Founders KBS
This April legend hit the shelves just in time for National Beer Day.

Happy National Beer Day, world!

As the folks over at show in a nice article and infographic, on this day back in 1933, the US took its first step toward ending prohibition (the official end would come 8 months later). Thank goodness for the Cullen-Harrison Act.

National Beer Day The Cullen-Harrison Act re-legalized buying, selling, and drinking beer, so long as it was below 4% ABV.

So, how to celebrate National Beer Day? Of course, the answer's “beer.” But which beer?

Here at BeerMenus HQ, we've all got our personal favorites. But this is America, dammit, and we take popular opinion seriously (presidential elections notwithstanding). So instead of handing down recommendations, let's summon the search data.

Which beer is most popular as folks try to stock up for National Beer Day?

In a landslide, it's Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout.

This isn't a surprise to those with their ears to the ground. For retailers lucky enough to land some, KBS hit the shelves late last week and early this week. While a couple other recent releases—Lagunitas The Waldo Special Ale and Firestone Walker Parabola—saw increased popularity, it didn't compare to KBS's traffic.

But whether or not you got your hands on some KBS, the day's still worth celebrating. Indeed, perhaps the nicest thing about this year's edition is timing: today's Friday, so we can all have one or two more beers than normal.

Happy celebrating!

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