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  • Mini andre cold duck 1

    Andre Cold Duck

    Red Wine · 13.0% ABV

    André's Cold Duck Wine is a sweet red, that mixes full fruity flavors with that fizzy taste...
  • Mini andre peach moscato 1

    Andre Peach (Moscato)

    Moscato · 12.0% ABV

    Peaches and cream, anyone? André Peach Moscato is a California Champagne with Georgia sensibilities. A sweet peach sparkling wine with flavors of peaches, hints of orange, and a crisp finish.
  • Mini andr blush pink 1

    André Blush Pink

    This pink California champagne is sweet with fruity aromas, palate-pleasing cranberry notes and a smooth finish...
  • Mini andre brut 1

    Andre Brut

    White Wine

    A blend of varietal whites with a light touch of dryness. Fruity flavors with a dry mouthfeel yield a lively mid-palate and finish.
  • Mini andre brut champagne 1

    Andre Brut Champagne


    Naturally fermented. Charmat Method Sparkling Wine: Secondary fermentation before bottling. California.
  • Mini andre extra dry 1

    Andre Extra Dry

    White Wine · 13.0% ABV

    A blend of varietal whites with a light touch of sweetness and light mouthfeel. Fruity flavor with a hint of sweetness. Crisp finish.
  • Beer photo

    Andre Moscato

    Moscato · 10.0% ABV

  • Mini andre spumante 1

    Andre Spumante

    White Wine

    Now this is why people call it bubbly. The first thing you'll notice about any Spumante California Champagne is the massive amount of bubbles pouring out of the bottle...