How an awesome beer menu can save you hours each week

Last updated February 07, 2020 · By Dylan Blake

Well, my cook didn’t show up so I had to cook, then my bartender was sick the next two days so I had to bartend/serve, then I went on a much needed 4 day break away and now I am back trying to catch up with all that didn’t get done before I left and since I left. Not to mention my other cook now has not showed up...

Sound familiar?

In a world where that's your reality—which is a world you live in every day—how could you possibly have time to make a better beer menu? There's way, way, way too much to do to spend time on that.

But making your beer menu doesn't have to be a timesuck!

Read on to learn how to make your beer menu updates take minutes instead of hours, all while having a professional-looking menu template.

🚀 I'm ready to to save time on my beer menu!

Create your beer menu in under 5 minutes.

The old narrative: your beer menu just takes a lot of time and effort

Common knowledge used to go like this: if you’re going to run a rotational beer program, then you’re going to spend a lot of time maintaining your beer menu. That’s just the way it goes.

But the real time suck isn’t this mysterious thing called your "beer menu." The time suck is a single piece in the menu updating process: it's writing or tracking down beer descriptions and beer information for the beers on your menu.

You spend time Googling for beer descriptions, ABV, etc., then copy and paste all that into your menu document:

Googling a beer description

Or you spend time crafting your own beer descriptions:

Typing a beer description

Regardless, if you’re rotating through even a few beers per week, that time adds up. If you’re rotating through a lot of beers, you could be spending hours on finding, copying, and pasting beer information each week.

That's not how you want to spend your time.

"Why don't you just skip beer descriptions?" someone might say.

But you can't do that—you're proud of your beer program, and you need a menu that shows it. Including beer descriptions is an essential part of expressing that pride and signaling to your customers that you care about your beers.

And including beer descriptions is more than just a signal—it's a revenue driver. Our customers have found that including beer descriptions on your beer menu can increase average check size by $12.

The solution: a database of beer descriptions and information

Now imagine you didn’t have to track down descriptions. Imagine you could automatically pull the brewery’s descriptions onto your professionally designed, durable beer menu template with just a couple clicks.

That’s exactly how Print Menus from BeerMenus work. Here's a 20-second video showing how easy it is to update a BeerMenus Print Menu:

Our database has more than 240,000 different beers, all of which have a full brewery description and other essential beer information like ABV, production location, etc.

Just add a beer to your business’s BeerMenus page and you’ll automatically update your beer menu. (We can help you design an awesome menu template—check out some of our best menu designs here).

Beer Menu template with beer descriptions

No more Googling, no more copying and pasting, no more writing your own descriptions.

🚀 I'm ready to to save time on my beer menu!

Create your beer menu in under 5 minutes.


Including descriptions on your beer menu is important, both because it allows you to showcase your beers and because it can drive up your sales numbers.

But you don’t have time to search for or write your own beer descriptions. There’s too much other crap going on at work, home, and everywhere else you spend time.

So make a change and free up some time for yourself. Get started on your BeerMenus Print Menu now:

Once it's up and running, you'll save yourself hours every month.

How you spend that time is up to you, but here's our advice: treat yourself!

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