Equilibrium Brewery Tapping Event


June 29, 2022, Wednesday from 12:00PM - 10:00PM


No Entrance Fee

About this Event

Join us we tap 6 beer’s from one of New York’s finest Equilibrium Brewery.

All beers are rated 4 or higher on Untappd.

1) Mass x Acceleration – Double IPA 8% (untappd 4.23)
Mass x Acceleration, or Force, is the next in the series following Governing Forces and dC/dt that examines the basic properties of our new hardware. Mass x Acceleration is the first time we’ve blended massive doses of two of our favorite hops: Mosaic and Amarillo.
This juicy elixir pours a glowing tangerine color with aromas of dank orange juice with that melony EQ juice thing. The taste is orange/mango for days and melon flavored gummy bear juice.

2) Double Fractal – Dragon Curve Double IPA 8.5% (untappd 4.19)
Double Fractal is a new series that brings you all the goodness of our Fractal and Super Fractal series but in DIPA format. Double Fractal Dragon Curve combines our fractal fermentation, simple 2-row base malt bill, and combines Enigma and Citra. We get notes of earthy dankness, white wine grapes, papaya, orange creamsicle and tropical fruit with and a very pronounced escalating brightness from the #EQjuice.

3) Mmm…Osa – American Pale Ale 4.8% (untappd 4.5)
Mmm… Osa is our beloved Photon American Pale Ale conditioned on freshly zested oranges at a rate of 6 oranges per barrel. It is everything photon is, with a dominant orange presence; this citric delight is our preferred way to start the afternoon.

4) Hop Wave 5- Double IPA 8.5% (untappd 4.23)
Hop Wave 5 takes one of our favorite Citra/Galaxy DIPAs, dHop5, supersizes the hop charge and adds a touch of lactose. Aside from all the great things about this beer, it includes an experiment to boost the citrus character of its aroma. We will continue to apply this to the next several releases for evaluation but we’re very pleased with the effect.
Hop Wave 5 pours a milky straw yellow releasing pungent aromas of citrus, pineapple, passion fruit, and peach all integrated with a sorbet twist. The taste is a soft and bright creamy tropical flavor that is dangerously drinkable and balanced.

5) DHop42 – Double IPA 8.5% (untappd 4.22)
Many of you know what the the dHop series hopes to explore but for those of you new to Equilibrium, the dHop series is our experimental series that explores new techniques, hops, and processes. Each iteration of the series is different and helps us learn about the latest advancements in brewing.
dHop42 starts off with a flaked oats and white wheat base before an Idaho7 and Belma whirlpool and and dry hop of Citra, Belma, and Zappa.
Bright tangerine in color with a tropical berry aroma, we get unique flavors of berry medley, Welch’s grape soda, dank strawberry atop fresh squeezed navel oranges with a touch of grape nerds candy. Riddled with fun flavors and our rainbow melon EQ juice, this is one of the most unique dHop’s yet.

6) Fractal Strata – IPA 6.8% (untappd 4.1)
Fractal Strata investigates the interplay between Strata and our revised hopping processes. A fractal is something simple at the core yet can produce wonderful and amazingly complex results. We use these beers to investigate how different hops manifest through our processes, allowing us to optimize both our use of hops and our hopping techniques.
Fractal Strata pours a hazy yellow releasing complex aromas of both tropical and dank passionfruit, mango and melon with a whiff of sticky green. The taste follows the aroma with a resinous creamy mouthfeel and a firm but rounded bitterness.

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Parking lot Doty rd.

See you soon!