8th Annual Chili Cook Off!


November 08, 2017, Wednesday from 5:00PM - 8:00PM


No Entrance Fee

About this Event

Friends of Rabbit’s Foot Meadery! It is that time of year where you start your recipe planning/testing for the Rabbit’s Foot Meadery annual Chili Cook Off!


Every year we hold the Chili Cook Off on a Wednesday in Early November. The date is rapidly approaching and we can’t wait to see what you bring this year for this Chili Showdown!

1. Open to all contestants that are 21+
2. You may bring ANY style of Chili as an entry (ex: All bean, all meat, no beans, no meat, meat & beans, vegan, veggie etc.)
3. Please indicate in the comments of the Facebook event if you are entering a Chili (http://bit.ly/2xZRidf)
4. You must bring between 30-50 1oz samples.
5. You are responsible for small bringing a ladle, disposable cups/spoons, and whatever accoutrements your chili requires. (We suggest bringing your chili in a crock pot to keep things warm— we generally have plenty of outlets and extension cords to accommodate entries)


The judging is open to all who attend will begin no later than 6:30pm— late entries may not be accepted, so please arrive no later than 6pm to be considered.

And Remember… this is a steel cage, no holds barred ultimate throw down of chili superiority!

  • This event is STRICTLY 21+***