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KCBC Strictly Chronic

IPA · 5.9%

100% NY IPA . The latest addition to our 100%-New-York-State series--this time, loaded up with a crew of kushy lil’ buds of Zeus, Nugget, Cashmere, Centennial, and MI Copper hops from our buddies at Chimney Bluffs & Crooked Creek. Smooth malt backbone courtesy of NY Craft Malt & 1886. Fresh squeezed citrus, dank melon, tangy bitterness. Crushable.

KCBC Fruitbot 6000

Gose · 5.2%

Gose style Sour Ale w/ Passion Fruit, Watermelon, Guava, Lemon & Sea Salt.

KCBC Tech Mex

Imperial Stout · 12.5%

Our choco-tastic TECH NOIR imperial milk stout aged in a pair of ex-bourbon / ex-vanilla barrels, and then conditioned on cacao nibs, cinamon, and a blend of ancho & hatch chilis. Dark, decadent, spicy & smooth. Luxuriously delicious. Contains lactose!

KCBC Post Apocalyptic Birthday Zombie

Sour Ale · 6.6%

Completely annihilated with strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, mango, banana and lemon, with a light dusting of vanilla, milk sugar & marshmallow (because, why not?). You’re a survivor. It’s time to party with the Zombies. Contains lactose!

KCBC 4th Orbit

Double IPA · 8.0%

4th Anniversary DIPA. Absolutely clobbered with Citra, Galaxy, Nelson & Mosaic. A supernova of tropical hop joose, with notes of fresh mango, bright lychee & dank tangerine. Ultra-smooth & soft mouthfeel, with just a touch of bitterness for balance.

KCBC This Is Your Brain On Hops: Citra + Strata

Double IPA · 8.0%

Fresh BRAAAIIIINS!!!! Gorgeous golden haze in the glass, featuring a massive blast of Citra & Strata hops, with a backing of soft wheat & oats. Notes of peaches, pineapple, grapefruit, cannabis & a hint strawberry.

KCBC Lazer Grazer

Sour Ale · 5.5%

Blazed & glazed with morello & montmorency cherries, jammy blackberries and puckering red currants. Clean acidity, with a fresh-n-fruity cherry-berry finish. Also: LAZERS!!

KCBC Diastatic Duo

IPA · 6.9%

West Coast Style IPA w/ Idaho 7, Centennial, Mosaic & Cascade & Columbus hops.

KCBC Child Of Zombie

Sour Ale · 4.5%

Haven’t you always wondered what might happen if BEACH ZOMBIE and BRIDE OF BEACH ZOMBIE had a baby? Turns out, they did! Lush pink-orange haze in the glass, like the Salmon of Capistrano. Aromas & flavors of fresh tropical juice with a touch of tangy sour Skittles. Maximum refreshment for these end of summer days. “It’s the circle of deaaaaaaath…”

KCBC Tiki Tok

Sour Ale · 7.0%

Orange Pineapple Passion Fruit Lime Sour

KCBC 2 Fast 2 Furriest

Double IPA · 8.0%

What’s Faster than Fast? What’s Furrier than Furry? Answer: THIS BEER. Torqued up and tricked out with a gangload of Mosaic, Simcoe, Amarillo, Centennial & Columbus hops. Bitter grapefruit, smooth pine & dank kushy pineapple, with just enough malt backbone for balance. Keep the engine running: we’ll be right back (after we pound this beer).

KCBC / FunZone Stoop Zombies

Sour Ale · 5.5%

“Undead? You mean FUNdead!” Brewed especially for our zombie-lovin’ pals at Mohawk Taproom, Draught Industries, The Local Nyack, Harlem Hops and Beer Noggin’. Jamba Joose Razzmatazz meets Sour Power strawberry belts. Fresh-n-fruity, medium-light body, and a zippy lil’ pucker on the finish.

KCBC Yacht Zombie Apocalypse

Sour Ale · 6.0%

We don’t have a yacht here at KCBC, but if we did, it would have a ZOMBIE. Completely annihilated with with red red raspberry and black black blackberry, along with a smidge of peach, a touch of blood orange. and a light dusting of vanilla & milk sugar added to sweeten the destruction. Contains lactose!

KCBC Dangerous Precedent Double Dry Hopped Ipa

IPA · 7.2%

Amped-up, extra-juicy version of our O.G. Dangerous Precedent IPA, featuring a new-and-improved double-dose of Citra, Mosaic, Ekuanot, Amarillo and Azacca hops. All kinds of tropical fruit deliciousness. Touch of bitterness. Dry finish. Makes you wish you had 8 arms, so you could drink 8 all at once.

KCBC Light The Lightning

Imperial Stout · 9.0%

Featuring a balanced blend of Columbian and Honduran coffee beans, selected and roasted by our buddies at Spectrum Coffees. Rich mocha up front, with notes of blackstrap molasses, bittersweet cacao, flaked barley, and earthy berries. Silky-smooth mouthfeel with a hint of chocolatey rye on the finish.

KCBC Super Duper Lady Bug Man

Sour Ale · 5.0%

Same as the original LadyBugMan (Strawberry, Watermelon & Lemon Zest) but with extra extra Strawberry.

KCBC/Transmitter LadyBugMan

Sour Ale · 5.0%

Our buddies from Transmitter have officially moved from Queens to Brooklyn, so we brewed a beer together to celebrate! Pours hazy pinkish-red and tastes exactly like a strawberry-watermelon Jolly Rancher™. Brewed with a unique new strain of brewer’s yeast (courtesy of our friends at Lallemand) that provides a lemony twang on the finish. All you bad bugs beware: Ladybugman is here...

Kings County Penguin vs. Cactus

Session IPA · 4.9%

KCBC Penguin Vs. Cactus

Session IPA · 4.9%

Beer name inspired by Jim Gaffigan. Our intrepid Penguins have crash landed on a hostile planet, controlled by Cacti. The beer is slammed with Citra + Simcoe hops, plus loads of soft wheat. It’s a low ABV hazy hop crusher. And don’t worry: the Penguins will be fine.

KCBC / Threes IL Purgatorio

Pilsner · 5.4%

Brewed with our lager-loving amici from Threes. Featuring Eraclea pilsner malt, grown in sunny barley fields near Venice, Italy, kissed by the Adriatic Sea. Gently hopped with Celeia from nearby Slovenia, and German-grown Saphir. Soft, floral sweetness, subtle citrus, and crisp, herbal spice on the finish. Infinitely crushable. Worth waiting for.

KCBC/Marz Kung Fu Karaoke

IPA · 5.5%

Yowling and screeching to a DDH-tropical-fruit backing-track of Mosaic, Citra, Simcoe, and Amarillo, with a splash of German Saphir hops for added flair. Fresh juicy pineapple, soft orange creamsicle, and a touch of dank herbal spice. 100% dry-hopped. Minimal bitterness. Brewed with our furry friends from Chicago. Sing it. Kill it. Love it.

KCBC Blocktopus

IPA · 6.2%

Pineapple joose up front, soft citrus haze in the middle, and a touch of spicy resin on the finish, courtesy of a lupulin-bomb-hop-combo of Mosaic, Simcoe and Ekuanot (plus a splash of Citra cryo). Brewed once again to celebrate the annual Bushwick Block Party, it’s the kind of beer an octopus graffiti artist would drink 8 of.

KCBC Sour Tart Cherry with Blackberry

Sour Ale · 4.0%

KCBC/Mikkeller SD/Spectrum Coffee Ryders On The Black Rainbow

Imperial Stout · 14.0%

Made with our West Coast friends at Mikkeller San Diego & our BK neighbor friends at Spectrum Coffee. We’re all ryding through fire together on the Black Rainbow. Join us with fresh morning brew coffee on the nose, thick mocha sweetness throughout your first and last sip.

KCBC This is Your Brain on Hops Idaho 7 & El Dorado

Double IPA · 8.2%

Double Dry Hopped Double IPA w/ Idaho 7 and El Dorado hops.

KCBC / Casa Bruja Emotional Support Burrito

IPA · 6.9%

Double Dry Hopped IPA - 2-Row. Marris Otter & Wheat Malt + Flaked Wheat & Oats + Mosaic, Motueka & Ella Hops

KCBC Superhero Sidekicks

IPA · 6.9%

2-Row, Munich & Wheat Malt + Flaked Oats + Mosaic, Idaho 7, Centennial & Cascade Hops…

KCBC Penguins On Planet X

Session IPA · 4.9%

A new intergalactic PENGUINS adventure! Opaque hazy straw in the glass, with notes of lemon-lime and fresh pineapple. Motueka & Amarillo hops, with a touch of flaked wheat & rye. Hoppy, dry, crushable.

KCBC Birthday Zombie

Sour Ale · 4.0%

Blueberry boysenberry sour

KCBC Ride the Liger

Kolsch · 5.2%

KCBC Penguins In Space

Session IPA · 4.9%

Fresh pineapple & lime · Soft & hazy · Light finish

KCBC Intruders Attack!

Double IPA · 8.6%

A new double IPA double dry-hopped with Mosaic, Equanot, & Citra. Marris Otter malt balances out the body. Scary drinkable.

KCBC Intruder Alert

Double IPA · 8.3%

Citra and Mosaic--plus a big dose of Eukanot lupulin powder--in the kettle and during fermentation. Dry hopped a second time with more Citra and Mosaic.

KCBC “Zoktoberfest” Marzen BK 5.6% ba—

Oktoberfest · 5.4% · 22.0 IBU

KCBC/Greenport Harbor Hybrid Vigor

Double IPA · 8.5%

KCBC/Greenpoint Hybrid Vigor

Double IPA · 8.5%

KCBC Hybrid Vigor

Double IPA · 8.5%

Collaboration with Greenport Harbor.

KCBC Bride of Beach Zombie

Berliner Weisse · 4.0% · 4.0 IBU

KCBC Straphanger

Pale Lager · 4.9% · 26.0 IBU

This is a rice lager, take a sip and let it shatter your expectations of rice in beer.

KCBC Zoktoberfest

Oktoberfest · 5.4% · 22.0 IBU

rich malt • dry finish • lederhosen

KCBC Dangerous Precedent

IPA · 6.6% · 62.0 IBU

stone fruit • juicy tangerine • resin

KCBC Sandcastles

Saison · 4.7% · 28.0 IBU

lemon zest • soft wheat • silky smooth

KCBC Kung Fu Karaoke

IPA · 5.3%

Lemon, grapefruit, and fresh-cut grass. Delicate notes of raspberry, strawberry, pine, floral, and faint bread.