Craft beer is here for the long haul. So are we. As we come to the many crossroads and challenges that inevitably lie ahead, we'll turn to our core values to guide our decisions.

These values led us to create BeerMenus in the first place, and they still course through BeerMenus HQ. They guide us, and they also function as our promise to those we serve, from craft beer fans to the amazing craft beer bars, restaurants, bottle shops, and breweries across the globe:


Everyone who wants to participate in the craft beer community should be able to. This is why we don't bar entry with a pay-to-play retailer plan.


BeerMenus is our labor of love. No investors call the shots. We're not waiting around for a cashout. We're not going anywhere, and neither is our vision of BeerMenus.


Whether you’re looking to find great beer or you sell it, you’re here because you believe in craftsmanship. So do we. BeerMenus was built with our own sweat, tears, and calloused fingers.

Fair and honest business practices

We believe business relationships should be built on a solid, trusting base. We’ll never engage in opaque pricing or disingenuous wheeling and dealing. We’re proud to treat everyone fairly.

Enjoying the hell out of life

We work our asses off, but life is meant to be enjoyed. Family, friends, and life come before work.

As BeerMenus approaches its eleventh, twelfth (and beyond) birthdays, expect nothing different: we'll be here, and whether you're drinking, selling, or making great beer, it'll be awesome to see all of you.

— The BeerMenus Team