Aspen This Season's Blonde

Beer Info

Aspen This Season's Blonde Beer
  • 6.0% ABV

    Similar to our Smuggler Wheat Hefeweizen-styled Ale, this This Season’s Blonde beauty is a Wheat Ale, however it does have some notable differences to our favorite Hefeweizen. First and foremost, where Smuggler Wheat is a cloudy, yeasty, and nutrient-rich ale, This Season’s Blonde is served clear, with playful carbonation leading to wonderful head and beautiful lace along the side of your pint glass. This Season’s Blonde goes down dangerously easily, but you won’t be disappointed! We have been told by our local regulars that This Season’s Blonde is a bit more floral, citrusy, and generally ‘hoppy’ than Smuggler Wheat, which the Aspen Brew Crew agrees with – though don’t be scared, its not bitter like Independence Pass Ale or Conundrum Red.

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