The touchless QR Code Menu that boosts check size

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    Increase check size with auto-populating beer descriptions.

  • Update instantly from your computer or phone.

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    No limit on QR code scans.

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    Custom menu design included.

Using these QR Code Menus has allowed us to provide a contactless beer menu solution for our guests. We've actually seen an increase in drink orders because guests often select their beverage before their server even arrives to the table.

Art Jackson

Pleasant House Pub and Royal Pies in Chicago, IL

Example QR Code Menus

👇 Click a menu to see a larger preview.

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How to create your QR Code Menu

Creating your QR Code Menu is a simple 4-step process.


Add your menu items with the help of our huge beer (>230,000 beers), wine, and spirits databases.


Customize your QR Code Menu by adding your business logo.


Select which QR code you'd like to use, then print it off and post it in your restaurant or bar.


You're done! Customers can just open their camera app, point it at the QR code, and see your full menu.

Try it yourself—point your phone's camera at this code to see an example QR Code Menu.

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Why our QR Code Menu is better:


It’s user-friendly, so even your least tech-savvy customers can easily navigate it and find the right beer (or other item) for them.


It automatically includes beer descriptions and beer information for all the beers you offer, including your rotating taps.


It's specifically designed for on-premise use. You're not sending customers to a clumsy PDF on your website: this is a menu they can easily interact with and use.


With this menu you’ll:

  • Educate customers so they choose the right beer or other item for them, making them more likely to order a second round.
  • Get customers to their first sip faster. That gets them to their second round faster, pushing up your average check size.
  • Provide customers a safe experience so they feel comfortable coming back to your business.

And just so you know—you can include all your menu items on your QR Code Menu. Just because we're doesn't mean you can only create beer menus.

Include your food, wines, cocktails, and spirits on your QR Code Menu

You can include all your menu items on your QR Code Menu:

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    beers (of course!)

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You can even include t-shirts, hats, other merch, and gift cards on your QR Code Menu, too!

There’s no extra charge for adding other kinds of menu items, and our support team can help you every step of the way.

For someone who has never really embraced technology, I was a little hesitant to use QR Code Menus. After one day, I realized it was a very smart decision. The ease of use and the speed at which the menus pop up is second to none. BeerMenus did an excellent job.

Tim Kelly

The Lark Pub & Grub in Northport, NY

And here’s the best part: BeerMenus is no-risk. Your first experience with BeerMenus is a totally free 14 day trial.

No funny business with having to input your credit card ahead of time, no expectation of commitment. We’ll even design your menu during your trial. You simply have a full two weeks to decide whether BeerMenus is right for your business and track if your craft beer sales (and check sizes 😃) begin to increase.

After your trial ends, you can keep using your QR Code Menu by upgrading to BeerMenus Pro for $49 month-to-month (no contract) or less if you structure your membership annually. Regardless, your upgrade comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and our support team is here to help you every step of the way.

And if you decide you don’t want to use our QR Code Menus, you can always use our free basic page to list your beers on BeerMenus so that locals can find you.

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