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KCBC Supersonic Rocket

Double IPA · 8.5%

bright citrus • pineapple & lychee • clean finish // Zack’s brew Light malt base of Pilsner and 2-row, with copious quantities of Mosaic, Citra and Ekuanot hops added in the whirlpool and dry hop. Tropical fruit balanced with smooth, resiny bitterness.

KCBC Robot Fish #12: Optic/Centennial

IPA · 6.6%

Single Malt and Single Hop(SMaSH) IPA with 100% Optic Malt and 100% Centennial Hops.

KCBC Ride the Liger

Kolsch · 5.2%

KCBC This is Your Brain on Hops: Amarillo & Galazy

Double IPA · 8.2%

Double Dry Hopped Double IPA with Heidelberg & Pilsner Malt + Torrified Wheat & Flaked Oats + Amarillo & Galaxy Hops

KCBC Penguins In Space

Session IPA · 4.9%

Fresh pineapple & lime · Soft & hazy · Light finish

KCBC/Greenwood Park G to the L

Session IPA · 4.9%

Greenwood Park collab with KCBC

KCBC Viking Tango DDH IPA

Rye IPA · 7.0%

KCBC This is Your Brain on Hops: Citra & Waimea

Double IPA · 8.2%

massive peach & mango • opaque golden haze • soft finish

KCBC Summer is Coming

Sour Ale · 4.3%

bright citrus | tropical & floral | salty-n-tart-n-lite /// Collab with 42 North Brewing Co Believe it or not, summer IS coming... eventually. To hasten its' arrival, we made this very summery beer with our friends from The North. Juicy tangerine and tropical soursop, along with 120lbs of NY wildflower honey, inside an easy-going gose package. Super Hazy. Not particularly Traditional. Definitely Crushable.

KCBC/Saint Vitus Bar/The Six Most Metal Breweries Morbid Hour

Schwarzbier · 4.666%

Brewed in Collaboration with Saint Vitus Bar and The Six Most Metal Breweries.

KCBC Bride of Beach Zombie

Berliner Weisse · 4.0% · 4.0 IBU

KCBC Helles Kitchen

Smoked Beer · 4.7%

Bamburg-style Smoked Helles Lager

KCBC Beggar's Gold Farmhouse Ale

Belgian Pale Ale · 5.5%

Sessionable Belgian farmhouse blonde brewed with custom yeast blend.


IPA · 6.9%

Orange haze, tropical juice, balanced bitterness.

KCBC Straphanger

Pale Lager · 4.9% · 26.0 IBU

This is a rice lager, take a sip and let it shatter your expectations of rice in beer.

KCBC Sandcastles

Saison · 4.7% · 28.0 IBU

lemon zest • soft wheat • silky smooth

KCBC Janiak Maniac

Pilsner · 5.5% · 42.0 IBU

hoppy • clean cut • crushable

KCBC Beach Zombie - Strawberry Guava

Berliner Weisse · 4.0% · 4.0 IBU

tart • tropical • undead