10 best beer menu template designs for bars and restaurants

Last updated October 19, 2021 · By Dylan Blake

From retro to clean, simple to bold, these are the best beer menu templates we saw this year.

Read on and learn more about these awesome beer menu designs, see how these businesses made them, and get inspiration for your own beer menu template!

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Fulton Hall | Brooklyn, NY

Beer menu template

This template design is pretty darn simple, but it does a few things very right:

  • Readability: No one will be squinting to read beer names when they're holding this menu. But honestly, that's true of a lot menus. What sets this menu apart is making sure beer descriptions are legible as well. Not every menu does that.
  • Color: This menu is a pleasure to look at. Its red accents, native to Fulton Hall's branding, keep the eye engaged. Reading the menu and ordering beers is not a chore.
  • Modern font and design: The design foundation for this menu was a standard BeerMenus Print Menu theme. Small tweaks were made (e.g. the addition of color), but Fulton Hall was able to get the basics of this menu up and running in just minutes.

Bad Daddy's Burger Bar | Across the US

Beer menu template

Bad Daddy's Burger Bar is a national chain of more than 30 restaurants.

This template is based on the design they used to use when designing menus at the corporate office. Back then, updating a beer menu was a 3-week process that involved the corporate marketing department, a graphic designer, and on-the-ground restaurant staff.

That process was a nightmare (read more about it here), so we took their previous menu design and created an easy-to-use template that allowed them to simply update on BeerMenus, then push the "Print" button. Everybody—from corporate to the individual locations—now has more time to focus on other, higher level things.

The template matching process was cool—we used their custom fonts, images, etc.—but the coolest thing on this menu is the special treatment given to the Bad Daddy's Amber Ale in the upper left-hand corner. Using styling like this is a fantastic way to draw customers' eyes to the beer(s) you really want them to see and order.

Pies & Pints | Across the US

Beer menu template

Pies & Pints is a chain based out of Ohio, but with locations across the country. They're extremely focused on fantastic local and national beers.

There were a few opposing things at play when we designed this menu template along with Josh Hurst, Pies & Pints' head of beer: they carry a ton of different beers, and they wanted to showcase their entire selection while also doing what they could to help customers find the right beer for them.

On top of that, they wanted all their beers to fit on a single page.

This template accomplishes both goals by using smaller fonts and sorting beers according to their flavor profile (e.g. "Hoppy," "Fruity & Spicy," etc.). The latter piece is essential because Pies & Pints had to remove beer descriptions from their menu template in order to fit all their beers onto a single page. Including flavor profiles means that this stripped down menu can still educate and guide customers to the right beer.

Oh, and the menu header image is fantastic, too. Who doesn't like elephants?

Columbus Brewing Company | Columbus, OH

Beer menu template

This is a great beer menu template because it's different.

Most notably, CBC pulled the menu header—traditionally in the "head" of the menu—to the right side of the menu. That frees up more space for beer names, information, and descriptions.

But it's also clean and accessible, sort of in the same vein as the Fulton Hall template above.

Also awesome: they use the menu footer to provide customers essential information, like WiFi network name and password, their website, and when the menu was last updated. Customers love little touches like that.

Howl at the Moon | Across the US

Beer menu template

Howl at the Moon is a big city musical night club chain (they're in Chicago, Philly, Denver, and many other cities). Because of that, they need a beer menu template as flashy as their general concept.

This template design—with its colorful header, big menu section names (e.g. "Bottles & Cans," etc.), and prominent logo watermark—accomplishes that goal with flying colors.

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Chicago Brewhouse | Chicago, IL

Beer menu template

For 11 months out of the year, Chicago Brewhouse has a very solid beer menu template. But this year they spun up a special template just for their Oktoberfest-long Chitoberfest event.

Not only is the header design awesome—German font, classic Oktoberfest colors, etc.—but they used the header space to advertise everything the event entails (as well as tell customers they can purchase their beer mugs!).

Milford Sports Pub & Grill | Milford, CT

Beer menu template

This is a fantastic menu template that's mostly based on a standard BeerMenus Print Menu theme.

The template maximizes the information it gives to customers because it:

  • Includes beer descriptions
  • Includes other beer information like ABV and brewery location
  • Sorts beers by flavor

And, perhaps most impressively, it does so for 21 beers per page without feeling crammed or busy.

That's a rare accomplishment.

All that information leaves customers fully equipped to choose the right beer for them—all by themselves—which frees them to order their beers faster. That means they'll be ordering more beer.

Also note the solid menu header, which includes business logo and clearly messages the bar's happy hour.

Slyce Coal Fired Pizza | Chicagoland

Beer menu template

This template does a few things very well:

  • It clearly breaks out the different menu sections—"Featured," "On Tap," "Bottle/Cans," and "Last Call"—by adding a box around each section. Many times sections can run together.
  • It includes a "Last Call" section for their closeout beers. This is a great way to clear out old stock.
  • It includes social media icons in the header so customers know they can find Slyce on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Tripping Animals Brewing | Doral, FL

Beer menu template

Honestly, we can't take credit for a lot of what makes this menu template great: Tripping Animals' logo and font are fantastic even if standing completely alone.

But when you've got a logo like that, it's important to show it off in as many places as you can, and your beer menu is definitely one of them. That's why we made sure that our beer menu headers are fully customizable.

S.I.P. Local | Columbus, OH

Beer menu template

It's a little tough to see, but this menu template includes some background texture—thin, gray lines run from top right to lower left at a 45 degree angle.

This helps give the menu an upscale, more professionally designed feel.

Somewhere in Particular (S.I.P.) completed this design in just minutes because they used a BeerMenus Print Menu theme without making a single change. They simply added their beers, selected their menu theme, and pushed print. Done.

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