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Industrial Arts State Of The Art Rice IPA

IPA · 6.2%

Industrial Arts Winter Landscape '19

Dark Lager · 5.6%

A little oaky and roasty, pretty dang dark and totally New York, the latest installment in our Landscapes series is here to get you through the upcoming dark days. 10% of all sales will be donated to the Wolf Conservation Center (yes, seriously).

Industrial Arts State Of The Art Wheat Wine

Wheat Wine · 10.7%

We made a Wheat Wine with wildflower honey and Southern Hemisphere hops and aged it in our oak foeder. This boozy doozy is quite unlike anything we’ve made before. It’s got big chewy toffee notes, aromas of candied pear, cherries and spiced rum with a big ol’ splash of Tropicana twister fruit punch to round it all out.

Industrial Arts Impact Wrench

NE/Hazy TIPA · 10.0%

At 10% ABV, this is the first beer we’ve made to hit double digits. Mosaic, Simcoe and Comet hops blast through a base of spelt, wheat and oats for a full-bodied lupulin-loaded flavor-blast.

Industrial Arts See Translation

NE/Hazy IPA · 7.0%

With all the Instagram love from Japan, we decided to bring back this favorite! This is a celebration of two of our favorite hops, Citra and Strata, and is full of tropical fruit punch notes and a whole lotta dankness.

Industrial Arts State Of The Art NY Farm DIPA

NE/Hazy DIPA · 8.4%

The STATE OF THE ART SERIES is a rotating offering of hi-tech, small batch experiments in beer. Each iteration will highlight a technique, process, or ingredient that we are excited about. We love our farmers, so we wanted to showcase what they are doing in this big, bold beer that bursts with juicy tropical fruit notes and has a thick and luscious mouthfeel.

Industrial Arts Torque Wrench Ipa

Double IPA · 8.2%

Torque Wrench

Industrial Arts Fjord Escape

IPA · 6.5%

Bursting with notes of pina colada, peach rings and fresh-cut pear coming from the Idaho 7 and Denali hops, and brewed with the Voss kviek yeast, this Nordic IPA is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Industrial Arts Pocket Wrench

American Pale Ale · 4.5%

This little number is soaked with Citra and Comet. It's like mineral tangelo juice with a peppery marigold note. Smashable.

Industrial Arts Winter Landscape

Dark Lager · 5.6%

A little roasty, pretty dang hoppy and totally New York. 10% of all sales will be donated to the Open Space Institute.

Industrial Arts State of the Art #296

IPA · 7.0%

The long awaited return of our rotating IPA series, this one plays with Amarillo, CRYO Simcoe, Oats and a popular hazy yeast strain that we don't ordinarily use

Industrial Arts Torque Wrench

Double IPA · 8.0%

Presents with pale haze, intense aromas and a chewy mouthfeel that bites you back. Torque blows up the tropical base of Wrench and then tightens it with a big old dose of that CRYO SIMCOE.

Industrial Arts Wrench IPA

NE/Hazy IPA · 6.8%

A pithy explosion of aroma and flavor, beyond hazy, and loaded with Mosaic and Citra to the point of stickiness.

Industrial Arts State of the Art #152

IPA · 5.9%

Juicier than the juiciest juicy juice and hazier than the morning after Lovullopalooza, you'll probably all lose your shit for this one. Oats, Mosaic, etc.

Industrial Arts Metric

Pilsner · 4.7%

Classic, creamy and herbaceous. Clean malt and refined noble hop character come together in the best way. Repeatable.

Industrial Arts Power Tools

IPA · 7.1%

Fresh, American IPA at it finest. Pungent aromas of citrus and pine and a crisp bitterness with a clean malt backbone. Power Tools can help get the job done.

Industrial Arts Tools of the Trade

American Pale Ale · 4.9%

Notes of snappy pink grapefruit, fresh and bright. Very highly drinkable.