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10 Tips To Get More Followers on BeerMenus

Last updated June 04, 2019 · By Will Stephens

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We all know the value of Regulars in the beer business. They come in monthly, weekly, or even daily—they're like a revenue baseline. Without them it would be hard to succeed.

But what if there was an easy way to increase that baseline? What if you could turn that monthly visitor into a weekly visitor? Or a weekly visitor into a twice-a-week visitor? The boost to your bottom line would be huge.

Enter the BeerMenus equivalent of a Regular: a Follower.

What are Followers?

Followers are people who always want to know about changes to your beer selection.

By clicking "Follow," these folks have opted into a phone and/or email marketing campaign coming from you. All you need to do is update your page. When you do, you trigger BeerMenus notifications to these folks about your updates.

These notifications come in the form of push notifications on customers' phones and via emails (which, as we recently investigated, is extremely valuable).

Increasing your BeerMenus followers means instantly increasing your marketing reach. That, in turn, will lead to a boost to your bottom line.

At this point, you probably want to increase your number of followers. Here are 10 tips to make that happen.

1. Request a Free BeerMenus Promo Pack

Let customers know they can find you on BeerMenus by messaging it inside your bar or beer store. Put a sticker on your front window or by the register and leave a business card in your checkholders.

👉Click here to request a free promo pack! 👈

promo_pack Two pieces of a BeerMenus Promo pack.

2. Tell your Facebook followers that you're on BeerMenus

Here's a question: what's one thing almost all your customers have?

Answer: a Facebook page. Take advantage of that fact by updating your status with a post like this:

Here's an example:

beermenus facebook

Ready to post? Head to Facebook and paste in this text:

"Our beer selection is always changing. Never miss out when we get your favorite beers! Follow us on BeerMenus to get notified each time we get a new beer: [your BeerMenus URL]"

3. Tell your Twitter followers that you're on BeerMenus

Rest assured, potential customers are on Twitter, too. Make sure you're not missing out on them.

Every couple weeks or so, tweet something like this:

BeerMenus Twitter

Ready to Tweet? We've made this about as easy as can be: just click here for a pre-populated tweet. But be sure to plug in the URL from your BeerMenus page to the end of your Tweet!

(Bonus: if you tag @BeerMenus in a Tweet we'll enter you in a drawing for some free BeerMenus swag!)

4. Use chalkboard space to tell customers you're on BeerMenus

If you've got a chalkboard, your customers are trained to look at it for important information.

Most of the time that's your beer list, but use some of that prime real estate as an investment: direct customers to follow you on BeerMenus. It won't disappoint.


5. Add signage to shelves

It seems obvious, but when it comes to marketing, one of our central mantras is this: put the thing you want people to see where the right people are actually going to see it.

This seems extremely simple, but you'd be surprised how easy it is to overlook.

If you're a beer store, the customers you want following your business aren't coming in for a 30-pack of Keystone Light. They're looking for your top-quality beer. Put a sign on those shelves and you'll be well on your way.

image description

6. Add signage to coolers

Same philosophy as number 5: you're already getting eyeballs on your coolers. Take advantage of that by advertising the fact that you're on BeerMenus.

Just make sure you're not blocking any of the beers:

image description

7. Use QR Codes on coasters, table tops, etc.

Fun fact: automatic QR code capability is built into your BeerMenus page. Once you have the code, add it to coasters, under glass table tops, or to your shelf or cooler signage.

Customers can open their phone's camera, scan the QR code, and be sent directly to your page on BeerMenus. At that point, they're just one click away from following your business.

Importantly, using QR codes is easier now than ever before: with the release of iOS 11 a QR code scanner is now built into iPhone cameras. This means even more people already have a scanner at their fingertips.

Want a free QR code for your business? Email with subject line "QR code." We'll spin it up in no time.


8. Customize your Print Menu Banner

This is another instance where you've already got the eyeballs, you just need to optimize.

Whether you use BeerMenus Printed Menus or make your own menus in house, take advantage of extra menu space to advertise for your own sake.

As always, if you use BeerMenus Printed Menus or are interested in giving them a shot, we take care of design and formatting, for free.

If you've got questions, click that blue square in the lower right part of your screen to start a chat!


9. Create Table Tents to tell customers you're on BeerMenus

If you have tables or a bar, you've got a lot of physical space to advertise. Use it to tell your customers to follow you on BeerMenus.


10. Use your LED Signs to message that you're on BeerMenus

A bit of a stretch, but a fun one.

Obviously not everybody has an LED sign outside their business. But if you do, it's a great way to message the fact that you're on BeerMenus to folks who might not usually stop in.

It's external marketing, and if you've got the sign, you might as well use it!


Questions? Comments? Pointers that have worked for you?

Click the blue square in the bottom right corner of your screen to launch a chat bubble—we're always happy to answer questions, schedule time for a walk through, or just get to know one another!