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A bartender extraordinaire's goal for 2033

Last updated January 18, 2024 · By Dylan Blake

Shaun McGuire is a 20-year industry vet and bartender coach. In previous newsletters we've covered a lot of territory with him:

Here's how I'd sum up our conversations to this point: advice from Shaun on how, in general, service industry folks can overcome challenges and set themselves up for success.

All that focus on advising others got me wondering: what is Shaun hoping for in his life? What does he want 10 years from now?

The result was more great advice for career bartenders:

  • There are a lot of unknowns of course, but Shaun's general goal 10 years from now is this: he wants to still be happy at bartending.
  • We all know grumpy 50-year-old bartenders who, for lack of a better term, just gave up. He doesn't want that to be him.
  • So he knows he needs to go into his job with the right mindset: he needs to consider himself lucky that this is what he gets to do.
  • There are great perks—good people, steep discounts on food and bevs, friends that'll last the rest of his life, and so on.
  • Plus, he thinks about his customers: these people are paying to be around him, sometimes for like $20 or more an hour. When you put it that way, you have to look at it as a privilege.

Check out the interview clip for more color from Shaun about who he wants to be as a bartender, his plans for going back to school, and also his target bank account number that'll let him retire at 52: