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Gun Hill Rendezvous

Belgian Ale · 4.5%

Belgian Table Beer. Free rise fermented with an expressive Saison yeast strain and brewed with pilsner and spelt malt. Addition of floral and lime zesty NZ Motueka hops.

Gun Hill Home Brew Hero Key Lime Gose

Gose · 6.0%

We couldn't wait to have Alex Kalaf, the winner of our house homebrew competition, over to brew his mouth-watering recipe. Kettle soured an extra couple of days, this one is popping with layered acidity, and bright, fruity lime. A light pie crust malt character and faint wisps of pie spice, finished by a subdued salinity. Custard captured in liquid formation.

Gun Hill E. Pluribus Lupulin 8: Genius Loci

Double IPA · 9.3%

Notes of melon and a smooth blend of OJ and malt sweetness (sticklebract, Chinook, citra, and amarillo hops).

Gun Hill HandBall

Premium Lager · 4.9%

Gun Hill Ritual Union

Berliner Weisse · 3.8%

Hops: DE Huell Melon Dry Bean Coffee: Cafe Buunni Yirgacheffe Lt. Roast This reciprocating recipe blends the best brews on the planet in a most unfamiliar way. A cold-steeped, kettle-soured union that is bright, and funky, with a puckering acidity. Earthy and floral coffee aromas intertwine with a salivary activating overripe lemon and tart pineapple aroma. A cereal finish of puffed corn and cream of wheat. Coffee. Beer. Repeat.

Gun Hill Sure Shot IPL

India Pale Lager (IPL) · 6.1%

Flavors follow, citrus medley and peach. Light, dusty cinnamon-like bitterness on the finish.

Gun Hill Chain of Command

IPA · 7.5%

East Coast styled IPA

Gun Hill Maple Bacon Void of Light

Imperial Stout · 11.0%

Flavors of hickory smoke, bittersweet and syrupy chocolate, and a savory finish.

Gun Hill Freeman's Farmhouse on Peaches & Brett

Saison · 8.5%

All NYS Spelt Saison aged on Long Island Peaches and Brett for 8 months, then keg conditioned for another 6 months.

Gun Hill Kraftwerk Kolsch

Kolsch · 4.8%

Mathematical Malt Rhythmic Hops light fruity sweetness from fermentation. Malt has a very light bready or honey quality. medium-low to medium bitterness floral, spicy, or herbal character. light mineral character that accentuates the dryness

Gun Hill E. Pluribus Lupulin 7: Vox Populi

Double IPA · 9.3%

Gun Hill Velvet Royale

Milk Stout · 5.1%

Gun Hill Roll Call: EC6

IPA · 7.5%

Galaxy,Simcoe cryo and Mosaic cryo hops.

Stream of Consciousness

Sour Ale · 6.4%

We conjured a puckerific concoction with our cohorts at Rockaway Brewing Co. Kettle souring creates a sweet-tart, lemon curd tartness. Lychee puree and prickly pear tunas add layers of fruit acidity, while lactose and oats add viscosity. Copious additions of Galaxy and El Dorado hops dispense strawberry, cotton candy, and mojito soaked mint flavors

Gun Hill Divided Sky IPA

IPA · 7.0%

Two different dry hop additions billow tropical fruit, succulent citrus, and herbal aromas. Juicy mango, pineapple, along with zesty grapefruit, and herbaceous pine rain on the tongue. A delicately sweet malt character culminates with fruity yeast esters to intensify hop bliss in this lupulin lovers delight! Best drink fresh! Hops: Centennial, Citra, Mosaic, NY Cascade

Gun Hill Citra Sour Soft Serve

Sour Ale · 3.6%

Kettle Hops: Citra Dry Hops: Citra, Centennial A salivary gland surge! Subtly sweet and sour, dripping with hop derived fruit flavors of soft pineapple, overripe passion fruit, and zippy grapefruit. Brewed with unmalted wheat and lactose. Best drink fresh!

Gun Hill Spirit 76 Pilsner

Pilsner · 4.5%

American Pilsner brewed with New York state grown malt and Liberty and Saphir hops for a floral and herbal aroma, with subtle spicy hop notes.

Gun Hill Spirit of '76

Pilsner · 4.8%

A gold-colored, light-bodied German-style beer with crisp, floral hop aroma.

Gun Hill Mosaic Soft Serve

Session IPA · 3.0%

Mostly Mosiac hops with a swirl of Centennial, all late, and heavy dry hop additions.

Gun Hill Hessian in Paradise

Berliner Weisse · 3.8%

Our base berliner with fresh Key Lime's added!

Gun Hill Freeman's Farmhouse

Saison · 7.7%

Pilsner & Spelt run deep, rich flavors of fresh baked multigrain bread and chestnut. A traditional Saison yeast from Tourpes pushes pepper, citrus,& bubble gum.

Gun Hill Rise Up Rye

Saison · 4.8%

Brewed with NY grown rye malts, and single hopped with NZ Wai-Iti hops. Soft fruity aroma with notes of clove and stone fruit flavors such as peach and apricot.

Gun Hill Barrel Aged Void of Light

Stout · 8.2%

This award winning Foreign/ Export -style stout has been aged for 6 months in 3 different type of oak barrels (Rye Whiskey, Rum & Port Morris Distillery Anejo).

Gun Hill Void of Light

Foreign Stout · 8.1%

The pitch-black color and cocoa-espresso aroma & flavor are derived from roasted barley while the complexity is enhanced by the strength of this foreign-style.

Gun Hill IPA

IPA · 6.5% · 66.0 IBU

Our standard issue IPA connects a crisp malt character with a fruit juicy hop quorum. Cascade hops partner up with Eukanot and Summit. Aromas of orange, papaya, and pineapple entice. Ripe grapefruit and forest pine flavors ensue, followed by an herbal earthy finish. Hops: Cascade, Eukanot, Summit

Gun Hill Gold

Blond Ale · 4.7%

With the soft aroma of bread and spice, smooth texture, and the generous use of Mt. Hood hops, this golden ale was brewed to refresh.