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Updated: 08/02/2015

Growlers: 8

Glass bottles filled with draft beer to bring home.
Growlers ABV Served In Price
Carton of Milk Stout 4.0 64oz. Growler $15.49
An extremely dark malt bill smashed against the sweetness of milk, with black currant notes of Bullion hops through the middle.
Cigar City Helles Lager 5.0 64oz. Growler $15.99
Why so punny? “Helles” is German for “light colored.” Hotter Than Helles is more than just a (very) silly pun; it perfectly reflects the nature of this beer. A lager meant to be consumed when it’s truly hotter than helles outside. So there are no peppers or spices in this beer!
Port City Derecho Common 4.8 64oz. Growler $15.49
Derecho Common is deep golden in color and has taosty biscuity malt flavors. It is medium bodied with an assertive hop profile. It is dry hoppedwith Amarillo hops which give it a spicy citrusy hop kick on the finish.
SingleCut Billy Full-Stack IIPA 8.6 64oz. Growler $22.99
When your tastebuds beg for a pounding, this double IPA sneaks up with smoothness, and then: Bam! Citrus uppercut! Biff! Dank bitterness! Wham! A piney bit! Ooof! Floral, dank pine and citrus aromas! Kablam!
Sloop Waves of Grain 5.5 64oz. Growler $13.99
American Pale Ale
Southampton Burton IPA 6.5 64oz. Growler $13.99
Burton IPA is our tribute to the original British India Pale Ales. We replicate the unique mineral-rich water for a true character.
Thirsty Dog Berliner Weiss 6.0 64oz. Growler $24.99
Sour/tart fruitiness with some wheat and citrus.
Thirsty Dog Old Leghumper 6.7 64oz. Growler $15.99
A robust porter, dark brown in color and full bodied with a malty sweet taste. Deep roasted, yet silky smooth! Two types of roasted malts, including deep-roasted chocolate malt, are used to give this porter a rich, chocolaty taste.

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