Eric Stephens

Co-Founder & CEO

Eric lives in Philadelphia with his wife and three daughters. He enjoys running and often goes out of his way (and drags his family along) to find his next great beer.

Most Recent Must-try Beers

Great Notion + Lowercase Dry Hopped American Pilsener

Grimm Psychadelic Gardener

Dylan Blake

Head of Marketing

Dylan lives with his wife in Madison, WI. He's an outdoorsman who loves honesty, whether we're talking marketing or fishing tips.

Most Recent Must-try Beers

Half Acre WAND

Jack Pine Fenceline

Rex Craft

Lead Account Manager

Brooklyn local, CT native. Likes: NE IPAs, nature documentaries, music your Dad listens to, 'Gansetts. Dislikes: negative people, beets.

Most Recent Must-try Beers

LIC Pile Of Crowns

Trillium Mettle

Nicki Cherry


Artist & designer based in Queens, NY. Lover of all things sour & fermented.

Most Recent Must-try Beers

Off Color Wildings

Marz Jungle Boogie

Joe Masilotti


Joe is a digital nomad who loves clean code, craft beer, and chicken sandwiches.

Most Recent Must-try Beers

Mikkeller NYC NYC Subway Mosaic IPA

Lawson's Finest Sip of Sunshine