Researching the top Oktoberfest beers this year? Here are the most searched and top-rated Oktoberfest beers this year.


The beers that keep showing up as most searched and highest rated this year are the Ayinger Oktoberfest and Great Lakes Oktoberfest.

Most Searched on BeerMenus

  1. Sam Adams Octoberfest

  2. Spaten Oktoberfest

  3. Paulaner Oktoberfest

  4. Yuengling Oktoberfest

  5. Hofbrau Oktoberfest

  6. Ayinger Oktoberfest

  7. Hacker Pschorr Oktoberfest

  8. Becks Oktoberfest

  9. Great Lakes Oktoberfest

  10. Altenmunster Oktoberfest

Top Rated Oktoberfest Beers


  1. Augustiner Bräu Märzen Bier

  2. Surly SurlyFest

  3. Olde Mecklenburg Brewery Mecktoberfest

  4. Ramstein Oktoberfest

  5. Great Lakes Oktoberfest

  6. Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest - Mahrs Bräu Collaboration

  7. Staghorn Octoberfest

  8. Ayinger Oktober Fest-Märzen

  9. Spezial Rauchbier Märzen

  10. Berkshire Oktoberfest Lager


  1. Heater Allen Bobtoberfest

  2. Ayinger Oktober Fest-Märzen

  3. Dark Horse Octoberfest

  4. Free State Octoberfest

  5. Surly SurlyFest

  6. Sweetwater Dank Tank Danktoberfest

  7. Fair State Festbier

  8. Sierra Nevada / Mahrs Bräu Oktoberfest (2016)

  9. Oersoep Oktoberfest

  10. Ängö Oktoberfestlig Ängöl Märzen

Food Pairings

Ayinger Oktoberfest Märzen + Roast Pork Loin
This toasty, malt-forward beer brings out the rich browned flavor and subtle sweetness of the pork.

Firestone Walker Oaktoberfest + Carnitas Tacos
Perfectly balanced, the sweet malt of this full-bodied lager complements the pork while the hops mingle with the spice of the peppers and cilantro.

Avery The Kaiser Imperial Oktoberfest + Smoked Beef Ribs
The spice of the hops and higher alcohol content of this Imperial Oktoberfest counters the fat of the ribs, while the toasted malt marries well with the smokey flavor.

Hofbrau Oktoberfest + Soft Pretzels with Spicy Mustard
Opt for this authentic Munich beer - created specifically for Oktoberfest - with its classic pairing.

Victory Festbier + Pizza
The acidity in the pizza’s tomato sauce cuts the slightly sweet, smooth Marzen/Oktoberfest-style brew.

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