New: Arrival Beer Recommendations on iOS!

Last updated April 19, 2018 · By Dylan Blake

Arrival Recommendations

Bar tender busy? Too many options on the bottle list? Not sure if you should go for a stout or an IPA?

Your world's already full of tough decisions, so why don't you let BeerMenus handle this one.

Announcing another new feature on iOS: Arrival Beer Recommendations.

We're excited about this one, folks.

What are Arrival Beer Recommendations?

Arrival Beer Recommendations are customized push notifications that you'll receive when you arrive at bars, restaurants, breweries, or beer stores that use BeerMenus.

They offer insight on what to order and remind you of any awesome new beers that are on the menu. And you don't have to do a thing except look at your phone:

Arrival Recommendations
An Arrival Recommendation from Gold Star Beer Counter in beautiful Brooklyn.

How do you choose the beers?

The recommendations are powered by our existing Beer Recommendations engine. As you can read here, this algorithm takes into account many factors, including how rare the beer is, how sought-after it is, and whether or not it's local.

That last point is super important to us.

How do they work?

Arrival Notifications use Apple's built-in geofencing technology to tell us when you get to a business that uses BeerMenus.

And just to be clear: there's no creepy tracking going on here. As soon as you arrive at the business, the BeerMenus app pings us, asking for recommendations.

We reply with the Arrival Beer Recommendations.

How do I enable them?

Here's the easy part: along with this launch we included easy-to-follow prompts inside the BeerMenus iPhone app. Download the latest version from the App Store and just follow the on-screen instructions!

What about Android?

No worries, Android users: Arrival Beer Recommendations are coming your way soon. We'll be sure to let you know as soon as they launch!

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