We created a way to browse and search beer menus so you never have to wonder where to find your favorite beers.

Our Story

Eric and Will homebrewing back in the day.

In late 2008, Brothers Will and Eric were drinking beers and debating their favorites before heading out for the night. Eric backed Arrogant Bastard and Will was pushing Dogfish Head 90 Minute. They searched for a bar serving their favorite beers on google. They came up empty handed, but their disappointment faded when they saw their destiny.

As avid beer lovers who started homebrewing at ages 4 and 7, they had to create a website where people could browse and search beer menus. Today BeerMenus.com has 40268 Beer Menus, including 206838 Beers.

How You Can Help

Whenever you go to a business you found on BeerMenus, let them know! Many businesses are realizing how many people find them through BeerMenus, and it provides a lot of motivation for them to keep their beer menus up to date.

If your favorite bar, restaurant, or beer store isn't on BeerMenus, encourage them to get on board.

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