Build a better beer menu to increase average check size by $12

The data is clear: beer drinkers are willing to spend more on craft beer. Start selling more craft by providing customers a great beer menu.

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Compared to when we didn't use BeerMenus print menus, our average check size has gone up by more than $10—from $15 to $27. It happened almost instantly.

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Brittany Saxon

Six Hundred Downtown in Bellefontaine, OH

In a recent study, IRI, a beverage industry research firm based in Chicago, dug into beer drinker habits.

The most interesting piece of information: customers are willing to spend about 60% more for craft beer than they are for domestic beer.

The takehome for bars and restaurants is this: the fastest way to increase sales isn’t selling more beer, it's selling more craft beer.

But how can you unlock more craft beer sales?

The answer is simple: provide your customers a great beer menu that makes it easy for them to order craft beer.

How do we know this strategy works? We’ve spoken with our customers, who’ve seen average check sizes increase by $12 and total weekend beer sales increase by thousands of dollars, just by improving their print menus.

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So what makes a great beer menu? Three things:


It includes beer descriptions and beer information for all the beers you offer, including your rotating taps.


It’s organized and designed to steer customers to the right beer for them.


It's up-to-date.


If you provide a menu like this, you’ll:

  • Eliminate customers’ anxiety about choosing a craft beer by describing the beers accurately.
  • Educate customers so they choose the right craft beer right off the bat, making them more likely to choose a craft beer for their second round.
  • Get customers to their first sip of craft beer faster, which gets them to their second craft beer faster, pushing up your average check size.
  • Provide customers a great craft beer experience so they come back again and again.

So you know: You can use BeerMenus to create all your menus, not just your beer menus.

Of course, creating a menu like this on your own isn’t easy.

Craft beers rotate almost every day. Descriptions and beer information (ABV, etc.) are hard to find. Designing and organizing a menu that changes so often takes a ton of time.

Because time is something business owners and managers don’t have a ton of, they often struggle with their beer menu. As a result, their menus:

  • Don’t have beer descriptions.
  • Say “ask your server about rotating taps” instead of listing their taps.
  • Have misspellings or incorrect beer information.
  • Are out-of-date.

Put yourself in the shoes of a customer: why would you take a risk and order a craft beer if that’s how it was presented?

Now imagine a different world. Imagine a world where a great beer menu takes just a couple minutes to create and print. Imagine a world where you can update and print your customized beer menu with complete, accurate beer descriptions in just three clicks, meaning you can always provide customers an up-to-date menu.

Imagine a world where you could start increasing every single one of your checks by $12, and do so in less than 5 minutes.

With menus from BeerMenus, the amount of time customers save in the ordering process is enormous. At a high volume bar like ours, that works out to thousands of dollars on a Friday or Saturday night.

David Hayden

Up-Down in Kansas City, MO (and 5 other locations)

We’ve got you covered.

We’ve got 220,000+ beers (with descriptions!) in our beer database, which we’ve been building since 2008. Start typing the name of the beer, select it, and you’ll automatically pull all the information over to your beer menu, including those all-important beer descriptions.

We’ll design your menu as well—choose from a series of popular, professionally designed themes, or work with us to create a totally custom menu.

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Quickly add beers to your menu with the help of our huge beer database.

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Use our design themes to easily change the feel of your menu.

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Once you're happy with your new beer menu, push print and you're done!

And here’s the best part: BeerMenus is no-risk. Your first experience with BeerMenus is a totally free 14 day trial.

No funny business with having to input your credit card ahead of time, no expectation of commitment. We’ll even design your menu during your trial. You simply have a full two weeks to decide whether BeerMenus is right for your business and track if your craft beer sales (and check sizes 😃) begin to increase.

After your trial ends, you can keep using your print beer menu by upgrading to BeerMenus Pro for $49 month-to-month (no contract) or less if you structure your membership annually. Regardless, your upgrade comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and our support team is here to help you every step of the way.

And if you decide you don’t want to use our print menus, you can always use our free basic page to list your beers on BeerMenus so that locals can find you.

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Create all your menus with BeerMenus

You can use BeerMenus to create all of your menus:

  • beer menu (of course!)
  • wine menu
  • cocktail menu
  • spirits menu
  • food menu

You can include t-shirts, hats, other merch, and gift cards on your menu, too!

Create a single menu document that includes all your menu items (e.g. a “drink menu” that includes all your drinks), or create separate menu documents for each menu (e.g. a separate beer menu, wine list, cocktail menu, food menu, etc.).

There’s no extra charge for adding other kinds of menu items, and our support team can help you every step of the way.

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