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Newburgh Flying Purple Pilsner Eater

Pilsner · 5.5% · 15.0 IBU

An adjunct lager brewed with peruvian purple corn; yep, its purple.

Newburgh Rodeo Frown

Saison · 5.1% · 25.0 IBU

Dry Hopped with Hallertau Mittelfruh, Glacier, and Centennial hops | Citrus Summer in a Glass

Newburgh NanoBoss: Hoppy Session Ale

American Pale Ale · 4.2%

Sessionable ale with big hop flavors of tropical fruit; junior version of our MegaBoss IPA.

Newburgh Megaboss IPA

IPA · 7.0% · 45.0 IBU

A rich pineapple & tropical fruit aroma, with a flavor profile that very much follows that aromatic start, concluding with a lemon & herbal hop finish.

Newburgh Rodeo #2

Saison · 7.5%

Saison Fermented with Belgian Saison Yeast & Brettanomyces.

Newburgh Bourbon Barrel Brown Ale

Brown Ale · 5.0%

After 6 months of aging, we now present our Bourbon Barrel Aged Brown Ale – all the great things about our Brown Ale, with the added bonus of delicious notes.

Newburgh Checkpoint Charlie

Berliner Weisse · 3.0%

Light, tart, and refreshing - a traditional Berliner Weisse

Newburgh GigaBoss Double IPA

Double IPA · 9.5% · 60.0 IBU

Double IPA full of tropical fruit hop aroma and flavor

Newburgh Brown Ale

Brown Ale · 4.2%

The flavor is dominated by malty sweetness and gentle hints of chocolate and toffee.

Newburgh Cream Ale

Cream Ale · 4.2%

Light, easy-drinking traditional interpretation of a New York Cream Ale