Rogue's Pacific Northwest Beer & Oyster Fest


May 05, 2009, Tuesday from 12:00PM - 10:00PM


No Entrance Fee

About this Event

Basically, we will be serving 1600 Yakima Bay Oysters (800 a day), and over 31 of Rogue’s best and rarest brews…

The List:
Rogue American Amber
Rogue Charlie
Rogue Imperial Porter
Rogue Glenn
Rogue Smoke (Draught & Cask)
Rogue Northwestern (Draught, Cask & Gravity Keg)
Rogue Collaborator
Rogue Brutal Bitter
Rogue Chipotle
Rogue Chocolate Stout
Rogue Double Dead Guy
Rogue I2PA
Rogue Contraband
Rogue Quad Frog
Rogue Ménage A Cherry
Rogue Uberfrog
Rogue Macfrog
Rogue White Frog
Rogue Juniper Pale Ale
Rogue Kells
Rogue Ménage A Frog
Rogue Mocha Porter
Rogue Mom’s
Rogue Soba
Rogue Hazelnut Brown
Rogue Vintage Old Crusty
Rogue Russian Imperial Stout
Rogue Shakespeare Stout
Rogue Imperial Red
Rogue Imperial YSB
Rogue YSB