Buy “future beers” to help support businesses now, redeem them later

Last updated April 15, 2020 · By Dylan Blake

It's no secret that bars and restaurants are struggling right now.

Take-out and delivery orders are helping to sustain some businesses. Same thing with gift cards.

We thought we’d add another way for customers to help their favorite places. We’re calling it “future beers” and we’re infatuated with the idea.

Read on to learn more about how “future beers” works, who’s using it near you, and how you can help.

Note: If you're a business and want to sell future beers at your business, just schedule a call and we can get you rolling in just a couple minutes!

What are future beers?

Future beers allow bars, restaurants, and breweries to sell pints of beer, glasses of wine, cocktails, pours of liquor, or anything else to customers now, when they need help the most.

Once businesses reopen (and can once again pour drinks to be consumed on-site), customers can redeem their “future beer” (or "future wine," etc.) for a real beer (or wine, etc.).

Why we love the idea

It’s as grass roots-y as you can get

Gift cards are great. They’re like a bunch of small-sized grants that can really, truly help small businesses. The BeerMenus team is lucky enough to have already purchased many gift cards from our favorite bars and restaurants.

But right now, given the booming uncertainty so many of us are facing, gift card denominations can feel daunting.

If you’re wondering about your job, your car, or making rent, it’s extremely hard to imagine buying a $50 or $100 gift card.

You know what feels a lot more doable? Buying a beer. It’s relatively cheaper, and when you buy it you know there’s something concretely tangible waiting for you at the end of this period of social distancing: a delicious beer (or wine, cocktail, shot, etc.) at your favorite bar or restaurant.

It enables socially distant camaraderie

Imagine this, only virtually.

One of my favorite pastimes is meeting a friend or two at a bar and buying a round of beers.

In this new period of social distancing, we can’t do that anymore.

But with “future beers” you can still buy your pals a beer, even if it is a “future beer.”

Case study: I live in Madison, WI but I’ve got a friend who lives in NYC. Given what they're going through, I’m thinking about him daily. That was especially true on March 28, his birthday.

I wish I could buy him a beer in person, but I of course can’t. However, because one of his favorite bars is offering “future beers” through BeerMenus, I bought him a couple “future beers”:

Buying my pal Tyler future beers.

Tip bartenders

When we made this tool, we wanted to make sure we provided a way to tip the amazing bartenders out there. When businesses create their "future beer" sale, they can easily add a way for you to give tips to bartenders, which is a huge help to them right now.

Here's how it can look:

How can I help?

Easy: buy future beers from your local businesses and tell the bars, restaurants, and breweries you know about “future beers.”

This really is a win-win-win, so we want to spread the word as far and wide as we can.

If you’re a business and want to sell future beers, just schedule a call or shoot us an email at We can get you up and selling in just a few minutes!

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