10 best beer menu board designs of 2021

Last updated January 21, 2022 · By Dylan Blake

This year we've helped bars, restaurants, and breweries from Alaska to New York showcase their craft beer tap list in just about every way possible, from modern to sleek to chalkboard-inspired.

In this article we highlight the 10 best digital menu board designs we made this year. Enjoy!

Example beer menu boards

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10. Fat Pants Brewing Company - Eden Prairie, MN

Why is it good? The custom fonts and color.

beer menu board
beer menu board

This one's notable for 2 reasons:

  1. We didn't have the exact fonts Fat Pants was looking for in our database, so they uploaded their fonts and also customized their color scheme.

  2. Instead of including growler and crowler pricing within the menu itself, they did so in the menu header. This saves space within the menu, allowing them to maximize fonts sizes on their menu items.

9. Bacova Beer Co. - Hot Springs, VA

Why is it good? The classic chalkboard theme with logo watermark.

beer menu board
beer menu board

Bacova knew they wanted their beer menu board to look like a chalkboard, so they used our "Chalkboard" digital menu template and they were basically done.

All that was left was uploading their logo as a watermark and they had their custom digital menu ready to roll.

8. Grove City Brewing Company - Grove City, OH

Why is it good? The modern theme and tap numbers.

beer menu board
beer menu board

These folks have an excellent beer list—they serve their own beers, but they also serve top-notch beers from around Ohio (and further afield, if it's warranted).

They knew they wanted a modern feel for their digital menu signage, so they used an all caps sans serif font and a dark gray background to accomplish that.

The result is an awesome menu display.

Also—notice that in this image the tap numbers (which you can set up with just one click) start at 15 instead of 1. They do this because they set their menu display to scroll between 2 pages: taps 1-14 on page 1 and taps 15-28 on page 2. You're looking at page 2 here.

7. Howl at the Moon - Across the US

Why is it good? They group their beers by style.

beer menu board
beer menu board

When you've got a balanced beer list, you may need to provide subheaders to help customers narrow down their choices. Howl at the Moon did just that, breaking their options out into Hoppy, Fruity & Spicy, etc. categories.

6. Luke's on Front - Temecula, CA

Why is it good? The big, extremely legible font.

beer menu board
beer menu board

This one isn't groundbreaking, but it's effective.

A menu is meant to be viewed and read, and Luke's on Front knows that. Accordingly, they bumped up the font size on beer names to make sure everybody in the place can read them.

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5. Miller's Ale House - Media, PA

Why is it good? The vintage woodgrain background.

beer menu board
beer menu board

Another very simple design, but we're a sucker for woodgrain. Attribute that to our dreams of one day building an entire bedroom furniture set.

4. Lucky Shuck - Jupiter, FL

Why is it good? The place-appropriate treasure map background.

beer menu board
beer menu board

Since they're located in FL, the background Lucky Shuck chose just makes sense. Their corner of the world is known for pirates and pirate maps, so why not evoke that on the beer menu?

3. Wyndridge Cider Co./Winding Path Brewing Co. - Dallastown, PA

Why is it good? They combine 2 branding profiles into a single menu.

beer menu board
beer menu board

This isn't a super common situation, but it's cool. Within Wyndridge Farm lie both a brewery and a cider company. Products from both businesses are served at the same bar.

Instead of collapsing the two into a single style throughout their menu, Wyndridge created a menu that used different branding and styling for each business.

2. Thesis Beer Project - Rochester, MN

Why is it good? The vertical orientation, a background that pops, & Frank Lloyd Wright font.

beer menu board
beer menu board

This is a very pretty menu, no doubt about it. Not much more to say except they realized the vision they had for their menu when they first came to BeerMenus.

1. Bar Harbor Ale House - Ketchikan, AK

Why is it good? The modern theme, the typewriter font, and...wait a minute—is that Chuck Norris?

beer menu board
beer menu board

That's right, you're seeing things correctly—that's Chuck Norris hiding down in the lower right corner of this menu. It was absolutely our favorite custom design request of the year. (Psst: If you read this and include a similar easter egg on your menu design, you'll get a 50% discount on BeerMenus. Just send an email to dylan at beermenus.com to get the discount.)

How do beer menu boards from BeerMenus work?

Setting up and using BeerMenus TV Menus is extremely simple. All told, you can have a fully-functioning menu up and running in 10-20 minutes!

Step 1: create a business account on BeerMenus.com:

Step 2: Order an Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite

This device is required because your TV Menu runs through the BeerMenus TV Menus app on Amazon Fire TV. There are other Fire TV Stick versions out there, but we recommend the Lite because it’s so inexpensive. Learn more about which Fire TV Stick is right for your business.

Step 3: Add your beers to your BeerMenus page

This takes just 10 seconds per beer, so it won't take you long.

Step 4: Customize your menu

You can do this with self-serve settings or you can get help from our professional design team for no extra charge.

Step 5: Set up your Fire TV Stick and launch your menu!

Important: there’s no need to fear this step. Amazon has made setup extremely easy and it truly does take just 3-5 minutes to get rolling. See full step-by-step setup instructions.

After initial setup

Your life is very easy: just update on your BeerMenus.com page whenever a keg kicks or your beer menu changes. As soon as you update on BeerMenus, your TV Menu will instantly update.

You can make the updates on whatever device you'd like—phone, computer, laptop, or tablet. And you can make the updates anywhere you'd like: at home, at your business, or in Antarctica.

It doesn't just have to be you updating your menu. It you're not at the bar/restaurant/taproom, you can have a coworker or employee update your menu for you because BeerMenus is a multi-user system.


How customizable are the menus?

Extremely. Here's what's customizable on the menus:

  • fonts
  • background image
  • include your logo
  • color scheme
  • sizing (e.g. how many beers you want to show your page)
  • customizable text boxes to message specials, social media, etc.

What beer information can I include?

You can include all the beer information you'd like:

  • Beer name
  • Beer style
  • Brewery name
  • Brewery location
  • Beer ABV
  • Beer IBU
  • Beer descriptions

A note on beer descriptions: space is often at a premium when it comes to digital beer menu boards, and descriptions can take up a significant amount of space. You can include them if you like, but know you're making a tradeoff and your menu will likely have to scroll through several screens to get through your entire beer selection, which is not the best customer experience.

What else can I include on my beer menu board? Specials? Other items?

Yes, you can include specials on your beer menu board.

You'll include them in a specials slide within your menu profile. They're either rich text (i.e. you just type out the special) or a full screen image that you can upload.

Once you create a special, your beer menu board becomes a slideshow, and will scroll through the menu slides and then your special slides.

Typically folks like to include things like happy hour specials, upcoming events, food specials, or even their entire food menu on their special slides.

Here are some examples of diy special slides that folks have recently peppered into their digital beer menu:

Does BeerMenus make other menus? Or just TV Menus?

We also make Print Menus, QR Code Menus, and website menus.

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