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KCBC Middling Earth

ESB · 4.8%

Extra Special Bitter • 4.8% // Subtle aromas of orange marmalade + tea & toast up front from a blend of high-oil Cascade & East Kent Golding hops along with biscuity English malt. Smooth, light body, with a touch of honey-like sweetness and a decidedly crisp-n-bitter finish. Super sessionable. Grab your hobbit pals and crush a few. The journey begins…

KCBC Dealers Choice Mixed Case

Variety Pack · 0.0%

Six 4 packs of our tasty, fresh beers!! Savage Crush, Taco Wednesday, Penguins Take Manhattan, Candy Bomber, What we Don't see and Running Man Fever

KCBC Hop Craze Mixed Case

Variety Pack · 0.0%

Six 4 packs of our great IPA's including 2 X Superhero Sidekicks, This is your Brain On Hops, Running Man Fever, Candy Bomber and Penguins Take Manhattan.

KCBC Candy Bomber

Double IPA · 8.0%

Loaded up with a unique combo of tropical Galaxy hops & an experimental cryo-hop blend called TRI2304CR, designed to turn up the joose factor to 11. Oozing with fresh mango & lemon, with a touch of pith & bitter pine on the finish. Inspired by the WWII pilot who air-dropped packages of candy to the hungry children of Berlin at the end of the war, we figured we could all use a little CANDY BOMBER in our bellies & our lives these days.

KCBC Technophobia

Imperial Stout · 13.0%

TECHNOPHOBIA - Barrel Aged Imperial Stout w/ Banana & Cinnamon - 13.0% // We picked out 3 of our very best boozy stout barrels--one Coconut Rum barrel, one Vanilla barrel, and one NY Rye barrel--and then conditioned the blend on a big ol’ dose of cinnamon & banana. Drinks like a liquid combination of Bananas Foster & Godiva Dark Chocolate. Rich, smooth, and oh-so-decadent. Makes every Zoom session WAAAAY more fun.


Sour Ale

Choose four 5oz pours of any of our beers for only $15!!

KCBC Penguins Take Manhattan

Session IPA · 4.9%

PENGUINS TAKE MANHATTAN • Session IPA • 4.9% // Watch out Kermit--here come the PENGUINS! Citra, Cashmere & Centennial hops combine for notes of ripe peaches & fresh lemon, with light-n-crispy bitterness on the finish. Bright lights, big city, intergalactic penguins--who could ask for anything more?

KCBC This Is Your Brain On Hops Mosaic + Simcoe

Double IPA · 8.5%

A massive blast of Mosaic & Simcoe hops, with a backing of soft wheat & oats. Tropical pineapple joose BOMB, with a touch of tangerine and light resin on the finish.

KCBC Indiana Bones & The Raiders Of The Lost Bark

IPA · 7.2%

DDH IPA w/ Tangelo & Orange Zest • 7.2% // Join Dr. Bones (Professor of Barkeology) for the first chapter in his quest to DRINK ALL THE HAZY CITRUS IPAs! Crushed with Citra, Galaxy and Centennial hops for peachy-lemony deliciousness, with Tangelo & Orange zest for extra citrus freshness. Soft juicy body, touch of pithy bitterness on the finish.

KCBC Dos Puertas

Gose · 4.5%

Mango Chili Lime Gose • 4.5% // The follow up to our O.G. Chili Lime Gose--this time with a massive addition of Alphonso Mango. Iridescent orange mango juice in the glass, with thick-n-smooth body, balanced heat from jalapeño & habanero chiles, and a zing of fresh squeezed lime on the finish.

KCBC Reservoir Frogs

Double IPA · 8.0%

Lush golden haze in the glass and tropical fruit salad on the nose, completely blasted with Citra, Mosaic & Motueka hops, plus loads of wheat for smooth body with a touch of spicy rye on the finish. Come get stuck in the middle with this not-so-little green bag of hoppy deliciousness.

KCBC Strictly Chronic

IPA · 5.9%

100% NY IPA . The latest addition to our 100%-New-York-State series--this time, loaded up with a crew of kushy lil’ buds of Zeus, Nugget, Cashmere, Centennial, and MI Copper hops from our buddies at Chimney Bluffs & Crooked Creek. Smooth malt backbone courtesy of NY Craft Malt & 1886. Fresh squeezed citrus, dank melon, tangy bitterness. Crushable.

KCBC This Is Your Brain On Hops: Citra + Strata

Double IPA · 8.0%

Fresh BRAAAIIIINS!!!! Gorgeous golden haze in the glass, featuring a massive blast of Citra & Strata hops, with a backing of soft wheat & oats. Notes of peaches, pineapple, grapefruit, cannabis & a hint strawberry.

KCBC Lazer Grazer

Sour Ale · 5.5%

Blazed & glazed with morello & montmorency cherries, jammy blackberries and puckering red currants. Clean acidity, with a fresh-n-fruity cherry-berry finish. Also: LAZERS!!

KCBC El Tren

Mexican Lager · 4.2%

Traditional Pilsner & Vienna malt + flaked corn, Magnum hops for bittering, and a light dose of Tettnanger hops for flavor. Soft cereal-grain sweetness up front, balanced by notes of fresh-cut-grass and herbal spice. Spritzy carbonation & a crisp finish. Utterly crushable, every day of the week. Nothing can stop it--not even COVID. It’s EL TREN.

KCBC Robot Fish: Mosaic SMaSH

NE/Hazy IPA · 6.6%

KCBC Fashion Police

IPA · 7.2%

FASHION POLICE • DDH IPA • 7.2% Tastefully blasted with a sexy-yet-demure combo of Citra, Cashmere & Cascade hops, atop a base of 2-row, flaked oats and wheat malt. Dare we say, this beer is haute haute haute...

KCBC Pure Idaho

IPA · 6.6%

Our lead brewer Bobby (aka “Boss Tater”) spent the better part of his youth in Idaho--which explains a lot, including this beer. Hopped exclusively with Idaho 7 and Idaho Gem for aromas and flavors of cherry limeade and candied pineapple (basically, a roll of Life Savers), with Idaho-grown pilsner malt and Idaho flaked potatoes for the base. Light, pithy PNW bitterness on the finish.

KCBC Invasion of the Berry Snatchers

Sour Ale · 5.1%

Sour Ale with strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry.

KCBC Robot Fish Citra Smash

NE/Hazy IPA · 6.6%

Traditional English floor-malted Halcyon barley, with a boatload of our hand-selected, bomb-a-licious Citra hops. Loaded with juicy tropical flavor--lychee, lemon and pineapple. Light bitterness on the finish. Like an aquatic cyborg for your mouth.

KCBC Penguins In Paradise

Session IPA · 4.9%

Our PENGUINS IN SPACE crew continue their intergalactic adventures, with Citra & Amarillo hops guiding them to a hidden hazy paradise of juicy citrus with a hint of bitter pine and a crisp, dry finish. Crushable.

KCBC Blocktopus

IPA · 6.2%

Pineapple joose up front, soft citrus haze in the middle, and a touch of spicy resin on the finish, courtesy of a lupulin-bomb-hop-combo of Mosaic, Simcoe and Ekuanot (plus a splash of Citra cryo). Brewed once again to celebrate the annual Bushwick Block Party, it’s the kind of beer an octopus graffiti artist would drink 8 of.

KCBC Savage Crush

Gose · 4.5%

Vibrant, hazy orange (juice) in the glass, with bright tropical citrus on the nose and sea-salt spritz. Soft mouthfeel, freshly-squeezed-fruit flavor, and a salty-shock-tart-zing on the finish. Savagely crushable? Crushably savage? You decide.

KCBC Jingle Zombie

Gose · 4.0%

Cranberry Tangerine Sour Ale

KCBC Emotional Support Burrito

IPA · 6.9%

Double Dry Hopped IPA - 2-Row. Marris Otter & Wheat Malt + Flaked Wheat & Oats + Mosaic, Motueka & Ella Hops

KCBC Superhero Sidekicks

IPA · 6.9%

2-Row, Munich & Wheat Malt + Flaked Oats + Mosaic, Idaho 7, Centennial & Cascade Hops…

KCBC Penguins On Planet X

Session IPA · 4.9%

A new intergalactic PENGUINS adventure! Opaque hazy straw in the glass, with notes of lemon-lime and fresh pineapple. Motueka & Amarillo hops, with a touch of flaked wheat & rye. Hoppy, dry, crushable.

KCBC Running Man Fever

NE/Hazy IPA · 6.6%

RUNNING MAN FEVER - India Pale Ale (6.6%) // tropical juice • soft peachy haze • clean finish //

KCBC Intruders Attack!

Double IPA · 8.6%

A new double IPA double dry-hopped with Mosaic, Equanot, & Citra. Marris Otter malt balances out the body. Scary drinkable.

KCBC Scissor Kick IPA

IPA · 7.2% · 55.0 IBU

Brewed with loads of flaked wheat and huge hop additions in the whirlpool and dry hop.

KCBC/Five Boroughs Brewing Polkageist

Helles Lager · 4.8%

smooth malt • delicate noble hops • light body

KCBC Hybrid Vigor

Double IPA · 8.5%

Collaboration with Greenport Harbor.

KCBC Marble of Doom

Sour Ale · 5.0% · 4.0 IBU

juicy pomegranate • earthy blackberries • tart finish /// Zack's brew

KCBC/Interboro Taco Wednesday

Pale Lager · 5.8%

Clear golden with a white head. Melons fruitiness, very little hop bitterness. Very smooth and refreshing.

KCBC Taco Wednesday

India Pale Lager (IPL) · 5.8%

Collab brew with Interboro. Pils + Vienna malt pale lager, dry hopped with Cascade, Centennial and Huell Melon hops.

KCBC What We Don't See

Imperial Stout · 8.5% · 45.0 IBU

rich cocoa • black molasses • smoky finish

KCBC Nightmare on Troutman Street

IPA · 6.66%

grapefruit • pine • resinous

KCBC Janiak Maniac

Pilsner · 5.5% · 42.0 IBU

hoppy • clean cut • crushable