Sell beer to-go on BeerMenus

Last updated May 15, 2020 · By Dylan Blake

Starting Tuesday, May 5 you can sell to-go right from your BeerMenus page!

Read on to learn more how it works and how you can be selling in 10 minutes or less.

Don't have a BeerMenus page for your business?

Create one and start selling in minutes!

How it works

Once you enable selling to-go on your BeerMenus page (more on that below), you can select which products you’d like to make available for purchase.

When you do that, “Buy” buttons will appear next to the products you’re offering for to-go sales:

Sell beer to-go on BeerMenus

From your customer's perspective, the purchase process is very similar to other ecommerce experiences.

First, click the "Buy" button next to the item your want to purchase.

That launches this modal, where you select the item and quantity you want to purchase, placing the items in your cart:

Sell beer to-go on BeerMenus

Once you've done that, you can view your cart and checkout using a credit card:

Sell beer to-go on BeerMenus

As soon as the transaction processes, both you and your customer wil receive an email confirmation about the order.

The money from the purchase arrives in your bank account in 2 business days.

Should I sell on BeerMenus?

There are a few big benefits to selling on BeerMenus.

BeerMenus beer database

Sell beer to-go on BeerMenus

There currently isn’t a great solution for craft-beer-focused businesses who want to offer online sales. Many services (e.g. Grubhub, Postmates, etc.) don’t have beer databases, so if you want to add beers on those services, you have to manually add all the information (descriptions, ABV, other beer info) yourself.

More alcohol-focused services like Drizly do offer databases, but those databases typically don’t include new, limited, or special release beers, and adding a new product to one of these databases is, as one of our beer store partners called it, "a huge pain in the ass."

On the other hand, the BeerMenus database includes over 220,000 different beers, so chances are your beer is already in the database. And if for some reason it isn’t, you can add it in just a few clicks.

Get started with e-commerce quickly

If you already have and update your BeerMenus page for your business, you can be selling to-go on BeerMenus in under 10 minutes. Seriously.

If you don’t already have a BeerMenus page, you can absolutely be up and running in under an hour.

In either case, you’re not waiting days for approval, assistance, or anything else. You can set up e-commerce by yourself, now.

Of course, we're happy to help you get started. If you'd like a hand or have questions, just schedule a call.

Low fees

Compared to other services, our fees are rock bottom. It’s a straight 5% of the pre-tax total, and the fee comes out at the time of the transaction.

Example: A customer purchases a 4-pack of limited release 16-oz cans. The pre-tax total is $20. The BeerMenus fee on this transaction is $1.

Built-in marketing to the BeerMenus audience

Sell beer to-go on BeerMenus

Your to-go options will of course be visible on your BeerMenus page. But you’ll automatically get a ton of additional marketing within the BeerMenus universe:

  • Promotion on your BeerMenus page
  • Promotion on the BeerMenus home page
  • Promotion on each and every BeerMenus beer page (our most heavily-trafficked pages)
  • Promotion in daily and weekly digest emails to the BeerMenus community

There’s no additional marketing fee you have to pay, no percent of orders you have to give up for extra promotion. All this stuff just happens once you have your sale live.

Safer transactions

By moving your transactions online, you eliminate—or significantly reduce—the face-to-face or hand-to-hand contact that comes from traditional in-person transactions. This makes business safer for you, your employees, and your customers.

And while everyone hopes that life can get back to normal at some point soon, for the time being this is a simple way to provide everybody at your business a safer experience.

This can even lead to increased sales, since customers will feel safer.

Don't have a BeerMenus page for your business?

Create one and start selling in minutes!

How do I set it up?

If you already have a BeerMenus page, check out this help doc to get up and running in just a few minutes.

If you don't yet have a BeerMenus page for your business, that's your first step:

After that, it's a simple 3-step process to get started:

  • Step 1: Set up your sale settings on your BeerMenus page (2 mins).
  • Step 2: Connect your bank account so you can get paid (2 mins).
  • Step 3: Identify the items you want to sell on BeerMenus (5 mins).

This help doc walks you through the entire setup process.

At that point you’re done. Your “store” is live. You’ll automatically be included in automated marketing in the BeerMenus universe, and you can also share the link to your BeerMenus page anywhere you’d like (e.g. social media, email lists, etc).

Have questions?

Either schedule a call to talk about selling to-go or check out this help doc, which has answers to all common questions.

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