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Last updated July 01, 2020 · By Dylan Blake

You know the scene well. A keg kicks and your heart drops: now you have to update your beer menu.

What comes next goes something like this: you go to the office computer and head to Google to find the new beer's description. You search and search, finally find a description you like, then copy and paste it into your menu document. You're done...except now the formatting is screwed up. You fiddle with it until it's finally ready. You push print and take a deep breath.

You're done.

Until you have to do the exact same thing the next day.

It doesn't have to be that way! Read on to learn how to create a professional, customized beer menu template that you can update and print with just one click.

🚀 I'm ready to make my beer menu now!

Create your beer menu in under 5 minutes.

Print Beer Menu
Just one example print menu from our pals at Toronado in San Francisco—see many more examples below!

How does the BeerMenus Print Menu work?

Anytime you need to update your beer menu, just head to your page on BeerMenus. Remove the beer that's gone, then add your new beer.

By doing that, you send a command to our beer database to retrieve all the information about the new beer—its description, ABV, style, where it's from, etc.—and we automatically publish all of it to your beer menu template.

At that point all you need to do is push print—your menu's ready for your guests!

Here's a video of how it works:

💡 This process works because of our gigantic beer database of over 250,000 beers. All beers in the database include a description as well as all other relevant beer info, so anytime you add a new beer to your BeerMenus page, all that info gets pulled over to your beer menu template.

Bad Daddys
Get a menu this well-designed, printable in just one click.

What beer information is included on a BeerMenus Print Menu?

All the beer information you need. Here's what we automatically include on your beer menu:

  • Beer name
  • Beer description
  • ABV
  • Beer style
  • Brewery location
Information on print menu
The information that's included on your print menu.

If you don't want to include some piece of information (e.g. no descriptions in order to save space on your menu) you can easily take care of that in your Print Menu settings.

💡 So you know: Our ever-growing beer database contains more than 250,000 different beers, so if you're adding it to your menu, it'll be there. And if for some reason it isn't, you can add a beer to the database (and thus to your beer menu) in just a couple clicks.

Can I customize my beer menu template?


The level of menu customization is completely based on what you need for your business—we can design a menu for you from scratch (free of charge!) or you can design your menu yourself, taking advantage of one of our professionally designed menu themes:

Beer menu template themes
There are many professionally designed themes you can choose from.

Regardless of whether you want to design your own menu, you'd like us to design one for you (again, free of charge!), or some combination of the two, there are a ton of things you can customize on your BeerMenus Print Menu. Here are a few:

  • Header: add your logo, text, QR code, etc.
  • Font: choose size and style—we can add your fonts to our font database
  • Orientation: portrait vs. landscape
  • Menu section names: e.g. "Personal Favorites," "New York Beers," etc.
  • Organization: alphabetical, tap numbers, by style, etc.
  • Number of columns: 1, 2, or 3 columns

If you want to design your menu yourself, just get started below, choose your theme, and get off to the races!

If you'd like us to design your menu from scratch, just schedule a call with one of our design wizards or witches.

This is the best route if you have a particular menu design in mind—we can roll up our sleeves, match what you're looking for, and have it back to you the very next business day. 🛠️

💡 So you know, when you have a conversation with us it's only that: a conversation. There's no commitment and we won't hound you like a lot of other businesses out there. We obey the golden rule.

Make your menu in 5 minutes: step-by-step

Ready to get rolling? Great! Use these simple steps to print your beer menu in less than 10 minutes.

Step 1: Add your business to BeerMenus:

Step 2: Design your beer menu template

As soon as you get started on BeerMenus, you'll be brought to your Print Menu settings page, where you can preview your beer menu template:

Beer menu template preview
The first view of your menu settings page.

In order to help you design your menu right away, we'll automatically provide you a selection of sample menu items. These free you to hone in on design without having to add your beers first.

Start by selecting from one of our 5 professionally designed menu themes. After that, move through the rest of the settings along the lefthand side of the page to tweak your menu as you'd like it.

Beer menu template themes
Choose your menu theme along the left side of your settings page, then move through the rest of your settings.

Step 3: Add your beers to your BeerMenus page

After you're happy with your menu design, navigate to your update menu page by clicking "Update menu items" in the upper left hand corner:

Link to update menu

Once you're on your update menu page, just add your beers to your page (this takes 10-15 seconds per beer):

Add beers to menu
Just start typing the name of the beer you'd like to add. Select it from the dropdown and click "Add to menu."

Note: We'd be thrilled to add your beers for you! Just send an email to with your beer list. (Oh, and please be sure to include your business name as well!)

Step 4: Return to your Print Menu settings/preview page

Beneath the blue "Add item to menu" button you'll see the name of the beer menu template you just created. Click "Edit" on the right side:

Preview beer menu template

This will bring you back to your Print Menu settings/preview page. You're doing this quick check to make sure your design turned out the way you wanted. If you need to make a few tweaks, use those settings along the left hand side of the page.

Once your menu looks good, you're ready for step 5:

Step 5: Push print and start using your Print Menu! 🚀

Click the "Print" button in the bottom lefthand corner of the screen. This loads up a full PDF, which you can print just like you would anything else.

print beer menu template

Menu examples

Below you'll find a few recent menus folks have made with BeerMenus. If you like one of the designs and want to see it in action at your business, just send us an email at and tell us which one you like.

Beer menu template 1
Custom two column design with no descriptions to fit more beers on one page.
Beer menu template 2
Custom tap and bottles/cans menu with watermark.
Beer menu template 3
Theme-based design with custom color and header.
Beer menu template 4
Theme-based design with custom header that advertises happy hour.
Beer menu template 5
Custom tap design with vertical "header."
Beer menu template 6
Straightforward single column design with custom fonts.
Beer menu template 7
Subtle single column design.
Beer menu template 8
Single column design with QR code.

🚀 I'm ready to make my beer menu now!

Create your beer menu in under 5 minutes.

Customized menu headers

Because your menu header is an image file, you have a ton of flexibility to design, brand, and message anything you'd like—you just have to create an image file.

We've designed and implemented thousands of menu header images over the years, so we'd be happy to take a pass for you—if you'd like our help, just schedule a 5-minute Print Menu consultation.

Of course, if you've got some graphic design skills and want to take a crack yourself, go for it! You can learn more about creating custom header images on your print menu settings page (see step 2 in the "Make your menu in 5 minutes: step-by-step" section).

Here are some menu headers we recently designed:

header 2
header 3

I've got a menu design I want—can BeerMenus match it?

You bet!

Once you share the menu design you'd like to match, our awesome designers migrate the template design over to your business page on BeerMenus. After that, whenever you update your beer list on BeerMenus, your Print Menu will automatically update, meaning all you have to do is click the "print" button.

Want us to take a design pass at your menu? Email your menu file (jpeg, png, pdf—whatever's easiest for you) to with subject line "menu match."

We'll get your design back to you the next business day.

We do this for a lot of folks, including Bad Daddy's Burger Bar, a national chain. They loved their beer menu design (with good reason) but whenever a beer changed they'd have to rope in their graphic designer, manually update the digital menu file, then send it off to a printer. They reached out to us because they wanted to maintain their high quality design but implement a far simpler menu updating process that could be done right at each location.

Here's the original menu template that they sent over:

old Bad Daddy's

They asked us to match that design (and make a few tweaks, e.g. transition to black and white). By the next business day we created this menu for them:

Bad Daddy's

They're now printing menus just like this right at the store level.

Want us to match your menu? Schedule a 5-minute print menu consultation to get rolling!

What about wines, cocktails, spirits, and food?

You can create all your menus on BeerMenus, including your wine, cocktails, spirits, and food menus. Just add them to your BeerMenus business page.

You can find step-by-step instructions for adding non beer items in this help doc.

💡 So you know, we handle our wines and spirits like we do our beers: with their own separate databases. So, just like the beers in our beer database, every wine and spirit includes description, ABV, and other info (e.g. where it's produced). That means you can pull all that information over to your wine and spirits menus just as easily as you do on your beer menu.

Here's an example:

other beverages

Touchless QR code menus

In response to COVID-19, we also offer customizable touchless QR Menus.

These are safe for customers and your staff, and also provide you a ton of menu flexibility, since you no longer have to worry about fitting your menu items on a certain number of pages.

Simply print off your unique QR code from your BeerMenus page. There are 3 different designs to choose from. Here's one example:

QR code menu

Post the code on your tables, bartop, in front of the urinal, etc. Your customers can simply open up the camera app on their phones and point it at the code to see your menu.

And the menu they're brought to is designed and built specifically for this purpose. It's unique, it's customizable, and you can include all your menus (including your food) in this one place, all of it accessible

Here's the default theme we use:

QR code menu

But we can also customize it to your business:

QR code menu

Learn more about QR Menus or get started on your QR Menu now:

Who is BeerMenus?

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If you want to read more about how and why we got started, check out our founding story.


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