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Create a digital beer menu with one click

Last updated March 06, 2024 · By Dylan Blake

Digital beer menus are attention-grabbing, easy for customers to read, and way easier to manage than the old fashioned chalkboard. This makes life easier for your bartenders and makes the entire ordering process more efficient, which drives a significant increase in beverage sales.

But questions abound: how do I create a digital beer menu? How can I get it onto a TV? And can I update it in real-time?

TV Menus from BeerMenus make it extremely easy.

Create a print beer menu with one click

Last updated March 14, 2024 · By Dylan Blake

You know the scene. A keg kicks and your heart drops: you have to update your beer menu.

What comes next goes something like this: you go to the office computer and head to Google to find the new beer's description. You search and search, finally find a description you like, then copy and paste it into your Adobe, Canva, Word, or Google Docs menu document. You're done...except now the formatting is screwed up. You fiddle with it until it's finally ready. You push print and take a deep breath.

You're done.

Until you have to do the exact same thing the next day.

It doesn't have to be that way! Read on to learn how to create a professional beer menu template that automatically includes beer descriptions.

10 best beer menu board designs of 2023

Last updated March 02, 2023 · By Dylan Blake

This year we've helped bars, restaurants, and breweries from Alaska to New York showcase their craft beer tap list in just about every way possible, from modern to sleek to chalkboard-inspired.

In this article we highlight the 10 best digital menu board designs we made this year. Enjoy!