It’s that time of year again when we bust out our stash of Founders’ deliciousness that we’ve been squirreling away since last year’s debauchery.

The Goods:
-All Day IPA
-Backwoods Bastard 2013 (bottles)
-Bolt Cutter 2012 (bottles)
-Breakfast Stout
-Curmudgeon 2013
-Dark Penance
-Devil Dancer
-Dirty Bastard (bottles)
-Doom 2013 (bottles)
-Imperial Stout 2013
-Porter (bottles)
-Red’s Rye

The Foods:
-Warm pretzels with Centennial IPA beer cheese
-Dirty Bastard braised pork with Dirty Bastard stone ground mustard bbq sauce and All Day IPA pickles
-Breakfast Stout beer bread pudding with Rubaeus ice cream

This won’t suck