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KCBC Super Duper Ladybugman

Sour Ale · 5.1%

Fruited sour with strawberries, watermelon & lemon zest

KCBC Interstellar Jetsetter DIPA

Double IPA · 8.0%

KCBC/Japas/Casa Bruja/Brew By Numbers Interstellar Jetsetter

Fruit IPA · 8.0%

Lush golden haze in the glass. Tropical passionfruit, fresh mango, and crushed peaches up front, with lychee, Lemonheads, and light guava following close behind. A touch of green-hop-bitterness on the finish. Clobbered with Citra, Cashmere & Ekuanot hops, and conditioned on passionfruit and guava. Space travel never tasted so good.

KCBC/Transmitter LadyBugMan

Sour Ale · 5.0%

Our buddies from Transmitter have officially moved from Queens to Brooklyn, so we brewed a beer together to celebrate! Pours hazy pinkish-red and tastes exactly like a strawberry-watermelon Jolly Rancher™. Brewed with a unique new strain of brewer’s yeast (courtesy of our friends at Lallemand) that provides a lemony twang on the finish. All you bad bugs beware: Ladybugman is here...

Kings County Penguin vs. Cactus

Session IPA · 4.9%

KCBC Zombieland Double Tap Fruited Sour

Sour Ale · 5.5%

Double dose of bramble berries up front, smooth strawberry in the middle, tangy apricot on the finish.

KCBC Zed Lupulin

Double IPA · 8.5%

Golden peachy haze in the glass, with an explosion of fresh orange & mango hop joose flavors throughout. Touch of lemon Starburst candy, touch of dank piney bitterness. 100% dry hopped (no kettle hops) with 100% lupulin-concentrated cryo hops (Citra, Mosaic & Simcoe) from our pals at @yakimachief. If that’s not a Whole Lotta Love, we don’t know What Is And What Should Never Be.

KCBC Captain Bubbles

IPA · 5.9%

Fruity & fresh. A luxurious blend of super citrusy Citra & Cashmere hops, with a splash of lychee sweetness and tropical guava flair. Subtle hint of black tea. Juicy up front; dry on the finish. Balanced and extremely drinkable.

Kcbc Zombieland Double Tap Oct. 18, 2019 Fruited Sour

Sour Ale · 5.5%

Kcbc Noodle Ninjas

Double IPA · 8.0%

Brewed with citra, galaxy, simcoe & aramillo hops

KCBC Double Dead Zombieland Double Tap

Sour Ale · 5.3%

Same as the original (Boysenberry, Strawberry, Raspberry & Apricot), but with extra extra Red Raspberry And zombie brains.

KCBC / Sony Pictures / Zombie Hut Zombieland Double Tap

Sour Ale · 5.5%

Double-dosed whammy of jammy-jam bramble berries up front (boysenberry & raspberry), soothingly smooth strawberry Hi-Chew™️ flavor in the middle, and tangy apricot fruit roll-up on the finish. Pairs well with twinkies and—HOLY SH!T WE MADE A BEER WITH THE KICK A$$ CREW BEHIND THE NEW SEQUEL TO ZOMBIELAND!! Bill Murray would be proud...

KCBC / Dancing Gnome Noodle Ninjas

Double IPA · 8.0%

Lush yellow haze in the glass, with oodles of creamy tropical flavors (mango, passionfruit, coconut), soft sweetness, and a touch of bitter resin on the finish. Completely clobbered with Galaxy, Citra, Amarillo and Simcoe hops. Ramenhead says: “Karate-HOP!”

KCBC / Strassenbraeu Death From Below 2

Milk Stout · 4.2%

Back from the watery grave… milk chocolate up front & roasty-toasty flavor, with creamy body, soft carbonation, and a bitter-sweet finish. Balanced, sessionable & very food-friendly. Contains lactose!

Kcbc Thrice Around The Sun

Double IPA · 8.0%

Galaxy, Citra, Mosaic & Moteuka hops (x3) with soft wheat & a touch of flaked rye. Lush golden haze in the glass, with crushed tropical fruit up front (mango / pineapple / lychee), tangy citrus joose and a balanced blast of piney bitterness on the finish. Thanks to EVERYONE for 3 years of support and love!

KCBC / Interboro Taco Bat

Fruit IPA · 7.7%

DUAL BIRTHDAY collab w/ the cool cats (or should we say bats?) from down the street over at Interboro! Double Dry Hopped Double IPA made with Pineapple, Peach & Lemon Zest. Hopped w/ Citra, Mosaic & Ekuanot hops. Fruity, hoppy, delicious.

KCBC / Lic Pile Of Brains

Double IPA · 8.8%

BRAIN ON HOPS meets PILE OF CROWNS. Citrus-n-stone-fruit haze joose with a hint of dankness. Clobbered with multiple additions of Citra, Citra cryo, Mosaic, and Cashmere hops, and fully loaded with creamy oats. Mmmmm…hops.... Mmmm...braaaaaaiiiins.

Kcbc / Big Alice Sun Wizard

Saison · 4.0%

This light summer crusher is yellow sun haze in the glass, with a citrus bubblegum sweet nose. Light clove flavor throughout. brewed with sorachi ace creating notes of lemongrass and coriander. Dry hopped with citra and lotus giving our Sun Wizard a smooth floral & vanilla finish.


Lager · 4.0%

We just couldn't help ourselves. It's strawberry on lime on lager on FUN. It's the ultimate beach AND pool beer. It's STRAP-ARITA!

Kings County Superhero Sidekicks IPA

IPA · 6.9%

mosaic, idaho 7, centennial & cascade hops

KCBC Strap Lite Lime

Lager · 4.0%

It’s summer in a glass. It’s the ultimate beach beer. It’s STRAP LITE: LIME. Real lime. Real lager. Real delicious.

KCBC Dynamite Daredevils

IPA · 6.9%

A very special spin-off version of our SUPERHERO SIDEKICKS IPA: same malt & yeast, but hopped exclusively with the 2019 Pink Boots blend (Mosaic, Simcoe, Sabro, Glacier & Loral). Soft orange haze in the glass with notes of fresh meyer lemon, tangerine zest, light watermelon, pine, and a hint of coconut. Dry finish. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Pink Boots Society to assist & inspire women beer professionals through education.

KCBC Robot Fish - Pearl/Veterans Blend 2019

IPA · 6.6%

New iteration for 2019! Once again, brewed especially for Veterans Day, exclusively hopped with this year's Veterans Blend from Yakima Chief (Simcoe, Ekuanot, Ahtanum, Loral & HBC 482). Yakima Chief will donate $3 from every lb. hops purchased to the Wounded Warriors Family Support Fund. To all the men & women who have served in the armed forces (including our own Pete Lengyel and Earl Holloway), we’d like to say THANK YOU.

KCBC/Randolph Beer & Cape House Death From Below

Stout · 4.2%

Marris Otter, Chocolate, Brown & Black Malt + Flaked Oats + East Kent Golding Hops + Oyster Shells

KCBC Wolf Ov Siberia

Double IPA · 7.7%

Bright lemon and crushed lime greets your nose, followed by grapefruit, melon and green pine.

KCBC Superhero Sidekicks

IPA · 6.9%

2-Row, Munich & Wheat Malt + Flaked Oats + Mosaic, Idaho 7, Centennial & Cascade Hops…

KCBC/Barrier Crypto Currency

IPA · 7.0%

The return of our O.G. Barrier collab! Light straw haze in the glass, brewed with 100% Golden Promise malt and heavily hopped with Simcoe & Centennial--plus a splash of Citra. A citrus-forward flavor-bomb (tangerine, grapefruit & lemon) with a touch of tropical fruit joose and a crisp, snappy finish.

KCBC Sonic Rocket

IPA · 7.3%

Tropical fruit balanced with clean resiny bitterness. Minimal haze. Refreshingly retro.

KCBC Scissor Kick IPA

IPA · 6.9% · 55.0 IBU

Brewed with loads of flaked wheat and huge hop additions in the whirlpool and dry hop.

KCBC Scissor Kick

NE/Hazy IPA · 7.0%

Soft, pillowy mouthfeel. Minimal bitterness. A mid-air, karate-style, juice-bomb hop-attack. Drink fresh.

KCBC Safe Flight

IPA · 6.2%

KCBC/Five Boroughs Brewing Polkageist

Helles Lager · 4.8%

smooth malt • delicate noble hops • light body

KCBC Polkageist

Helles Lager · 4.8%

Collaboration with Five Boroughs Brewing Co. Pale gold traditional German lager. Clean, smooth malt and light floral hop notes. Über crushable.

KCBC What We Don't See

Imperial Stout · 8.5% · 45.0 IBU

rich cocoa • black molasses • smoky finish

KCBC Straphanger

Pale Lager · 4.9% · 26.0 IBU

This is a rice lager, take a sip and let it shatter your expectations of rice in beer.

KCBC Zoktoberfest

Oktoberfest · 5.4% · 22.0 IBU

rich malt • dry finish • lederhosen

KCBC Sun Wizard

Saison · 7.2% · 39.0 IBU

juicy fruit • green melon • tingly finish

KCBC Sandcastles

Saison · 4.7% · 28.0 IBU

lemon zest • soft wheat • silky smooth

KCBC Janiak Maniac

Pilsner · 5.5% · 42.0 IBU

hoppy • clean cut • crushable

KCBC Beach Zombie - Strawberry Guava

Berliner Weisse · 4.0% · 4.0 IBU

tart • tropical • undead

KCBC Kung Fu Karaoke

IPA · 5.3%

Lemon, grapefruit, and fresh-cut grass. Delicate notes of raspberry, strawberry, pine, floral, and faint bread.