Providing an organized, easy-to-read print beer menu is a great way to ensure your customers spend time drinking beer instead of struggling to decide which to order.

Since 2009 we've been helping craft beer businesses create top notch printed beer menus—read on to learn how to make a fantastic-looking print menu with just one-click!

🚀 Jump Start—I'm ready to make my menu now!

Print Beer Menu Just one example print menu from our pals at Toronado in San Francisco—see many more examples below!

Contents & shortcuts

How does the print menu work?

It's super easy. Just create a BeerMenus account for your business and add your beers (and your other beverages, if you'd like) to your menu. Adjust the settings to make sure it's ship shape, and you're ready to roll!

Anytime your beer menu changes, just update on BeerMenus. Your print menu will automatically update and all you need to do is push print to have your an awesome menu, ready for service:

Bad Daddys
Get a menu this well-designed, printable in just a couple clicks.

What beer information is included on a BeerMenus print menu?

All the beer information you need. Here's what we automatically include on your print menu:

  • Beer name
  • Beer description
  • ABV
  • Beer style
  • Brewery location
  • information on print menu
    The information that's included on your print menu.

    If you don't want to include some piece of information (e.g. no descriptions in order to save space on your menu) you can easily take care of that in your print menu settings.

    đź’ˇ So you know: Our ever-growing beer database contains more than 250,000 different beers, so if you're adding it to your menu, it'll be there. And if for some reason it isn't, you can add a beer to the database (and your menu) in just a couple clicks.

    Menu customization

    The world is basically your oyster here—we design each menu from scratch so that you get the polished design you need to remain consistent with your brand.

    Here's a short list of what's customizable on our print menus:

  • Header (add your logo, text, QR code, etc.)
  • Font (choose size and style—we can add your fonts to our font database)
  • Orientation (portrait vs. landscape)
  • Menu section names (e.g. "Personal Favorites," "New York Beers," etc.)
  • Organized your way (alphabetical, tap numbers, by style, etc.)
  • Number of columns
  • There's a lot you can accomplish on your own—you can get started on BeerMenus and have an awesome print menu in minutes, without ever talking to us.

    But we can also take care of it for you—all you need to do is schedule a call.

    This is the best route if you have a particular menu design in mind—we can roll up our sleeves, match what you're looking for, and have it back to you the very next business day. 🛠️

    đź’ˇ So you know, when you have a conversation with us it's only that: a conversation. There's no commitment and we won't hound you like a lot of other businesses out there. We obey the golden rule.

    Make your menu in 5 minutes: step-by-step

    Ready to get rolling? Great! Use these simple steps to print your menu in less than ten minutes.

    Step 1: Add your business to BeerMenus.

    Step 2: Add your current beer list to your BeerMenus page (we can help you out with that—just email your list to

    Step 3: Scroll down to the Print Menus section. Click the "Customize" button next to "Preview & print."


    Step 4: Use the settings on this page to customize your menu template. You can:

    • Name your menu template (this is helpful if you're planning on having separate menus for taps vs. cans and bottles vs. wines, etc.).
    • Add a customized menu header.
    • Add information about happy hours, social media accounts, specials, and upcoming events.
    • Adjust fonts.
    • Adjust font sizes.
    • Organize beers by style, alphabetically, or by tap number.
    • Use one, two, or three columns.
    • Choose between portrait and landscape layout.

    Step 5: Scroll to the bottom of the settings page and click "Update." This will save your changes and launch your PDF print menu. It will look like this:


    Step 6: If you're happy with your menu, push print and start using it! 🚀

    If you want to make some changes, just hit the "back" button and repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have your settings aligned to your liking!

    Menu examples

    Below you'll find a few recent menus folks have made with BeerMenus. If you like one of the designs and want to see it in action at your business, just send us an email at and tell us which one you like.

    Pies & Pints
    Custom two column design with no descriptions to fit more beers on one page.

    Gnarly Barley
    Straightforward single column design with custom fonts.

    Prison City
    Subtle single column design.

    Single column design with QR code.

    Customized menu headers

    Because your menu header is an image file, you have a ton of flexibility to design, brand, and message anything you'd like—you just have to create an image file.

    We've designed and implemented thousands of menu header images over the years, so we'd be happy to take a pass for you—if you'd like our help, just schedule a 5-minute print menu consultation.

    Of course, if you've got some graphic design skills and want to take a crack yourself, go for it! You can learn more about creating banner images on your print menu settings page (see step 3 in the "Make your menu today" section).

    Here are some menu headers we recently designed:

    header 1

    header 2

    header 3

    I've got a menu design I want—can BeerMenus match it?

    You bet!

    Once your share the menu design you'd like to match, our awesome designers migrate the design over to a menu profile on After that, whenever you update your beer list on BeerMenus, your print menu will automatically update, meaning all you have to do is click "print."

    Want us to take a design pass at your menu? Email your menu file (jpeg, png, pdf—whatever's easiest for you) to with subject line "menu match."

    We'll get your design back to you the next business day.

    We do this for a lot of folks, including Bad Daddy's Burger Bar, a national chain. They loved their design (with good reason) but whenever a beer changed they'd have to rope in their graphic designer, manually update the digital menu file, then send it off to a printer. They reached out to us because they wanted to maintain their high quality design but implement a far simpler menu updating process that could be done right at the store's office.

    Here's the original menu template that they sent over:

    old Bad Daddy's

    They asked us to match that design (and make a few tweaks, e.g. transition to black and white). By the next business day we created this menu for them:

    Bad Daddy's

    They're now printing menus just like this right at the store level.

    Want us to match your menu? Schedule a 5-minute print menu consultation to get rolling!

    What about wines, cocktails, and spirits?

    They're welcome, too! Lots of businesses use BeerMenus to create menus for their full beverage program: wine, cocktails, spirits, N/A can use BeerMenus to list all your beverages!

    Here's an example:

    other beverages

    Who is BeerMenus?

    We're a group of beer loving folks who've been connecting bars, restaurants, beer stores, and breweries with great bee to beer lovers across the world. We've been doing that since 2009 and aren't stopping anytime soon.

    If you want to read more about how and why we got started, check out our founding story.