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  • Automatically include descriptions, brewery location, style, and ABV
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What else is included?

Good question. The answer: a lot.

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Beer lovers use BeerMenus for one thing: to decide where to buy beer.

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Social Media Integrations


  • Automatically post about new beers
  • Install a full beer menu on your Facebook page


  • Automatically tweet when you add beers
  • All tweets include brewery Twitter handles

Who is BeerMenus?

We understand the question. Before we work with someone, we like to know they're good folks, too.

BeerMenus started in 2008, when two homebrewing brothers wanted to find Stone Arrogant Bastard. They couldn't, so instead of scouring all of New York City, they stayed home and started BeerMenus. Nine years later, Eric and Will remain the hands-on leaders of our Brooklyn-based 10-person team.

The take home for you: because we genuinely care about the craft beer community, we want your business to succeed. It's not just about us here at BeerMenus; it's about all of us in the beer community.

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