Evil Twin vs. Mikkeller


February 27, 2018, Tuesday from 6:00PM - 11:59PM


No Entrance Fee

About this Event

Brotherly love is a battlefield. Two brothers, two breweries, and 20 different beers on tap is the start of a good event during the beloved New York Craft Beer Week. We have two sides to our bar so we will be dividing it right down the middle, one side Evil Twin and one side Mikkeller. Choose your alliance by drinking on your favorite side.
Food menu still to come and we are sure it will divide you.

Tap List

Mikkeller HQ
Marathon Man
Mr. Cloudy
Vic Secret Eyes
Midnight Stranger
Nelson Sauvin BA Acasia
Beer Geek Breakfast
Ol Nagelfar

Evil Twin Brewing
2016 Bozo Beer
B is for Blueberry
It’s Like I’m Having the Most Beautiful IPA and the Most Terrible Nightmare At Once
Aun Mas Jesus
Dontcha Know
Saus Baus
Even More Coco Jesus
Wabi Sabi
Sanguinem Aurantico

Beers Available at this Event