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    NEW: Provide a touchless QR menu.

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Compared to when we didn't use BeerMenus print menus, our average check size has gone up by more than $10—from $15 to $27. It happened almost instantly.

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Brittany Saxon

Six Hundred Downtown in Bellefontaine, OH

Example Menus

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How it works

Creating your menu is a simple 3-step process.


Quickly add beers to your menu from our huge beer database (>230,000 beers).

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Use our design themes to easily change the feel of your menu and make settings adjustments.

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You're done—now just push print!

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This beer menu sets you up for success for 3 reasons:

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It includes beer descriptions and beer information for all the beers you offer, including your rotating taps.


It’s organized and designed for customers to quickly and easily find the right beer for them.


It's up-to-date.

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With this menu you’ll:

  • Educate customers so they choose the right beer, making them more likely to choose a craft beer for their second round.
  • Get customers to their first sip of craft beer faster. That gets them to their second craft beer faster, pushing up your average check size.
  • Provide customers a great craft beer experience so they come back again and again.

(And just so you know—you can use BeerMenus to create all your menus, not just your beer menu.)

New: Provide a touchless QR code menu that boosts check size

Qr menus

Provide an experience that's both safe—customers only touch their own phones—and informative: our QR Menus automatically include beer descriptions and relevant beer info.

How QR Menus work

Step 1: Print your QR code and place it on tables, on your bar, by the entrance, etc.

Step 2: Customers open their phone's camera app and point it at the code.

Step 3: They’re taken to your customized QR Menu.

About QR Menus

  • Easy to create: generate your QR code with one click.

  • 📲

    Easy to update: update your menu on BeerMenus on your phone/computer and your QR Menu instantly updates.

  • 💰

    Increase check size: help customers order faster with auto-populating beer descriptions (learn how).

  • 🎨

    Customized: make your QR Menu unique to your business.

  • 🍔

    Include all menu items: beer, wine, cocktails, food, merch, gift cards, etc.

Learn more about QR menus

Use BeerMenus to create your food, wine, cocktail, and spirits menus

Wine snacks menu

You can use BeerMenus to create all of your menus:

  • beer menu (of course!)
  • wine menu
  • cocktail menu
  • spirits menu
  • food menu

You can include t-shirts, hats, other merch, and gift cards on your menu, too!

There’s no extra charge for adding other kinds of menu items, and our support team can help you every step of the way.

With menus from BeerMenus, the amount of time customers save in the ordering process is enormous. At a high volume bar like ours, that works out to thousands of dollars on a Friday or Saturday night.

David Hayden

Up-Down in Kansas City, MO (and 5 other locations)

And here’s the best part: BeerMenus is no-risk. Your first experience with BeerMenus is a totally free 14 day trial.

No funny business with having to input your credit card ahead of time, no expectation of commitment. We’ll even design your menu during your trial. You simply have a full two weeks to decide whether BeerMenus is right for your business and track if your craft beer sales (and check sizes 😃) begin to increase.

After your trial ends, you can keep using your print beer menu by upgrading to BeerMenus Pro for $49 month-to-month (no contract) or less if you structure your membership annually. Regardless, your upgrade comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and our support team is here to help you every step of the way.

And if you decide you don’t want to use our print menus, you can always use our free basic page to list your beers on BeerMenus so that locals can find you.

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