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Bar owner: How to make local government work for you and the industry

Last updated January 25, 2024 · By Dylan Blake

Last week Megan Rickerson of Someday Bar spoke about how she first got involved in advocacy for the hospitality industry. (Spoiler: Covid kicked it off.)

This week Megan covers the next step of her evolution: getting involved in local politics, an effort which has now landed her on the executive board of the NYC Hospitality Alliance and a part of the NYC Mayor's Small Business Council.

Create a digital beer menu with one click

Last updated July 13, 2023 · By Eric Stephens

Digital beer menus are attention-grabbing and easy for customers to read. This makes life easier for your bartenders and makes the entire ordering process more efficient, which drives a significant increase in beverage sales.

But questions abound: how do I even create a digital beer menu? How can I actually get it onto a TV? And how can I avoid going through a whole updating rigmarole every time I kick a keg?

TV Menus from BeerMenus make it extremely easy.