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04/29, Wed. 6:00PM


05/01, Fri. 5:00PM
05/01, Fri. 8:00PM

Adult Magic Show and Cj's Doghouse

22.0 miles away at Cj's Doghouse ($10.00)

05/12, Tue. 6:30PM

Women's Beer Club

22.0 miles away at Cj's Doghouse

05/13, Wed. 7:30PM

Poker Night!

22.0 miles away at CJ's Doghouse

05/14, Thu. 7:00PM


22.5 miles away at Bistro on Bridge

05/16, Sat. 4:15PM

The Dude's Bar Crawl: Ray's Happy Birthday Bar

1.3 miles away at Ray's Happy Birthday Bar ($10.00)

05/16, Sat. 12:00AM

The Dude's Bar Crawl: Stogie Joe's

1.7 miles away at Stogie Joe's ($10.00)

05/16, Sat. 1:00PM

The Dude's Bar Crawl: Lucky 13

1.7 miles away at Lucky 13 Pub ($10.00)

05/16, Sat. 1:45PM

The Dude's Bar Crawl: Birra

1.6 miles away at Birra ($10.00)

05/16, Sat. 2:30PM
05/16, Sat. 3:25PM

The Dude's Bar Crawl: Devil's Den

1.1 miles away at Devil's Den ($10.00)

05/16, Sat. 5:00PM

The Dude's Bar Crawl: Garage

1.3 miles away at Garage ($10.00)

05/16, Sat. 3:00PM

Lost Abbey and Bob's BBQ

22.0 miles away at CJ's Doghouse

05/29, Fri. 11:30AM


06/05, Fri. 5:00PM


07/03, Fri. 5:00PM


12/03, Thu. 7:00PM

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